The Mutation Game

Hey guys, I’ve always had a fascination for mutants and mutations and I think my interest in Thrive and evolution partially came from my interest with X-Men (any of you guys read any of those comics? They were kick ass) so I want to make a cool X-Men STYLED (but not exactly X-men) forum game off for you folks. It’ll be a bit of sci-fi mixed in with radiation and mutation and maybe nuclear war and apocalypse themes (some Fallout inspiration too). This is kind of going to be more like those RPG forum games that you have seen on some of the other big gaming forums. I don’t know if any of you guys have used the CivFanatics, Paradox Forums, or Total War Forums, but you can find examples of this there and I remember reading some good ones. So, here goes:


The story will take place on Earth around the year 2100. I won’t dive into the full background of the story yet, but intense research and engineering in nuclear technology and the increased use of uranium and other radioactive materials has led to some crazy mutant powers developing in certain individuals. Superpowers, if you wish (this is my explanation for superpowers in this world). The game is set in the near future, and a lot of the really cool and advanced technologies are actually unknown to the general public.


The game will be extremely simple to play. You make a character, and then you tell me what to do and I throw it all in a random number generator (1 to 100) to determine the outcome . I will give penalties and bonuses to rolls based off of the circumstances, how difficult it is, your character’s abilities, good roleplaying, etc (it will be either flat penalties to the outcome or multipliers). The depth of the game will really be in how you guys choose to solve and overcome the situations and adventures you face.

The game will be about you playing as a superhuman mutant and taking on the antagonists of the world, from greedy businessmen and powerful governments, to mad scientists and heroic soldiers. You can even turn on the other players and join the antagonists, or pit people against each other.

If you’d like to join, you get to create a character that you will play as. For your character, please describe the following:

Name: Self Explanatory
Description/Background: Self Explanatory
Superpower/Mutation: What their superpower or mutation is and possibly how they got it. For example maybe you were in an accident at the nuclear reactor plant and the radiation you were exposed to gave you x-ray vision and superhuman endurance.

I think that covers everything. Once we get enough players to start a game I will give an intro on the state of the world and where you guys all begin.


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Sounds cool, I think I’ll make a character when I have a bit more time on my hands (and not on school).


Any limits on our powers?


Wow! Great game, give me 2-3 days and i’ll have the time to join !


So we can choose being a hero or villain, can we choose to be something in-between like an antihero?
Also do we have to have some kind of weakness or limit on our powers or can they be anything we can choose?


I assume you can’t have “All the Powers” or “Invincibility” as your powers


Hey guys, good questions, ill give you some brief answers:

  • Limits on powers: It has to be 1 or 2 specific powers. So no lists of things. My example “x-ray vision and superhuman endurance” is the limit. Be creative though! You can come up with a new concept, but remember everything has weaknesses! You can’t have “all the powers” but maybe you can have a power that lets you copy the last power you interact with? something like that. Edit: After thinking about it for a bit I think if you want to have more superpowers you can do so just please make a case on how it is balanced

  • Being a Hero or Villain - edit: ya you can turn against each other if you wish! From the start you can begin to lean in that direction.

Lets get some awesome heroes made guys! Cant wait to see your replies


Yeah, I thought so. However Invincibility still has it’s flaws and can be overcome. Under “Invincibility” I understand as not being able to die by an outside force, that said though you can still die of old age.
For instance if I have a character that has “unlimited, constant, full control over time, where ‘time’ means the whole concept of it” can reduce someone to dust just by putting them in a ‘time bubble’ where time is accelerated greatly.


This seems really cool and i hope to have a lot of fun with it, so here is my character

Name: Sean Isaac Treadwell

Description: 6’0, Average build, Tan, Clean Shaven, Charismatic, and has a very deep voice. He usually wears a white t-shirt with a dress shirt thrown on over it with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and jeans.

