Pandora Horizon (Survivle Civis Forum Game)

Well, then first, hello again!

I used Google Translation to make writing easier, without it, it would have taken me 3 times to write, because I write slowly in English, so sorry if there are weird things being written. It specifically took me 3 hours, with the translator.
In light of a number of things happening right now, I have more free time to do something more, but that may change over time, so see you were warned!
It seems a bit empty and missing something, and I think because of the conditions that have been brewing, I will be able to add something more:
This is the third forum game, and it was written after considerable thought about details, learning from other and different people, so I want to introduce them to:

Pandora Horizon

A very long time ago, I think that a single number of millions of years ago, a number of apes came down from the trees to find that the forest they called home was starting to disappear, and from them over the years it rolled and from them all the hominoids evolved.
Those same hominids learned how collaboration can lead to greater success than one is capable of achieving, and if over time they even learned how to use the environment to their advantage and even bring with them something from the environment, these were the first tools.

The story here basically describes what happened on Earth, because it’s Earth.

But one fateful day the sun mysteriously disappeared, but the warmth and light was still felt, which drove those poor creatures who were terrified of the disappearance of the sun and then in one boom, they “disappeared.”
The day he landed on the indescribable virgin earth “He” gave the world a blessing and a curse: a prophecy scorched on a white stone signs that an ordinary person can go mad just from seeing him.
Those who saw “He” these were the same hominids that were at the beginning of our story, but when “He” disappeared, the sun returned.
But what they did not know, and we here know, that they are no longer on the old earth, and the world has become according to which the “white prophecy” began to engrave in the minds of the hominoids:

"When the day “He” returns, will determine the fate of the world: Will the earth give birth to salt, or honey? The gift that “He” gave to the world is also the curse that will determine the world is in your hands, simple mind, it is nothing more than a test that will determine how far you are able to go as far as today it will come. When the white prophecy “Pandora Horizon” is revealed again, the universe will begin to determine the time when “He” will return. "

And in the few moments that these words were etched in the minds of those poor hominoids, the white stone sank to the ground and began to change the world forever …

Since then, when a young hominoid has reached 10 years of existence, the same words of prophecy begin to engrave horrible pain in their minds.

Within a few hundred thousand years the world changed and strange things began to emerge: huge forests, strange creatures and devastating parts, things that could not be explained their knowledge began to appear, and at the same time, unknowingly, mysterious forces began to float within those hominoids and now also began to change depending on the environment. The blessing began to appear.

And this is where our story begins:

Welcome to Pandora Horizon

It is a game of civilization, in a world of mysteries, and with human beings you create or lend to each other, in a race against time against the day when the end will come, you can say survival in a foreign world, in which mystical forces can help you, or hurt you badly, the choice is yours .

How It Works?

You have 1 vote in each turn to decide what to do, and as in most of the forum, luck from heaven will determine how successful it came out, between 1 and 20 in this way:

1-4 - Failure
5-8 - Bad
9-12 - Netural
12-16 - Good
16-20 - Successful

The odds can vary depending on factors, be they environmental, internal factors or events.

The number of votes can vary depending on a number of factors:

  1. Achieve that promotes the world (if someone has achieved before you, you get nothing for it) - temporary
  2. The amount of people has reached a certain level that allows for more operations
  3. When the world reaches the threshold of transition (will be explained later)
Knowledge and technology

Knowledge is a very important thing for surviving in the unknown world, and you only know the technology of stone tools and the use of fire, but not in its manufacture. For researching technology, idea or discovery, it is done by voting.

There is something else on the side called “mystical forces” that are just waiting to be discovered, but they will open in one of the players will make a significant first discovery.


Stability is a very important thing and it is divided into several factors that are worth keeping an eye on:

Happiness and need: As with any living creature, there are things that are required: food and water, security and requirements. They are very much dependent on your culture apart from the basics.

Culture: This is something very dynamic, currently for a start, there is no culture, but you can develop it, this will be explained in profile building.

