The "I had a terrible day" thread

This is the thread where you can go to, to rant to strangers about your terrible day…
you start of by saying I had a terrible day! and then explain why you feel so down
I’ll go first
I had a terrible day! so first I wake up feeling dog sick, cause i have been for the past few days… So i finialy decide to go to the immediate care at 8 am-ish. Since i can not drive yet I had to get my sister to take me to the immediate care, but she also had to take my other sister to an apointment, and my other brother to school. So every thing works out peachy keen and we get to the doctors office, and they can’t find my insurence in the charts… URGH, but we finaly got that sorted out and the doctor who served me was really good at his job. He told me I probibly had strep thought. So we signed out and left… pretty advrage sick day in all honesty, but what happens next just destroyed my day. So my sister and me left to get my other sister from the appointment, and i started reading my after summerary notes on what to do in the car as my sister was driving, and suddenly i feel a big punch on my right side… I relised that the air bags went off because a red pick-up truck hit us and that there was now a situation where my sister just blindly followed the car in-front of her not checking the actual light, causing the accident
(i’d like to take a quick break to show the chrashed car on this google doc here
Anyway back to the story, so the people who chrashed into us we exchanged info and all the usual (exept the fact that the car belongs to our parents so that added to the time it took) We got a firestation car to come over they helped us move our car out the corner of the intersection and into a parking lot We were told that the police were called, but long story short they never showed up. There was even mulipule times where my older sister started crying. My other sister took a Lyft home with Dad. We called roadside assistance and DUN DUN DUN… there were a coupple of small cuts on me so we decided i needed to go to THE ER, but not before we waited like 2 hours for the road side assistance to finialy tow us to the Geico auto repair place where they said we will have to pay out of our pokets for the insident. We finaly got a Lyft to the ER, and there we checked in had to get our dad to over the phone allow the ER to treat me if nesssisary, then we waited and when we used the vending mashene to get food and drink the food vender didn’t want to work so all i had for both breakfast and lunch was dr. peper (when i really tyoed in the wrong code… i wanted sweet tea, but WHATEVER I DON’T CARE :’( ) We finaly were able to conferm in the ER that there was nothing too bad about my condision, and we finaly were discharged from the hospital… And then we took a lyft to get my brother from school (keep in mind this has taken till 4:15 PM to actualy even get out of the ER)… So we got the brother talked to the nice lyft man about the day we were having and finaly i was home… I never knew food tasted so good while you were hungry…
Moral of the story? there are three
Never go to a doctor
Never trust your sister
Never leave your house

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Today, I uh, stubbed my toe I guess


damn it, I was going to say that.


Darn, Quantumcrab stole my idea too.


I don’t know if this is serious or not but I’m having a really bad day right now, I have a 5-6 page paper due in 2 hours and I only have a page due to a banquet I didn’t account for when making my schedule so I couldn’t do anything with it yesterday. I need a 70 on this paper in order to get a C, and lower and I get a D which is pretty much failing. ;-;

@Steve My reply was serrious, but i know how you feel I am in danger of failing a lot of my classes, just don’t let it stress you out… take care of your self! I mean in all honesty, you have to be there to give my “D-shaped” creatures the power of the universe in spore! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Uhhhhhhhhh i have nothin that i can type without getting tired of typing

I didn’t finish the paper, it was so bad in fact that I am gunning for a D and not an F. I need a 25/100 in order to get a D which may seem low enough not to worry but the paper was THAT bad to make me worry.

25%??? That’s an F at every school i’ve gone to

No, a 25 on the paper bring my overall grade down to a 61%. But I failed it because it’s an automatic zero if you forgot the work cited, which I did. Funny thing is that I put in-text citations.

Plagiarism, sometimes it’s understandable that schools will make you learn to cite your work, sometimes you just fail cause of unintentional plagiarism… That’s when things get stupid

So I added a comment to my submission “DON’T OPEN, I need to talk to you about resubmission or getting a zero without punishment.” This is high school so they might agree to a late resubmission with a work cited. I will update how this goes.

AFAIK my university has a policy that (as you always have 3 chances to take an exam) that for written assignments students must get one chance to fix it if it didn’t pass. So I’ve heard many people say that you can basically submit an empty document and that should grant you additional time to fix it.

Good news, they let me resubmit but only with a work cited page and no other changes. WOOT!


@steve this is The “I had a terrible day” Thread good news is not allowed (jk I happy 4 u)


Alright, necro time bois

I don’t remember much about my past so I’ll just say one bad day I once had
I think one time I forgot to do 5 - 6 homework assignments
It may not sound so terrible but in the grade I’m in it’s terrible even to have one missing assignment

Luckily for me that was only semester one.
But I still forgot a bit more assignments after that.
That’s the worst day I can think of right now I don’t have a good memory
Also I think there was another time where I forgot to bring my instrument home from school approximately 3 times in a row.

When I was in 7th grade, I had algebra 1, and in the third quarter there was a unit test. I forgot about it and stayed up until something like 3-5 am, and I didn’t study. When I Got to the class, I realized I was in trouble, but I was to tired to do anything about it. I ended up falling asleep halfway through the test, waking up, then finishing. I ended up getting a 61% because I misread most of the questions.

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Today I just slept, I’m now feeling awful because I didn’t do anything the entire day.
That’s all.

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That’s usually my everyday life in quarantine, minus the sleeping the whole day part and plus the not doing anything when waking up. I essentially forgot how to be productive.

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I had a really bad night. I tried to get to sleep really early (9) but I woke up at 10, and stayed up for about 30 minutes. When I went back to sleep, my room was very hot. I woke up AGAIN at 3:30, and fell back asleep at 5. And I just woke up.