THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)

So the kurzegast video mainly concerns the fact that they use money donated from billionaires to create propaganda. Which is mainly just a conspiracy theory.
It also commits the genetic fallacy, it just plainly assumes that kurzgesagt provides muddled information because they have an agenda but doesn’t point out much of their wrong information.
I find it funny how the people in the comments say they are not following what ever the internet says but that’s what they are exactly doing
I also think it is pretty easy to assume the agenda of a channel called “the hated one” too


haha i thought of that too. The Hated One.

Yeah well, I was talking about real life billionaires. And why does everybody think Elon Musk is the Antichrist? He doesn’t seem that evil, right?

He is evil but honestly it probably cause he’s the one currently in the spotlight and so people remember him more and the other billionaires have an actual working PR team right now

Why NOBODY voted on Jeff Bezos??? Amazon is SO BAD!

yeah. jeff bozo is evil but mark zuckerberg AKA the lizard person disguised as the default human who looks like they are trying extremely hard to not blink sideways is more evil, uglier, and more oblivious to what things already exist. he sells more of your information than amazon does

Mark Zuckerberg: Lizard who thinks everyone wants the internet to be a giant vr chat but without furries and anime

Jeff Bezos: Look at amazon employees

Elon Musk: Look at twitter

Bill Gates: Uhhh, windows 8? I guess?

Why the hell is bill gates so chill compared to all the megabillionaires

Windows has permanently (well, with Steam Deck it might be that Linux might have a chance) destroyed alternative operating systems granting Microsoft the mother of all vendor lock ins in that such a huge amount of things require or work better on Windows.

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What did he do wrong?

Except that their OS is getting more bloated with every iteration. That and they’re trying to force you using an account.

He’s probably a snakeman from XCOM.


Or a snake lady from XCOM 2, but that would mean he’s hiding his real gender.

How can a person look so artificial?

because he is image

being a generally terrible person
just read some of his tweets

You mean like when he encouraged Canada’s trucker movement?

@zenzonegaming what does this mean??

Looks like another organization.
Sorta like the Global Occult Coalition compared to the SCP Foundation.

Well beside the general billionaire evil stuff and the sexual misconduct allegations (the horse gift) and even all the twitter stuff/politics and even how he just lies constantly even in the most mundane situations, I think the thing that I hate the most is how he created the boring company to destroy public transit project (specifically to stop California’s High-Speed Rail) which really just radiates evil man…

also Bill Gates most of the non-conspiratorial hate (aka lizard people stuff) he gets usually fall under 4 categories, regular hate for billionaires, the anti-trust stuff in the 90’s and early 2000’s, him having a relationship with Jefferey Epstein after the conviction for the uh… things, and the charity he run might not be 100% the best…

Though a lot of it is not as much today because he mostly does charity to build out his legacy and Microsoft reputation is pretty good now a days with all the open-source stuff they been doing…


Just letting people here know as well:
There is (2) open places if anybody wants to join the forum game “immortal”

Why didnt you write this in the immortal dms? I’m sure you would be more likely to find people interested in it there.


They will find it sooner or later. I only wrote once in the place designated for it and that should be enough. Thank you for worrying about it, it’s not really necessary to write it. You’ll be surprised to find out that many go around and find it.

It also proves how much I like the game in the end, even if it doesn’t seem active from the outside.

Like a fisherman waiting for fish XD

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Could you not advertise forum games in other threads? People that want to play in them are already watching the game, and advertising is just annoying


Merry Christmas!