The Great Doom-Only Forum Game!

@Doomlightning! This is your forum game!

Everyone else avert your scandalous eyes! This thread is forbidden for those of lesser nobility, plebeians! I am especially referring to you, Nigel…

Our last hope

You are standing in your bathroom, eyes closed, deep in thought.

What do you do?

Your eyes open. And you know.

You’re going to do it.

Today is the day when you will finally start work on your forum game.

The last few months you have been obsessed with a game called Prosper, or more specifically its community forum.

You lost interest in the game itself after a week or two, the development is taking so long that the developers are tutoring their children to take up the mantle when they age and die. But as your excitement towards the game itself faded, your obsession with forum games has soared.

However, just yesterday, tragedy struck the Community Forums. The last remaining forum game has died, its creator likely having been swayed by the dark arts of professional work.

The forum now spins on a strange and terrifying new axis, and everywhere… unbridled consequences!

It has gone mad, the gutters brim with poets, and decency lies burning in the street…

The moderators, too busy deciding on a new font for forum posts, are powerless to quell the anarchy.

Without a new forum game, the Community will undoubtably collapse completely. This collapse will lead to a great migration of barbarous refugees to another forum, which will then similarly collapse and then create an ever larger horde of destruction and chaos.

This chain, you have predicted, will lead to the complete and total collapse of The Internet itself, and subsequentially, modern civilization.

But not all hope is lost, for if someone else takes up the mantle, picks up the fallen torch, then maybe just maybe, the tide could be turned, and absolute disaster averted.

No one else has picked up the torch. No one has the skill or time necessary to undertake such a herculean task.

No one except for you.

It will take every ounce of your will and your soul and your blood but you must save the Community Forums from themselves!

You wipe the steam away from the mirror, and see your face. You have eyes, a nose, and a mouth. You might also have some hair – you could never really tell. You possess some skin, and you have somewhere in between negative one and one million teeth.

Your one prominent and undeniable facial feature exists proudly in a sea of probabilities. Your mustache, long and elegant, is the sole defining trait of an otherwise completely indescribable man.

You have a mustache, and to claim otherwise is to lie.

You exit your bathroom, heading straight to your computer, which could be best described as a functioning device designed to connect to the internet, and open the Community Forums. You are already signed into your account, “Total Annihilation Thunder”.

There is only one thing left for you to do.

Well, two things actually.

What type of game are you to make, and what will it be named?

You have many choices ahead of you, but first you must make but two choices.

Choose one of the following, to be The Forum’s new guiding light…

1: Civ game.

2: Evo game.

3: RP game.

And what shall be the name of mankind’s final chance of survival?


Each choice will effect future stats…

Also zenzone im just gonna casually attempt to do 10x better than i normally do, when writing (if i get the chance) now.

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Ha yes, “Total Annihilation Thunder”, my alter ego
Since when did I become a high noble? (not that I’m complaining or anything)
And how Nigle its a noble? Is he not an otter?

I think we have miss some of the old good days pure Civ games
I think I will call the new founder “Paradise Lost

I look forward to seeing how it will looks, it looks very unique

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Round One

After brushing the dust off of your never-before-used writing software, you begin to create your game.

After some intense pondering, you have decided to name your game "Paradise Lost"

Then, you begin inscribing its lore, engraving it with your fiery writer’s passion, giving the breath of life to your new forum game. You then post your masterful work onto the forums, awaiting a response…

Suddenly, you get a notification. You quickly pause your well-earned lunch break, and quickly open your forum game’s thread. What you see is marvelous in your eyes, a player! You feast your hungry eyes on their post, not missing a single detail. They seem to be interested in your game! Even posting their own sheet for their own civilization in your game.

New player achieved!


This player seems to have a weasel for a profile picture.
This player also seems to be your first player! Congrats!

Fun: 2.5/5 (Will change after your game releases its first round. This meter influences your total fun level)

You decide to start your game - after all, players can join after the game has started, anyway. And they will. Be prepared.

You have one player - choose wisely what to do. It can be writing the round, doing something completely different irl, or something else! They all will most likely influence stats.


Total Fun: (2.5/50)
Needs: 5/10
Popularity: 1/10

I suppose this is good enough. However, I should explain the mechanics: “Needs” are your irl needs. If they are met, you get bonuses to your writing ability! making the game more fun overall. Popularity influences the amount of players you have, right now you have 1 player, up to a maximum of 10. The more fun your game is, the more likely you are to succeed at getting, and keeping players. If the fun meter drops too low, players will sadly drop out of the forum game.

That should be all the things you need to know, for now. I hope I did good in my writing this round!



Ask Neil for the summit if he interested

in need, seek what the need I haves to fulfill its

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As you wait excitedly for your player to respond with their civ submission, you began to realize that you’re hungry again, even though you just ate lunch, and so, thoughts of delicious foods began to fill your mind, and currently the thing you crave the most is pizza.

You went to your kitchen, perhaps there is some leftover pizza from last wednesday? but alas, all you found was an empty pizza box. You Already ate the last slice, and all that is in your fridge is some apples and milk.

“Maybe I can order a pizza from that local Restaurant with the Big Brown Bear mascot? Fredrick’s, I believe it was called?”

As you picked up the phone, ready to call the restaurant for that Tasty pie, you remembered that you don’t have much money. With your current financial situation, Buying a whole pizza wouldn’t be that wise of a choice, at least if you don’t get a job soon.