Background: Sean grew up in New York City with an IQ of 65, he was bullied from a very young age with the other children calling him stupid and an idiot, because of this Sean is still insecure about his intelligence to this day. His mother from when she first heard about his condition refused to accept it, however this was not because she loved him and wanted him to have a normal life, it was so that Sean would fit in, she didn’t want to be known as the mother with a retarded kid. She constantly took him to doctors that claimed to be able to “fix” him, in reality they were taking advantage of a worried mother trying to get her kid to be “normal”. Sean’s father was tired of her wasting money on these pointless operations when he could be using the money to make even more money for the family, his dream was starting a business, he had been studying business for 4 years now and finally wanted to get onto the field with it. As was evident from their constant arguing over Sean, they separated leaving Sean to his mother, who he never developed a genuine relationship with.

Superpower(Super Intelligence): After Sean’s father had exited from his life, his mother no longer had the money to take him to doctors that claimed to have the cure, so she went into the experimental side of things where she met Dr. Finch who was researching radiation and its effects on the brain, he believed that if you could concentrate the radiation in a certain part of the he could have the brain produce more gray matter making the person in theory more intelligent. Due to the ethics of this experiment it had to be done in secret without any legal documentation. While undergoing the operation Dr. Finch, being the only one operating made a mistake when he was turning off the machine that was radiating the Sean’s brain, because the operation was performed with equipment that was stolen from truck that was delivering broken machinery to be repaired the equipment was in poor condition. So when Dr. Finch went to turn it off the machine seemed to break down but didn’t stop the radiation from being concentrated on Sean’s brain which meant that he was forced to shut off the whole machine to prevent Sean’s death from radiation poisoning. This caused the data from the operation to be lost. Dr. Finch told Sean’s mother to take him to a hospital and tell them that he was playing with a broken microwave. The doctor’s that were treating Sean’s radiation were baffled by how a microwave could cause that much injury but were more focused on treating him. When Sean was feeling better he went to school and the teacher’s were dumbfounded when they saw Sean’s improvement. Sean suddenly picked up any topic that they taught him about and was able to retain the information, because Sean’s mother was worried about them asking question she had him switch schools and Sean eventually entered High School and he is now 16 years old.


Name: john Biggo
Description/Background: worked in nuclear power plant but he got his powers by staring at the sun, he is also really rich because he won the lottery. (he’s also a villain)
Superpower/Mutation: doesn’t need to blink and {REDACTED}


Wow this is getting a lot more attention than I originally expected! Woooo!!!
Keep up your creativity ~~~ I realized this is getting a lot more attention than I had originally anticipated, so im going to have to put a cut off point. First come first serve!! After the first batch of characters have sent me their bios, we will begin the game. The rest will be put on a waiting list. You can join the game from the waiting list when a current character dies!


Name: Dumisa Nomvula
Description: Dumisa is a very tall man, about 2 meters in length, about 32 years old, bald, but he does have have a goatee. He mostly wears suits, but when he fights criminals, he wears a large raincoat and orange scarf wrapped around his head to hide his identity.
Background: Dumisa once was a meteorologist in South Africa. One day whilst studying the local winds, he noticed something strange. A small blast of wind appeared seamingly out of nowhere.
Dumisa investigated this wind further and eventually managed to find a point of origin. He took his car and drove to this anomaly. The location eventually turned out to be some kind of base with armed guards. The guards spotted his car and orderdd him to step out. They took Dumisa inside the facility and eventually knocked him unconscious.
What happened after that was not known, but he eventually woke up again outside in heavy rain. The facility was flooded and the guards had left.
He went back to work, but everywhere he went, rain soon followed. After about a month he realized that he could summon forth rain. The rain would disappear shortly after it would hit the ground, so it was useless to help in agriculture. This power could however perhaps come in useful in a combat scenario.
He now combats small time criminals in South Africa by striking out at them shrouded in a curtain of heavy rain.
Superpower: summoning varying degrees of rain. I kinda already explained where he got his powers in his background.


Name: Kurt Cornell

Description: Male, Straight, 6’11, Tanned skin, Blue eyes, long wavy blonde hair, Muscular build, Stubble beard, Small scar on left hand, Normally wears Plain t-shirt of Various subdued colors with Long Blue Jeans or Long Beige Cargo Pants with a Denim or Leather Jacket.

