Pandora without Horizon - P.H. Second Season

In light of demand and promise with a few people, we are back for a second round!

Along with all the things we love and my bad grammar, I’m going to introduce the “sequel” of the game:

Pandora without Horizon

Do not judge me for the name, I wanted an amazing name and I get a bonus


Where am I? I just a few moments ago I died, or so I think.
I look around to see what’s going on, and discover something interesting:
Is it heavenly? The heavens of the gods? Does such a thing exist?
No, it’s not that, I’m able to feel myself, but also feel like I’m going to fall apart.
I, the dodo god. No, no more … No more world, no more universe, no more gods, and only I with my false joy remain in this place, but I must admit, it is a beautiful place:
Fragments of earth everywhere, floating in the air as if the earth were catching them, but still, floating in the air like rafts they built. And in each of them are scattered life everywhere, looking weak, no, dying, to me at least, it’s hell.
And so is my punishment.
Well there is only one thing to do like any prisoner: walk around.
Everywhere I look I see strange things:
The place feels peaceful and full of everything even they would have dreamed of: energies, mystery and hope.
But what intrigues me is that they are the same black-and-blue shapes: they do not look in the right place.
I think it’s also my time to really go, no?
A god without a universe in a world without gods is death, no?
I’m just talking to myself right now, but I think I came for some reason
I see life struggling to get through those fragments of soil: what were they called there? an island? Flying islands? Maybe it was someone’s dream …
I think I’m losing myself now, just give me a rest. Maybe time really ran out, everyone went too fast. I should have helped him, them, everyone, instead of helping those forgotten descendants.
It’s too late, maybe this place had hope that they would be able to move forward as I always wanted.
This is peace, goodbye.


No! That I will not let them be forgotten, in my last strength, I will give them a future, even in such a ruined place, I will not let them die in such a place: I will give them a second chance.

I am giving the gift of a life of yesteryear, to a good future, that maybe you, will escape from this prison, in which I died.

And in one moment, everything started to blossom, like a name and everything is full of magic. Then darkness …
From this day, the place is given a second chance, from which perhaps these will survive and give life hope to light a fire again.
This is not a Pandora horizon, this is a Pandora without a horizon, without a border.
But I have a feeling he’s hiding his past from the islands, a danger that will repeat itself: maybe from themselves, or from something else. Well it’s no longer in my power.


On this day, the world saw the first God who came to the place, and the last for that time.
And who knows how long it has been since it happened: lives are always adaptable and have begun to use the gift they have received to their full potential!
And longer before his true gift awakens, waiting for those next in line to take the fire, and discover the world that is broken.

And that opens the second season!
First of all, I want to reach that without support, even if it is not understood, just say a little thank you.
Since this is a “new” game I want to learn from my mistakes, improve some things, download everything that hurt the previous one and maintain things we enjoyed seeing:

What changing now?
Things I do not change:

Story: I say it’s impossible to make a chivalry game without a good story and with my weird grammar. Ha!
End: Everything has an end, and I make it different, so I leave it, but it was different I promise.

Risk System: This is a proven system that replaces luck with risk and reward and I think since then it has been added, done wonders in the previous craving so I leave it and change some elements that were previously around it.

Information: This information is important, and I’m leaving it, but it was a little different from the previous time.

Things I remove:

Wishes: No more wishes !! It pretty much ruined the game and created an unfairness
Breakthrough: I feel he did not make an impact as I thought, but the idea around him I do leave the essence he gives to something else.

Time: I’m going to take down the time, I have nothing to add to it.

Things I change:

Race: I want to add more variety and possibility around it, you will see that I will get there.
Growth: Growth was a painful part in the past, so I went in a different direction - I’m going to add a new mechanic: Carrying Campacity! (Or C.C. for short) - growth will be faster- four times faster, but what will stop getting out of control is this: I am going to unify needs and growth into this category: water, food and land area along with growth rate: the more C.C. Thus the population will grow faster, but as one approaches to fill, the quantity will decrease until it reaches equality. This means that land is a very thoughtful thing for the growth of their population. Technology is able to increase the overall number you have and disasters like drought can hurt it, if you go too far, it will cause irreversible damage and lower the amount you are able to hold if you do not desalinate it quickly.

Economy and jobs: No need to sort non-military workers, they will do whatever it takes in your civilization, as long as you satisfy their needs: Resources now working in a token: To do something, you need to give it a token: for example a weapon that needs a certain material will repair the The amount he needs, but remember: resources are a limited resource, so his amount is also acceptable. Slaves take up much less space to achieve the same thing, so slaves have priority, but remember: it’s a risk

Army and Power: Power was dependent on many factors now and it is worth following it.

