Incipit de Novo | My first forum game

This is good art.

Also, I always fail at minmaxing due to chronic failure to predict emergent strategies syndrome and so I’m just making balanced and uh, subtly weaknessless species with really interesting cultures and funny quirks that make them fun to play


I think this the last art I’m gonna be doing for my species.

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Does anyone have an idea on how do I start the game?

I have some from my expiriant in the past.

First of all - u have the full control about then its start and how u handle that - u want to every round will show here or u want to everyone how join the game a PM about how they do?

Second - what ur type of writhing? Are u want an minimal writhing, an story telling or mix?

3- how info u want to the players? The basic stuff are nesasery, but some mabey show or left the mystius?

Even way, everything are have its limits and his Benifet to u and the players

U can also see others forums game here to take what to do.
In the end, its up to u


What do YOU want to do? Just put any ideas you have into a poll.
EDIT: also maybe message everyone playing with a board of what different tribes have, so you can just edit it whenever someone discovers/builds/collects something.

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Like Doom said, Abominable, you could check out a few other Civ games to see how they chose to do things.

Here are a few examples with some easy links for you - while some of these never got started/were put on hiatus, others have been finished or are still in progress, and they all could provide you with ideas of how to move forward.

Pandora Horizon (Survivle Civis Forum Game)
Pandora without Horizon - P.H. Second Season
Dead Game
Deos Sine Tempore (Forum Game)
Deos Mundum (Forum Game)
Thrive of Empires 2
The Dance Of The Gods (Forum game)
A Tale of Earth and Sky (forum game)
The Twilight Realm: A survival Civ Game
Forum Game-Pietravita
Vasarius: The beginning



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I mean they are cooler versions of the mantis so like…

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(That actually will be possible in my forum game lol, as I am planning on having both your sapient otters and Featherhorns as potential NPC sapients (or non-NPC if people want to play as them). If you played you could make this a reality…)

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I’m down!

I’ll make my civ sheet now.

or tommorow

whatever i have time for

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You could do that if you want lol, but I haven’t finished making the game yet so you’d be a tad early.

Anyway we can move this to pms if you want? Don’t want to derail this thread

oh i was planning on joining THIS forum game

but uhhhhhhhhhhh

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That works too! I just read it like you were responding to my comment about my forum game my bad lol

Edit: Actually idk if Abominable is still accepting new races you’d have to ask him.

Edit 2: Also, CHONK OTTER.

Considering the fact that the Featherhorn in that image is 30 feet long

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@Abominable hey if ur still accepting players…

Mantodea Intellectus

Resembling, well, giant mantis, these large insect-like species is extremely intelligent, and has somehow befriended the lutra sapiens. They both have achieved a tribe together.

The larger ones have been said to achieve 45 ft in hieght, and 50 in length! Though, this is just a legend. However, if a mantis is well fed enough, as they can keep growing as long as they have enough food (a moderately large amount).
The average size, however, is around 25 ft in height.

+5% all stats when together with Lutra sapiens apart from intelligence. Intelligence when with lutra sapiens: +10%

Mantis-Blood: +25% Attack, +25% defense, +25% speed.

Craving for advancement: +10% intelligence


Slow-Reproducers: -50% pop-gain rate (if you see my civ in the first few pandora horizon forum games, you know this is enough to balance out the advantages)

Other: Carnivores

Lutra Sapiens

Being the smaller of the two species of the tribe, some of this species contents themselves with protecting the much, much larger mantis. The two species seem to have a special bond, as if they work together best when in the same place…

+5% all stats when together with mantodea apart from intelligence. Intelligence when with mantodea: +10%

Diligent task-doers: +10% to tasks assigned to them

Slippery: Are prone to dodge attacks with great success while in water


Smol: -10% physical defense and attack


Tailed: Able to use their tails if their arms are occupied…or gone.


Name: Lutra-Mantodean Coallition

Very tech-centered, however their rapid desire to advance leaves them missing some of the basics…
Tech: Basic Metalworking, Fire, Wheel, Stone tools, Leather tents.

Positioning on the map

@TwilightWings21 wheres your civ
edit:nvm i now see where it is

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I’m pretty sure no new species are allowed, also you did numbered pros/cons, while we don’t have that fleshed out of statistics.

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You didnt include The thrive odyssey
So imma include it for you


Ok yeah we lack players on the northern hemisphere so sure. Also the percentages literally mean nothing because there is no “base value”


What do the Lutra Sapiens look like?

They’re otters. Sapient otters

Oh, were did it say that?
EDIT: Nigel has metalworking as a starting tech, is that allowed?

It didn’t, but Nigel used the exact same species/civilization interaction for another game, with basically the same names, and it was mantis and otters there

I’m not sure if it’s allowed, the idea behind that is complex tech in some areas (ie. metalworking) but he lacks in most other fields (basic leather tents instead of housing, etc)

That was the intent at least, but he has more complex tech than simplified ones (metalworking and wheels versus just leather tents). So it could use a little more balancing