THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)

Random Fact

Did you know?*
noone said or noone said for a long time “asparagus” in this forums.


My social anxiety makes me unable to communicate on discord : (


What is the reason for not?

Discord feels like a communicatior and it makes me feel like I would disrupt a discussion of random strangers by typing anything in e.g. general-chat. I also often have no idea what to say…

How come I only feel that in real life…

im too inconsiderate to think of those things.

just watched this hilarious comedy starring a young Tom Holland, “The Impossible” (2012)

They found life on mars

life on sun is more impossible
@fralegend015 They actually did?

whait did they find microbial life or… ALIENS ok this is crazy but i whant to knowe

I think you’re lying

no its possible for life like microbes to exist there
but coplex creatures like multycelluar cant exist

They found traces of ancient microbial life

where proof? Can you post here link to article or proof where it is said?


oh ancient I thought you meant modern

I’ve heard of those traces, though there are debates about whether or not those traces could be remains from a time where there was flowing water on Mars surface, and be from said water.

However, recent tests have shown that certain species of Earth Bacteria could survive buried ten meters down for 280 million years, and so if a similar bacteria evolved on Mars when there was flowing water there could still be life or that life’s macromolecules

This is not the original article I found, but it’s close to it:

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My source, btw, for Earth Bacteria surviving on Mars;

Read This if Interested

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Oh no!
New DLC for Thrive -mars life conferded