Legacy: I’m going to replace the leader with a legacy - what he provides is very similar to a leader from the previous game, but here the similarity ends: First - based on your leadership type, the legacy will match the type, but one thing does not change - time - for a limited time before it changes, And as it changes, so will the bonuses. For more information on this, ask me in private.

And now for the thing we have come to: the game itself!
The place that was once broken and dead, came back to life by someone who does not belong to it, but the past tells its story and knows that it is impossible to escape from it: both the gift and the death.
But what can be done about it if it is not used?

The game has four rules set from the previous world:
The secret law: Sky Islands - Nothing is found on islands that are separated from the sky by nothing, and if and fall, return to the top, then you can say that they fall forever until he does not come and apply them to their misery.

Rule One: Wild magic - magic is part of nature, and with it everyone knows how to use one or another type of it, but remember that magic develops with you. How will you do this and what will you do with it? It’s in your hand! And in the hands of your food.

Rule Two: Ancient Past - This world used to belong to someone who is no longer, leaving behind secrets that the new are able to discover with them. With it, the new civilizations get a number of new technologies: agriculture, basic construction and primitive metal processing and a surprising technology that not everyone will get. It also improves you to explore the past and get information in a new way: archeology, only if you find an island with an anomaly or a random island with ruins.

Rule Three: Boost - Each Cilivation that is placed, gets a big bonus for the next 5 rounds, what bonuses will they get? It’s random.

And the most important thing: how to join?

What to do?
How it works?

Each civility has its own status, and with it in each round there are votes that determine according to their category whether you succeeded or not.
It is determined by 2 factors:

  1. Risk - a certain percentage that says what your chances are of success. This number can exceed 100% for something else.
  2. Luck - Depending on the risk, how good / bad it is (1 is the lowest, 10 is the highest)
Knowledge it Power

Information, as before, is important, but unlike it, there is no limit to how much it is possible. And of course there are 3 types of knowledge:
Knowledge of the area - uses agility
Knowledge of technology - uses intelligence
Knowledge of magic or some mystic ways - uses mysticism

Under certain conditions, these votes are able to integrate and unite, can increase or decrease the chance of success, so pay attention


There are 3 ways to get votes:
Area of control - In every few islands you collect, you will get another vote, easy not? So it’s not, every time you manage to do that, next time you’ll need more islands to get another vote.
2. Cities - Cities When it comes to a certain amount of population, it is possible to establish a city, and a city gives you votes
3. Milestones - If there is something that only you have managed to do: maybe you have discovered technology from the past or found something extraordinary or invented something innovative that changes the world, there is a chance that you will get another vote, or an additional bonus.


As in the previous game - stability is important - positive stability can improve your chances of success and instability can hurt you severely. Listen to what the population needs.

Islands and Land mass

The world is always moving, and with it the islands are moving, the islands that collect can give you a place for your population, resources and maybe something surprising that can help your population, who knows.
When you have collected enough islands, your territory will stop moving and it will become a mass of islands, allowing you to explore the surroundings without fear of it moving.
Do not worry, it is not many islands and for one, the dead god has given you a mysterious way to do this: Binding - with agile and charismatic deeds - you find an island and connect it to your main island, encircling it with yours. But such a technique can also be used to steal land from others, and with it perhaps equal things.

And because of this, a map is something that is impossible in motion so much that there is a mass that will leave them in place.

The end

The end is inevitable, and with it he also comes to another round, but this time he was different and more balanced.
But unlike last time, there was no way to move it unless something really big was happening.
He will start the game later

Its look interesting, so how i join?

I know you’re looking for it, so I’ll leave it to the end:
First of all, we should not build the race that will rule his islands?

Compared to the previous game, it will look different now, but its essence is the same:

Race name: Put names of something here

Attributes: You have 270 points (!!!) to sort them. For each category you can fill between 5 and 70! The points will determine your chances of success in each category.

Attack (it power stats, it basically the same)
Defensive (u need somehow to defend Ur self, no?)
Agility (to see, fell and react it inporten stuff of life, no?)
Intelligence (monkey see, monkey do if its tech)
Charismatic (somehow we need to make thing move)
Mysticism (the secret of the universe it all in the mind, only need to find them)

Capabilities: They are what sets your race apart (it gives special bonuses, whether it’s to Attributes or how your game behaves, it’s up to you and I will try to build it balanced without breaking what you want) [Bonuses cannot exceed 80% at first]

Advantage: up to 2
Disadvantage up to one, u have to include if u add adv.
(in total, u have 2:1, like the last game)

Size: What is the size of your Race? Size is very important for the game: it affects the place, growth rate, combat power and length of your legacy. It compares in relation to human size

Description: Briefly describe how they look or behave, and you will receive small bonuses on them (one positive and one negative)
I just want to remark that the race does not have to be similar to human, you can go wild about its appearance: maybe it’s a large insect, or a strange starfish, or a strange metallic creature, you decide.

