THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 2)

Trypophobia: Unicode version.

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What’s this then?

That’s a character? What does it represent?

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In my headcannon - biblically accurate hhyyrylainen.
In reality it’s just a Multiocular O ):

My headcannon is that Hhyyralanier is Sahaquiel from Evangelion

Hhylaina anime

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Looks like a distorted neuron. That could make a healthy snack for an amoeba.

how is it a political debate? I was not saying it was good or bad, it was just a joke, but I guess you consider that to be offensive

You couldn’t already tell based on the 2 people finding your posts offensive in the misc thread?

The developer is either:

  • Using an older EAC SDK version and can’t be bothered to upgrade
  • They think that enabling Linux players to play will result in “too many” new hackers in the game making the experience worse for everyone (this is the excuse Epic Games uses to not allow Fortnite on Linux)
  • They don’t know Linux exist / they haven’t heard the people asking them to enable playing on Linux with anticheat

Edit: just today a developer for a game who cares about working on Linux, made EAC for their game work on Linux: Hunt: Showdown added Easy Anti-Cheat for Steam Deck & Linux | GamingOnLinux


what did you post?

Belgiumpost About China (social credit, tiananmen square, you know)

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can you pm it?
why are people facepalming?

I facepalmed because ForumGameMaster was given a warning for sending it in the first place. Not only do forum rules still apply in pms, so technically he’s still not allowed to send it, but also the situation was handled, and asking to see it needlessly drags it out

I can understand the curiosity, I just facepalmed because it wasn’t necessary and could cause continued discussion where it was unneeded (this explanatory post is an example of the kind of continued discussion I was referring to, hence I shall be dropping this topic after I hit the reply button)

Since zenzonegaming asked to see it, I don’t think he would freak out seeing it, a rule can’t be enforced if violations of it aren’t reported. The offended people wouldn’t see it either.

Ayo, your not thinking of… perhaps… INGNORING THE FORUM RULES? ARE YOU. If not your fine. Else…

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Publicly asking for rule breaking material to be sent in PMs, really brings it to the attention of moderators that they should check the involved user’s PMs to make sure they did not in fact send the material.

I found a .svg of the Thrive’s logo while scrolling through the Dev Forum.

It has a black rectangle on top of the letters, though

UPDATE: The black box doesn’t appear when I open the file in my browser, for some reason…

Congratulations, you just opened a pandora’s box

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Thx u for answering my q in the stream!
i hope that its will be better then now
(and I will not the only on in the priority q, see like I am only there, or all the q are deplided)


I think the old thrive forum is finally broken


The Canada board forum still works though lol

It looks fine to me.