Power: Power is something that stabilizes and protects from the outside world, but also from the inside and sometimes you should be careful of it, and it very much depends on your culture.

If stability falls below a certain threshold, it may result in a coup, loss of control or disaster. Good stability can bring bonuses depending on your culture.


There is no map, to get one, one has to research, sketch and preserve it, so the map of the world, or of your area begins to form.

World meters

There are always a number of meters that are important to keep track of, because they are important to the world and your civilization:


The most important meter, this meter determines how close we are to the day when the Pandora Horizon will be exposed to the world once again. This gauge will begin to be counted as the 10th round arrives or as the first significant discovery arrives.


Time is an important thing to keep track of, to know what is happening in the world. The world will start in the “spring” period, but external factors can be disruptive or effective, depending on what you set.


This meter changes in each round, if a certain threshold reads, then an event occurs, can be natural, neutral, bad or unnatural, it is random.

Global stability:

Depending on the celestials or other grams, this meter determines whether the world is close to doom, or prosperity.

These meters are very much interdependent, and especially the end meter, which determines how close we are to the end of the world.

How to join?

Probably the most important thing of all (lol): If you are interested in joining, you need to fill out an initial and simple profile:
First, a race profile needs to be built: The day white prophecy came into the world you changed the genes of those hominoids, and today they are completely different from humans, and because of that, race changes how you play, the culture they live in and how they see the world. The profile should look like this:

Race name: Pandora humans (homo pandora sapiens - Latin is not mandatory at all, it’s for my taste)

Attributes: (You have 15 points in total in attributes, and this will affect votes, chances and success of things, max of 8 for categories)
Power: 2 (0 on the power type operations, of all types)
Intelligence: 3 (+1 on technology or ideas votes)
Agility: 3 (+1 on type of espionage operations, field investigation and chance of injury)
Defensive: 2 (0 on protection type actions, of all types)
Charismatic: 3 (+1 on type actions of organization, trade and diplomacy)
Mysticism: 2 (0 on Mysticism Type Actions)

Capabilities: (Limited to 3, 2: 1 ratio, unaffected by features)
Sweating (increases agility)
Big brain (increases intelligence)
Low muscle mass (lowers strength during construction or combat if not enough tools)

Description: If you will, and if so, that was short and simple

It’s not mandatory if not, you can always be a Pandora human, and if you can lend other players the race profile.
Once you are done with the race profile, only the civilization profile remains:

Name of civilization:
Location / biome: A simple starting area, like a snowy place near a mountain, or a savannah near a river, something so basic.
Initial quantity: between 30 - 100 people, it is set randomly
Description: Something simple that sets you apart, maybe it will give a bonus to a culture or technology

The Lore of the game is based on several sources:

Adventure time

Odyssey 2001

The great old ones / Lovecraft

I’m a spider, so what?

Lord of the Rings

Doctor Who

The time I was reincarnated as a slime

Hollow knight

History of mankind

League of legends lore

Fermi Paradox (the game / 2021)

Some forum games of our forum


The new and strange world, but also the terrible and mysterious is everyone’s test, but how will it end? It’s in your hands, only you will lead the world: annihilation or prosperity. And will you survive to see the end of the world, and also the future that follows?

I will start with 5 people wanting to participate, Up to 6 .

If there are things that are not understood, I am always here.

Looking forward to seeing you

Interesting premise, I like the timer, it gives a sense of urgency. I would like to join.

Pandora humans I guess (same attributes as the example post)


Name: The Kenaclion Civilization

Location: Renska, a mountainous environment surrounded by taiga and dense in game, the drawback being a large portion of the land is in permafrost.

Description: Due to the harsh weather conditions of their home, the Kenaclians, master hunters, set themselves apart from other nations by their merciless nature. Whether their prey is a sick doe or a stray fawn, they will hunt anything they find using any means necessary, no matter how cruel, because they operate under one rule, the Philosophy of Force Survival of the Fittest.