I do aloud to only one race or 3 sub race (race what have simaler stuts and they are the same, but diefrant like a mind-hive or multirace)

Once the race is ready, all that remains is to decide on a name for your civilization and Description about that, it can may effect ur start culture and give ur bonuses

After all this, you will start on 3 randomly connected islands, and depending on them, will determine the size of the population (start with 20% of its area, you will understand that you will reach it)

After all that, we’ll get started.
Since this is a kind of sequel, there will be a kind of preference this time:
@TwilightWings21 and @Centarian have save spot on the game as i promess.
and after that, all who Participated in the previous game and lastly the in the waiting list.

I’ll wait a while until we start, I would say maybe 5 days, not sure, it seems.

It all took me a full time to write, so I’m pretty tired now but if you guys want to attend or ask, I’ll be happy to answer as always anyone who knows me.

I hope that this time too it was a successful game, and that we will not reach the end too soon.


First (heh)

this will be a good read


Was it supposed to say that?

nope, u dont

Does this mean I cannot do my twelve race Civ?

for start atlist, sry
i have limits u know

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What are the chances of succeeding with 70 intelligence?

70% -----
1 point = 1%
edit - fix somr creep stuff


Race name: Larmyah (Pedemagni magna)

Attack: 30
Intelligence: 60
Agility: 30
Defensive: 30
Charismatic: 50
Mysticism: 70

size: medium

Magic-based lifeform (+10% mysticism, has innate capabiliy of sensing mana)
Boneless (+20% agility, -5% defensive)
Mana dependent (-population growth if low on mana)

Description: These magic-based lifeforms are similiar to Octopi, with 12 tentacles and 6 eyes. They have an hue tending towards the yellow.


Civilization name: Mirtal

Description: They are a community of Larmyah that believes in the pursue of knowledge and the understaning of the universe, for them everything has to be understood.

I am speed


u miss 10 point to add XD (270, u have 260)
and medium comper to human size its =?

ok fixed, and medium means it is a size similiar to a human

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What is the average score?

Like what is the score that doesn’t add any points to your roll but also doesn’t subtract any points?

45 for all, that the balance

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Race Info

Race: Mantodea Intelectus Intelectus
Legacy: Technocracy
Attack: 50
Defense: 50
Agility: 40
Intelligence: 70
Charismatic: 40
Mysticism: 20


Complex Brains: Gives a buff to anything that buffs Intelligence (2x to any buff)
Scientific Euphoria: If something using intelligence is discovered, +2 happiness and stability.

Less interest in magic: Due to Mantis gaining the feeling of Euphoria with new discoveries of tech, they think magic is less important. -5% mysticism

Size: Very Large. (16-25ft) (4.8768 meters to 7.62 meters for all metric users)

Maybe my civ are large insects? Anyway, back to stats and stuff…

The mantis have Larval and Pupal forms, they look like this.
The “Eggs” my mantis lay are the ‘larval’ stage of their young. The mantis live a discovery-loving lifestyle, trying to invent things every chance they get. They don’t like mysticism as much, however.

Lore: The Mantodea Intelectus Intelectus came about when the new “He” saw the [REDACTED] [REDACTED]'s puny little gathering things, loyal to their cause, gathering aimlessly until the end of time. The new “He” felt pity for the mantis, they seemed to have wonderous tech…so, he created the Mantodea Intelectus Intelectus in their image, but something was special about how he created them: They had some fragments of memories left, faded, but still there. Something about a giant hand in the sky, wiping out what looked to be some of their kind! And after, they saw some strange mechanisms gathering materials for almost no purpose.



u have to many adv, remove two of them
(Capabilities: are just a title of avd-des)
sry to make that confuse

Can I compile everything a cat can do into one advantage?

I’m on my phone so I can’t be very specific, but I need to find a word to encompass both retractable claws and more senses.


