The Lifenote


As you’re in your room, flat, house, or whatever you live in, you hear the noise of something falling onto the floor. When you get to see what fell, you encounter a strange “book”, titled The Lifenote.

Behind it’s front page there seemingly are instructions of sorts…


Have you ever wished to revive someone or something that has died?
Have you ever wanted to bring something fictional into the real life?
Look no more, for this Lifenote can make the wishes and hopes of yours fulfill.

If you want to revive something that was alive at some point in time,
you need to visit the place where it’s corpse is located in.
When that step is done, write in the notebook the name of the one you are reviving,
along with the place where you want them to come back from the dead.
You can revive both Humans and Other Organisms, extinct or not.

If you wish to make a fictional creature become a real one,
you must read or watch the art-piece where it has been described,
be it a book, film, video or an article
and if there is no such art-piece where it has been described in,
you need to collect information about it from the other sources,
such as the population in which data about it is moving around.
You have to be aware of all the details such a being has
and after that you may write the name and place where you wish it to appear in The Lifenote.

But beware, as The Lifenote has a special requirement:
From the moment you have fulfilled the requirements to revive or create,
you have just a day cycle to write down the one you are bringing from the dead or bringing into real life,
before you need to again fulfill those requirements,
by getting to a corpse’s location,
or seeing the art-piece of a fictional being.


Other Rules and Explanations

Players have 2 actions each round, this cannot be increased nor decreased.

In this Forum Game, a day lasts 3 rounds + a night “round” where you cannot do anything (a round lasts 6 hours in-game). The rounds can be spent on doing various things, including activities connected with The Lifenote.

Your character, for purposes of fairness, will be a middle-class person. You have to choose the place where they live on Earth (present day). However, because Earth is a planet with various times of the day on the different locations at the same time, you’ll have to choose in which zone the character lives. The zones are:

  • Between the 0 meridian and 90 degrees East (1),
  • Between 90 degrees East and the 180 meridian (2),
  • Between the 180 meridian and 90 degrees West (3),
  • Between 90 degrees West and the 0 meridian (4).

The game will start at Round 1 with zone 1 (0 to 90 E) at 12:00, and so zone 2 will be at 18:00, zone 3 at 24:00 (When a player is joining, they’ll be able to submit actions at night round if it happens to be their first round of play) and zone 4 will be at 6:00.

Characters have two statistics:

  • Health Points (HP), which say how damaged your character is,
  • Sanity Points (SP), which say how far is your character from becoming insane.

Your character dies if it’s HP drop to 0 (by being damaged, can be reverted by healing).
If your Sanity Points drop to 0 (SP lowers due to doing unethical/evil stuff and can be increased by doing good), you stop controlling your characters, which becomes an unplayable NPC that causes destruction in various ways, including using The Lifenote.

  1. Character Name
  2. Zone - 1,2,3 or 4
  3. Country and closer location if possible
  4. Description (things such as age, gender, life description etc.)
5 and 6

5 and 6 aren’t customizable at character creation:

5. Stats:

  • 20/20 HP
  • 10/10 SP (Sanity Points)

6. Inventory (you can carry up to 3 items, excluding The Lifenote):

  • (item 1, slot empty by default)
  • (item 2, slot empty by default)
  • (item 3, slot empty by default)

If you wish to join, use the Character Template and submit your actions.

(Edit: We’ll say that the characters can only create fictional entities via The Lifenote if those entities have been written down/been made in a video/etc. before the first batch of lifenotes was distributed (round 0) and that the characters cannot create entities that they made anywhen in their life (Those two rules should make it impossible for characters to just make up a fictional being or get an idea of it from an action that describes it and summon it with the notebook).)

The game ends when all characters die or become insane.
New people can join this forum game at any time!

This is the 4th Forum Game I’ve created!
Insipired by The Centarian’s “What would you do with a DeathNote?”.



“What if I want to make catgirls real and enslave them?” - TheForumGameMaster

I hope I won’t get banned for this.

alright first order of business should be going to a dinosaur bone dig site.