Fittingly, their leader is typically the strongest hunter of the group, and can only be challenged for the chieftain title in a hunting competition. If the leader dies, the new chief is delegated during hunting season by determining which hunter was able to feed the most mouths, but the eldest of the village is the provisionary chief until then.

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does this mean I can put 3 advantages?

Its mean u can put 2 Adaptec and 1 Disadvantage (2:1)

I would like to join! Ill do my race and stuff later, im just securing my spot rn.

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I too will join.

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R a c e:
Mantodea Intelectus

These creatures resemble preying mantis with a few features setting them apart that may or may not be noticeable…

  1. They are large, using developed lungs to intake air, with there exoskeletons being able to stretch much more so there lungs can breathe properly, and so they can go without food intake for longer.

  2. They are VERY much larger than the normal Preying Mantis, with the shorter ones being head and shoulders above the other humanoid creatures of this forum game.

  3. They also have a very complex brain, probably being second to, or the smartest civilization.


Name: Mantopia (Very uncreative, I know.)

Location: Large hills that have a decent amount of conifer trees with a decent distance between them, rich with minerals as well, although large game is a bit more scarce.

Description: The Mantodea Intelectus have a mostly good moral compass, and are very interested with technology. They are usually passive unless forced to be aggressive, and will try to befriend nations with the intent of gaining material wealth to expand and develop new technology. They also live long, around 120 years of age being there normal lifespan, they gain the ability to reproduce at around 15 years of age.

Pro’s and Con’s


The Mantodea Intelectus as mentioned, have VERY complex brains, leading to smarts beyond the other species of Pandora Horizon.

The mantodea Intelectus also have a Hivemind particularly one where individuals have there own thoughts, and lives, BUT, they can easily follow directions provided and organize quickly. (They are also not afraid to cannibalise dead members of there species, as long as they are not rotting, or carrying a prevalent disease.


Due to the Mantodea Intelectus having an exoskeleton that can stretch for its lungs, there exoskeleton is not as durrable as normal exoskeletons, although it can heal over long periods of time.

I hope this is sufficient information, and I hope it also abides by the rules.

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You meet the rules, I only miss one thing: points for Attributes (you have 15 points, maximum of 8 for the category)


Race name: Fareuy

Power: 2
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 2
Defensive: 1
Charismatic: 3
Mysticism: 2

Thick fur (protects from cold, increases defence)
Big ears (increases agility)
Other races don’t like them (decrease charisma when dealing with other races)

Description: This race lives mostly in boreal zones, its fur allows it to remain in low temperatures for long periods of time.
Oddly, this race also developped long pointed ears reassemblying the ones of canines.

Name of civilization: Jyhou
Location: they live in a taiga, near a mountain chain
The Jyhours believe that they are above nature and that it must be controlled by them.

The Jyhou leader (titled houly) is the smartest member of the tribe.

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Great! My attribute points will be pretty crazy, being:
Intelligence: 8
Agility: 2
Defensive: 2
Charismatic: 1
Mysticism: 0
Question: Can these values change with technology? If so, these are my final attributes.

Because the mantis look like bugs, i guess other species wouldnt be so fond of the mantis.

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This can change with other factors besides technology (As part of the population belongs to a different species, etc.) , but the basis can not be changed (like now)

Replying to reserve a spot

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i can barely understand your posts but dammit do you make interesting games, i’m in.
if there are any free spots then i will join and if there aren’t put me on the waiting list.

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There are currently 2 places available, so feel free to join (If so, then only one more will remain)

okay, i’ll have my race ready in a few minutes.
it’s okay to use standard fantasy races right?

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yes, its ok, As long as he abides by the rules

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is it possible to have a ridiculously powerful capability by sacrificing ability points?

i mean what are the upper limits of a capability?

Well … I technically balance within the capability, so it turns out that you can write normally (the 15 points), but within the capability, I lower what you want
(I have already done something similar for one)

so how powerful could a capability possibly be?
because i don’t think you put a hard limit on it.