Race name(s); going the three sub races route;

  • Shades
  • Lavawalkers
  • Chiropterans


Attack (32)
Defensive (32)
Agility (70)
Intelligence (70)
Charismatic (32)
Mysticism (34)



Unit Power - Using different races under my control gives me different buffs for that action

Lavawalkers: Giant, magma skin (power/defense buff, immune to fire and earth based magics)

Chiropterans: Flight(Silent), Wing Armor, Echolocation (can fly silently, +def, can locate things without seeing them)

Shades: Shadowmaster, super speed, prehensile tongue, Hallucinogenic venom (perfect night vision and can blend in with slightest shadows, super speed to the point where it seems like teleportation, can use tongue as fifth limb, has venom that causes hallucinations)

Councils Appeal - any Civ I ally with, defeat in battle, or assimilate, player or NPC, I gain a small amount of members of their race (not necessarily taking from their pop - I could just get them) to buff Unit Power and that I can grow like any other civilians


Slow Reproduction - Due to my Civ being made of multiple different races, pop is lowered because species concentration is lowered

Light Sensitive - Small general debuff to all stats while out under the sun in the daytime


Shades - 15 ft average

Chiropterans - 15 ft average

Lavawalkers - 50 ft average

Description: These races all descended from Cavern Giants, and so have four upper limbs and two legs. The Chiropterans have two large wings span their backs, and they have dexterous hands ending in small claws on lanky arms and long legs with running on the front of the toes. They are covered in downy fur, and have keratinous plates as lightweight, tough as metal armor on their wings. They also have a long tail with little spines down it that the wing membrane connects to, just cause it looks cool. They also have large ears. Other than the Chiropterans, the Lavawalkers developed, 50 foot tall beasts that use their heavily heat resistant skin and a thick magma covering to forge away in the depths of the world, hammering and smelting with their four large arms. They have long, strong tails that help with balance. Finally, the race most like the original Cavern Giants, the shades have midnight black skin, glowing purple eyes, four arms ending in sharp claws, a huge jaw, and a large, purple, prehensile tongue. They have a row of twitching, black, bristle like spines down their backs. Their feet are inclined so that they only step on the three main toes, with the back claw sticking up in the air, and have reversed knees. Their long tail helps with balance and has a blade like structure on the end of it that can slice at foes. This is black, like the skin, as hard as steel, and glows purple around the edges of the blade, having a vaguely ax-head shape. They have hallucinogenic venom that can be injected through the slicing of the tails or their bites, from their glowing purple saliva. They also have two sharp, purple glowing fangs longer than the rest of their teeth.

Civ Name: Ferloth-De

Civ Description: A council rules this race, one representative for each species on said council. They have risen from the ancient civilizations and adapted to the modern times, rising out of the depths to surface caves and adapting to living with only three of their brethren races, the others lost in the transition to the surface. The citizens completely trust in the council, and if they don’t then they can elect a new member for that race. All races can vote for the council representative, as all races are always evenly balanced in pop number.

I included two disadvantages because I felt that Unit Power was a quite strong advantage, especially partnered with councils appeal.


I’m always on my phone lol, I have not once opened this site on a computer

You could do ‘Catlike Anatomy’ as an advantage - Night vision, retractable claws, no collarbone for squeezing through tight areas, very flexible spine for twisting midair, powerful jumping/climbing, and most importantly hairballs

I will join.

Homo dracomorpha

Species name: Homo dracomorpha, the dragon folk.

Attack: 25
Defense: 25
Agility: 40
Intelligence: 70
Charismatic: 40
Mysticism: 70

Advantages: Large bat-like wings that enable flight (+agility, can fly to other islands?) Bonded to elemental magic (Can use elemental magic, +mysticism)

Disadvantages: A weak spot in the middle of there chest that makes there heart an easy target during combat.

Size: Twenty feet tall.

Description: A synapsid-like species of hexapods that bear close resemblance to the dragons of myth. There scales come in a wide variety of vibrant colors, though usually the colors there scales take are associate with the element they are most closely inclined to. The markings that adorn there hides very as greatly as there colors, and there heads are adorned with fanciful horns and a pair of small mammalian ears. They are inquisitive creatures that naturally thirst for knowledge, they are also quite gentle and kind though will not hesitate to fight back if harmed.

Appearance: Large semi-bipedal dragons that very greatly in color and pattern.

Civilization name: Regalis ultima

Civilization description: Survivors of the end who somehow found themselves in this strange realm of floating landmasses, determined to find a way to survive and escape to a new world. Over many generations, they became even closer to the elemental magic gifted to them by the legendary first leader of there kind: Miviam. Resulting in them developing colors, patterns, and other traits associated with that element.

Edit: Rebalanced the stats.