THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 2)

Not really “always” but for quite a while now, certainly before the recent mainstream interest in AI, but definitely this was not possible before the first AI winter.

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But this is the first time I’ve seen a more “general” image AI like stable diffusion generate something so realistic

And here is another image of that ai guy


About’s monsters, the following image made me cry when I first saw it.

I try so many things to say about this image so I’ll summarize them in an organized list.

  • What’s going on with her left shoulder

  • Her hair is just weird

  • “I guess I shouldn’t have trusted the guy at the pharmacy to get a piercing”

  • Simply a belgium SCP behind her


I have more

That’s enough posting disturbing AI generated images.


After using the unmaintained retort reactions plugin for over a year (since it was deprecated), it has now finally broken with the latest discourse update.

So :f: to the plugin.

We now have the official reactions plugin, which I configured with the same reactions as retort and managed to import the old data (if a post had both a like and reaction by the same user, the reaction is preserved only, the like is gone).

The biggest difference is now that you can only add a single reaction (including like) per post, and after a while you can no longer change your reaction. Also on mobile you need to hold down the like button to see the alternative reactions you can use.


so no longer heart-giving and emote at the same time…


So… Are we now on the same level as facebook?


Sadly, yes. There isn’t even a proper feature request thread on the discourse meta forums for that. People have been asking for allowing any emoji reactions with this plugin, but we didn’t use that with retort either so that’s not a big change for us.


This can’t be!.. No!!! :sob: :sob: :sob:

Another YouTuber who decided to talk about Thrive, as the “ultimate simulation” that doesn’t exist yet, but at least as a hope and I wanted to share it with you


It’s always exciting to see how Thrive is covered in Youtube videos.

I hope someday we can look back on videos like that when we actually have all of the stages in the game…


Weird thing i noticed
Not sure if its a bug or just something caused by my slow net
But sometimes users show up as online when theyre offline and vice versa

Well both the online status in a topic and the online status plugin on the home page are both made by discourse, so there’s not much I could do anyway. I suspect that the polling interval or something is different for the places where you looked so they aren’t fully in sync with each other.

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Problem is sometimes It shows one user as both online and offline in one thread
This happened to me yesterday showing doomlighting as both on and off in the private immortal forum game thread
With one post showing him off and the one under it showing him on

I’d assume in that situation the new post was created with the fresh data, while the background update for the existing post in your browser had not triggered yet. The forum would suck up a ton more server resources if the updates to user’s online status was super frequently updated for currently displayed posts.

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I really want to know what is the marketing ploy of headphone companies that EVERY SINGLE TIME that the headphone reaches 20% it repeats every two minutes a warning louder than an airplane turbine

it just doesn’t make sense

to make you need to buy new headphones if you don’t charge them before the reach 20% by wearing out the speaker

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Well if you buy headphones that are extensively marketed, by endless Youtube sponsorships for example, you are paying for the marketing budget and not any quality. Instead buying products that are actually excellent and aren’t marketed aggressively is a much better choice. Also wired headphones of the same or even higher quality are like one third of the price of wireless ones.