The Constant thinking about food is making you hungrier, So what should you Do?
save money and eat Pizza at a later time, going instead with whatever is in your fridge right now?
or ignore your money problems and satisfy your craving for that heavenly mix of cheese, bread, and tomatoes?

You received an email notification, Someone on the Forums has replied to you!
you quickly went into the forums to check if your player Neil submitted his civ yet, But instead, you find that a new player has decided to join!

Coffee President

This player has a Coffee mug for a profile Picture
This player is also quite an active member on the forums! perhaps he could get others to join your game once he gets to enjoy your hand-crafted and complex world-building?

It seems that he already submitted his civ as well!
and as you finished reading his submission, you noticed that Niel was about to reply in your forum game thread. After a few moments, he also submitted his civ.

  • Niel
    Fun: 2.5/5
    perk: none

  • Coffee President
    Fun: 2.5/5
    perk: Active Member (if his fun reaches the maximum level, he will raise your game’s popularity by telling others about it)


Total Fun: (5/50)
Needs: 5/10 (you need food and specifically crave pizza, you are low on money)
Popularity: 2/10

here it is @doomlightning
mechanics can now change with each GM

NOTE: choosing your option for food isnt the only thing you can do


I must resist the cheese-tomato-bread mix and go for what is in the fridge, make from them pie. I need may that money for another time.

That great that I have another one!
lets see what he write his sheet he summit

if they ask, answer they q
need to sudeffau they curve for game

lets start to proper for the grant opening in ctech eyes for newcomers

soo drinking water that a option I see
soo… lets eat water (jk, don’t take that as my acts)


teakings fantasy is to make his sheet before i do.

thankfully this isnt that alternate timeline

Can you repeat your vote?

Make pie out of stuff in the fridge
If they ask, answer their q[uestions.]
[I] need to sadisfy their crave for [the] game

professional doom translator here


im pretty sure i already did that before though


You decide that it will be the best to make a pie from the stuff in your fridge, rather than spending your limited resources on a pizza from that one restaurant. Afterall, you should do something with this stuff before it expires.

Your family memories and some search on internet give you hints on how to prepare the pie. After a few dozen minutes, you already wait for it near the oven.

While you are waiting for your creation to be finished, you learn that a tragedy happened: in the local “Fredrick’s” restaurant a murder happened and all their mascots are missings. Turns out that you wouldn’t be even able to buy the pizza…

The dark thoughts leave the mind as the oven beeps and your pie is ready to be eaten. It will supply you with nutrients for some time.

You realize that you’ve forgotten about the forum due to the food issue, so you take a look at it and find out that a new player has joined your game and already submitted their civ!


This player seems to have a strange retro sprite for a profile picture.

As your game gains more players, the interactions become more common and the fun of the game increases.
So far, everyone seems to perfectly understand the mechanics of this game. That’s a good sign!

  • Niel
    Fun: 3/5
    perk: none

  • Coffee President
    Fun: 3/5
    perk: Active Member (if his fun reaches the maximum level, he will raise your game’s popularity by telling others about it)

  • Flashbaker
    Fun: 3/5
    perk: none


Total Fun: (9/50)
Needs: 6/10 (you are low on money)
Popularity: 3/10

Here it is @doomlightning


That great they are understanding the mechanic!

money are low, need to check how much I have and seek base on the low how much I nee to sustain

in the forum, check last time how much come before starting
maybe waiting to 5 in total, base on how money are need to sustain. work take time

dont count on it reaching 5 automatically though

that not how usually work?

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Round 4

You decide to check how much money you have, so you started checking every place in which you could have deposited money; after checking your safe, drawers and the pockets of your jackets you counted enough money to last you a few weeks.

You decide to look for a possible job that could help you gain money, so you look online but after browsing for a while you don’t find anything you are qualified for.

Before you close the Gugol (the browser you were using) you notice a job that you could take, it’s a position as night guard for the local “Fredrick’s” pizzeria, it seems an easy enough job; you doubt anything is going to happen during your shift at the place so it’s possible you might also work on your forum game during your shift.

A notification arrived from the forum, it’s a new player!


This player has a dragon as profile picture, he is also starting a lot of conversations.

They already submitted their civilization sheet for the game.

  • Niel
    Fun: 2.5/5
    Perk: Weasel - He is a funny weasel man (reduces Fun decrease rate)

  • Coffee President
    Fun: 2.5/5
    Perk: Active Member - He is one active cup filled with caffeine (if his fun reaches the maximum level, he will raise your game’s popularity by telling others about it)

  • Flashbaker
    Fun: 2.5/5
    Perk: ??? - This player still hasn’t shown to have any perk, maybe the perk will be revealed in the future?

  • farmyth510
    Fun: 2.5/5
    Perk: Writey Posty - This player keeps conversations about your forum game alive (reduces Popularity decrease rate)


Fun: 10/70
Needs: 5/10
Popularity: 4/20
Time: 2/24

Shameless self insert aside, this is starting to become fnaf…



It’s not a bad opportunity I see, more time to work on the forum game during the shift. I start preparing to start the game, while I should collect boring (free) money, I sort them in the document and start preparing to start the game.

I just hope it wasn’t there… Live metal will look at me (I hate horror)

To be clear, you’re going to take the job and work on the game while you’re guarding?

Then u put that in thas why…
I think better seek other options about work

Too scury

No, he was asking because he is unable to understand doom speech for some reason (even tho doom speech is understandable)