THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)

Fair enough, hopefully the gerbial is male so the cardnils can elect him as pope when pope francis dies XD

yes biggie cheese is male, and there have been worse popes in the past than a gerbil Banquet of Chestnuts - Wikipedia
please read this article on the truly wacky things that hapened in the middle ages

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a bit pg-13

List of sexually active popes - Wikipedia

i will see your single pope and up the pot a entire list of s*****y active popes (not all of them actually were bad or holding secret marriages it used to be accepted that a priest could marry)

wait peter from the new testament was a pope?

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Jo, he was.

yes and no, he is considered the first pope of the catholic church but only because it was the role he played. He did not live in the basilica and you would not see him calling himself a pope walking in the modern pope clothes, the papacy didn’t form until, much later

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Then again, if it ever becomes as popular as Windows, you’ll need an antivirus.

I’ve always used ESET and it never slowed down my PC.

I don’t really want to get into a drawn out debate about this, but I’ll briefly say that the way software is distributed on Linux is much different. However, you are also right that if you have a bunch of inexperienced users who click on suspicious ads that download programs, then there is value in virus scanners, if only to protect users that can’t critically evaluate software trustworthiness from themselves.


I was messing with a chatbot when I decided to ask this:

Did you know about Thrive?

Gamer Boy
I’ve never heard about that game, but it sounds pretty cool. “You play as a microscopic creature swimming in a primordial soup, and you can eventually evolve your way to sapience and beyond” sounds pretty cool ngl

Gamer Boy

Gamer Boy
Isn’t that the game where you can play as a single cell organism and evolve through the history of life on Earth all the way to spacefaring civilizations? That actually looks really cool tbh. Do you play it?

Gamer Boy

Gamer Boy
Thrive (formerly known as Microbe EVO) Is an in-development sandbox survival game about the evolution of microscopic cellular organisms to complex macrofauna. It’s a pretty fascinating project from what I’ve seen!

The chatbot generates 4 different responses, and they all seem to know what Thrive is, which is pretty impressive

homie said he never heard of the game then proceeded to describe it in perfect detail

When the AI knows that you can search things on the internet.

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hey ahh guys im i allowd to post ost videos of thrive cause i wanted to make a youtube chanel all abouth thrive but im not sure if the themes are allowd to be posted

Do you mean the OSTs by themselves or in e.g. gameplay? @hhyyrylainen, @Oliveriver?

Totally unrelated but yesterday I realized that I got i.e. and e.g. mixed up and was using them wrong this entire time :skull::skull::skull:

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But all of the music is already on youtube, and there’s even a playlist for it? I kind of seems to not have much value to me to have one video that’s just a bunch of the videos put together, if I understood right what you are asking.

AFAIK the videos on youtube use the standard youtube video license, so you aren’t just allowed to steal them to stitch them together. However all the music tracks currently in the game are available under the Thrive assets license (which does allow derivative works as long as they are similarly licensed), which is creative commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

whel i just whana upload it cause of pure stupidity and a way to grow my chanel and and the credits for the musik ofcourse gouse to the music time and oliver
and maybe some gameplay

I don’t think it’s good to start off with a copyright strike.

thats why im asking
eh i whont upload any themes

very few words start with “wh”, other words that start with /w/ will very likely be spelled just with “w”.

For the apostrophe, “won’t” is a contraction of “will not”. There is also a word “wont”, but it wouldn’t make sense in the context of your post/comment/reply.

Just a friendly reminder.

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You need to understand licensing of things you want to use. But as I said before the music tracks in the game are licensed in a way that you are allowed to make them into a video as long as you follow the attribution requirements and derived work licensing rules.

Wait a second… They aren’t interchangeable???