The Most Important Deep Sea Discovery


saw this video before and it is really quite interesting. however i’m still very much skeptical. there’s still much on the many theories of abiogenesis that we have yet to be able to understand/reproduce. this discovery was very much a step in the right direction. and i can’t wait to see what other possible better theories will pop up in the future.

what I want to talk about is the gameplay need to change, because creature(what ever player or AI) always tend to become more complex , that means low level creature does not exist.

This has been discussed. From what I understand, the current plan is to have smaller (particularly microscopic) organisms abstractly represented. The player might click on an area to open a menu which reports the number of microbes in that area. For the sake of processing power, these microbes will not be individually simulated.

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Maybe microbe should be simulated as clouds that you can eat in the late multicultural stage like with compound clouds right now.

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