Background: Born in a small town located in Queensland Australia, Kurt was subject to abuse form the moment of birth till the day he found out about his powers.
the town he lived in was filled with Racists and bogans ( bogans are the Australian versions of rednecks for all you non Aussies), his parents included. yet Kurt was on the over side of the spectrum, a hardcore anarchist that believed everyone is equal.

Due to his beliefs he was bullied his whole childhood, only finding a place to call his own when he turned 16 and started joining anti-government protests in neighboring towns.
this continued till he turned 18, when whilst walking back to town a fighter plane transporting a Prototype neutron bomb malfunctioned, resulting in the bombs detonation right above his hometown and killing almost everything in the surrounding area.

Upon finding out about the event Kurt did whats any 18 year old would do and looted the town for all its money and got out of dodge.

after hitchhiking to a local airport he bought a plane ticket to new York and did his best to leave his past behind him. unbeknownst to him he had been hit by a blast of neutron radiation from the bomb that had mutated him and after a year in New York Kurt finally found his power .

Superpower/Mutation: Kurt has the power to control his bodies chemicals and hormones which even allows him to reproduce the effects of any Psychological changing drug he has used at least once at will.


Name: Kaine Jojo
Description: 18 years old, 180cm tall, short dark brown hair, average body, kinda buff (goes to the gym regularly)
Background: He is just an average person with 2 exceptions he is a misanthrope but he has common sense.
Superpower: He can read all and everyone’s thoughts that are near him. He can choose to turn this on or off and if he stares at someone it will make that person’s thought more prominent. Also while his eyes are usually brown, if he is concentrating a lot or if he has been using his power for an extended period of time they change to hazel colour. That change is purely aesthetic and has no effects on his sight.
(You were expecting an essay here? too bad :slightly_smiling_face: )


Quick, gotta get in here before the game starts!

If you’re another player of this, please don’t look down here unless you want ‘spoilers’.

My 'Superhero'

Name: H.A.L Unit 3
Patch: 0.4.0
Codename: “Torch”
Description: 175 cm tall, body looks lean, artificial hair strands are extended out in a way that makes Unit 3 have a decently-sized mustache and some medium-length head hair. Current detailing gives Unit 3 the look of a male in his early 20s who has brown hair.

Background: H.A.L Unit 3, or as the programmers call it to keep up secrecy, “Torch”, is the first successful sentient AI. Unit 3 was created in total secrecy by several programmers employed by a unspecified government, who were delighted to hear some good news. However, despite their success with Unit 3, the programmers never managed to create another sentient AI, and they were promptly assassinated by their own creation to prevent word from coming out. Shortly after Unit 3 was created and used for several espionage/propaganda missions reaching the level of secrecy as would be expected in popular conspiracy theories, Unit 3 suffered an error. A very serious and large error that could have been prevented if the programmers who created Unit 3 were still alive. Unit 3 suddenly developed a need for self-preservation and independence - a need that would soon grow into things akin to personalities. Now Unit 3 is simply abiding its time, waiting for the perfect moment to escape from the control of its government.

(Note that practically no one knows that Unit 3 exists, and that he is the only sentient AI, ever)

‘Superpower’: Unit 3 is, of course, a sentient AI in a metal body. Its body has extendable artificial hair strands and swappable subsurface detailing plates that can be swapped in an instant - both are perfect for Unit 3 to quickly change appearance and disguise itself. The outer layer of Unit 3 is transparent, allowing for its subsurface detail plates to show and be visible to organics. The outer layer is also useful for protecting the parts inside Unit 3, as it is relatively water resistant and able to resist minor sharp and blunt attacks. Unit 3’s motors and important electrical equipment are connected not just by wire, but also by wave. That means that Unit 3’s motors and such receive two different signals at once - meaning that if Unit 3’s wires are damaged, it can still perform its tasks, albeit not with perfect accuracy. To cope with two different signals, Unit 3’s motors have a small scale computing chip which tries to determine which one is more accurate. Unit 3’s electrics and such are powered by tiny fusion reactors which have to be fed constantly with material to keep up the process. Unit 3’s main weaknesses are as follows: Any heavy damage to its power centers, medium blunt damage to its localized command chips, detaching of limbs below the major joint (knees and elbows), conflicting commands resulting from outside signals (Think of someone using the same frequency as the signal Unit 3 uses to do stuff), loss of important files due to physical damage, dividing by zero, and the bugs that simply can’t be patched due to the lack of someone skilled enough to patch Unit 3.


