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Except Minecraft, whose Java Edition might die in the next decade.

I thought that was only applicable to Zuckerberg. I voted for Zuckerberg because the whole Cambridge Analytica scandal caused Trump’s victory and because he was allowing personal information to be sold to the NSA.

Also, I’ve recently watched a video about another revolt in China, which was caused by the fact that people are tired of the Zero Covid policy. Rebels had been using some sort of Apple Cloud service to communicate their plans before the CCP asked Apple to shut down their service… and they accepted.

Again, I’m not sure of this channel’s legitimacy, but it seems realistic to me given how authoritarian China is towards its citizens. What I don’t understand is why Apple would comply? I should’ve entered them in my list.

Better (than Jake Tran) channels talking about China include: laowhy86, serpentza and China Uncensored.

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Yes, I got it!
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well i mean the chinese government has a lot of ties to international companies, a lot of products are made in china because of cheap semi slave labor (and actual slave labor in a lot more cases than you’d think).
for example a lot of apple products are made in china. specifically by semi-state run or fully state-run chinese factories. so when china tells you to jump, you ask how high?
also i’m surprised nobody voted for bill gates, the guy literally gives ted talks about how he’s going to “lower overpopulation” wink wink.
also he is outlawed in a lot of countries because some vaccine he gave people caused a lot of polio.
edit: looking it up 95% of apple iphones are made in china, 80% of them being from one factory.
so if china became mad with apple and decided to cut ties then it would pretty much go bankrupt.

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But doesn’t Apple have hundreds of billions of actual cash reserves? Surely that would be enough buffer for them to setup manufacturing again in another location without running out of money first.

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i was exaggerating obviously but you get what i mean.

Another random question: recently, I’ve looked into NDS and N3DS capture cards and I was wondering whether it’d be possible to record without a capture card? Like if I made my own custom cartridge, which would have a USB-C port and a slot in which to insert the actual game cartridge? The cartridge itself would be the capture card.


It basically as 3ds version of this device There oughta be a Game Boy capture cartridge. for the GameBoy

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that abit quiet here.

just waib check. i think I was to say something, but don’t have idea. maybe some a bit of To hear ideas for a place to store information queue more than google drive or onedrive if there is such a thing

Sad to see the ominous last visit not being so ominous anymore.


While using my phone to check the forums over Christmas, I noticed that the latest posts page (at least on mobile) still shows the old last visit colour. I’ll probably only bother fixing that in a couple of years…

That’s not true, I see the new color.

I’m talking about this page:

I just took that screenshot using mobile design tools but that looks the same as I saw on my phone.

The moon, 1 hour before 2023 in my country.


I have already living in the 2023