And do what? It’s not like you can control the beings you bring to life


are we able to use the lifenote to change our characters after the game starts or do we need to use magical organisms for that


lifenote cannot change your character directly; it revives/creates, not changes

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Fun Fact about the inspiration thread: there’s a secret part of it that only occurred in DMs between me and Centarian

I was a character known as Detective Grim, investigating the strange occurrences caused by the players with Deathnotes

Never got quite far enough to catch any of the players before the game was dropped, but iirc I was close

a bit of trolling.

No, to do that you’d need to use the book to create trolls. Not dinosaurs. Smh


So who is joining this forum game (making a character)?

  • me
  • not me
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name: ember inani
zone: 4
location: new York, NY


ember inani is a fem-leaning enby who uses she/her and they/them, she loves fire to the point of always keeping at least one alive in their house, and have a flame-patterned orange tabby named stella, who the entire house has been modified to allow to walk on the walls and ceiling in most rooms excluding the kitchen, the storage room, and the dining room. as such all the flames outside of said rooms are contained in glass containers with vents to allow air in and out of the lid.

they have several hobbies, including: writing, reading, working on spec bio projects, cooking, gardening, setting things that deserve to not exist objects made for burning ablaze, making stuff (includes machinery, circuits, code, tools, clothing, and accessories), and running across city rooftops in the middle of the night. she prefers a nocturnal sleep schedule due to a combination of autism, ADHD, and having a social circle mostly consisting of night owls, as such they generally go to sleep at 12:00 PM and wake up at 8:00 - 9:45 PM. as a result of making a wide range of stuff, ember has intermediate level knowledge in most subjects related to making stuff regular people with a normal amount of money can make

ember wears 3 flags at pretty much all times, with the first two being the trans flag and the enby flag, and the third being the bi flag, the first two are typically located in pins in their hair or on her shirt, while the third one is on either a pair of arm warmers in the winter or a wristband on the middle of their arm in the summer.

she has two moms, one of which is a fashion designer, and the other is a game developer.

physical description

ember is a 5’10" feminine human who weighs ~176lbs and has long red and orange hair. she has a moderate amount of muscle, allowing her to carry around 250 pounds without strain, while still allowing them to look however feminine they want without covering 80% of their skin. she has purple an orange irises with the separation between the colors being diagonal through the middle of the iris, and skin the color of this box i found .

i’m not good at colors with long names.

for my first order of business i’m binging BNHA.

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You have 2 actions/round

i’m using both on binging bnha so i have more characters i can summon with the lifenote faster

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Curious before I consider joining; Can the characters just make up a new creature, then use the Lifenote? they’d know everything about it cus they made it up


We’ll say that the characters can only create fictional entities via The Lifenote if those entities have been written down/been made in a video/etc. before the first batch of lifenotes was distributed (round 0) and that the characters cannot create entities that they made anywhen in their life (Those two rules should make it impossible for characters to just make up a fictional being or get an idea of it from an action that describes it and summon it with the notebook).

I’ll add this to post 1

well i guess i know what i’m doing next round, assuming this forum exists in the game universe.

Me with a stockpile of several thousand overpowered monsters I drew (as I am not technically my character):

Manically Laughing as I pet a random cat I found on the street while in an office chair

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Some clarification questions here:

  • If we find someone else with a Lifenote, could he other person bring a fictional character we made prior to the lifenote handout into creation?

  • If we were to say, watch a bunch of Technoblade videos and tried to use the Lifenote on him would we bring back the real Technoblade or would you bring back an idealized version of him that he built up in his videos?

  • Can you bring fictional objects into existence with the Lifenote?

  1. I guess that would be true.
  2. It would depend on whetever you are bringing back the real person or the “in-game character” of theirs.
  3. Organisms, not objects



Name - Joshua
Zone - 3
Location - United States, California, Sacramento City
Age - 23
Gender - Male
Description - Works a decently paying office job and recently got a promotion, likes the Starwars movies and books, especially the new jedi order series, as well as most anime/animated shows he can get his hands on, likes to read, likes to sit and think, which he does constantly, likes to write, he has several AO3 fanfics, and will occasionally watch a YouTube video or five in his spare time. Thinks things through, tries not to take advantage of people. The list goes on.

As a fair warning, I do intend to bring CorralSkippers into this, and it will be brutal.