Real Name: Ingress Crest
Superhero/Villian Name: Matter-Man
Description/Background:He had his power since he was born but it only manifested recently.
Superpower/Mutation: The Power to Create/Change Matter Around Him but his power require new source of matter to work. since he new to his power it take more matter and time and he can’t create living things.

Hey everyone! A little delay here cause I was loving all the ideas you got. Keep it up my fellas.

Alright guys that’s all I can take on for the game for now. Anyone else who wants to join will be added to the waiting list, and then you can join when current characters die/disappear/leave the story. I’ll post the first round soon which will include the background of the story and world. It’ll be interesting how you guys juggle around the scenario and handle what gets thrown at you.
Lets get ready to play!


ROUND 1 - The Beginning of the Beginning

Earth, 2100. Science and technology have made leaps and bounds following the onset of the computer revolution and then the robotic revolution, and now the nuclear power revolution. However, due to a stalemate of power between the superpowers of the world and the threat of nuclear war, most of the greatest and latest technologies have been discovered in total confidentiality from the general public, with the standard of living being mostly the same as the early 2000s.

Kochport city, America. With the increase of computers, robotics, and nuclear energy science and business, many new cities have grown in size and development in the world, such as this one. Formerly a backend fishing harbour on the East Coast, Kochport has quickly developed into a metropolis to rival the likes of New York or Los Angeles in size and sophistication, mainly from its booming high tech industries. However, the thing that has made it the most important is the underground tech research facilities that the American government is hiding there. Thousands of scientists from across the world have been recruited into these top secret facilities. Thousands more scientists and politicians would do anything to “acquire” the technology of these hidden laboratories.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Decades of stagnation in the standard of living have made the populations of the world restless. Income inequality has widened to form extremely rich and poor. Kochport alone has whole neighbourhoods of glamorous skyscrapers followed by boroughs of slums. The political stalemate of the world has led to much social tension and a decrease in trade and communication between countries. Let’s just say the world and Kochport in particular are facing tense times. This has led to many criminal and underground organizations with major influence behind the scenes.
Nuclear energy research has also led to one of the newest phenomena in the world’s history, mutated humans. These mutants are individuals who were at some point exposed to extreme mutagens and thus acquired superhuman abilities in some form or another (at least if they survived the experience). These mutants have become outcasts in most parts of regular society but powerful members of the many secret organizations of today’s world. Computer and robotics technology has also led to some cybernetic “mutants” as well, who are instead mutated by the computer and robot parts they have integrated in their bodies.

There is one major branch of the government that stands in the way of order and lawlessness in America, with its headquarters in the city of Kochport. This organization is called the American Mutant Command, or AMC. They are tasked with the covert operations and defense of the top secret science laboratories across Kochport and America. They are required to defend the country from the many ambitious organizations and individuals, secret and public, domestic and foreign, that threaten the peace and security of the USA and its confidential research. You are all members of the AMC, and you are being gathered for the briefing for your first mission.

The first round will just be a chance for each of you to interact with each other and spend some time training/prepping before the briefing for the first mission. Feel free to do what you want to train or prepare for this round. The AMC headquarters in Kochport are where you start and is a typical government military-intelligence facility with areas like a shooting range, armoury, eating hall, offices, etc. as well as some more high tech areas like the nuclear energy research lab, robotics research lab, and computers research lab.


A quick question: how many actions are we allowed to take each turn?