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phosphorous and ammonia

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You mean the ingame compounds or is that the name of some music video?

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Everybody keeps saying that ‘neckbeards’ are losers and I’m just like, why all the Amish hate?

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Appearently type of music one listens to can affect their behaviour or feelings. Maybe on bad days it’s a good idea to listen to some:

or so?


Why would any of us want to start a cult out of all things? /j

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for funsies, duh.

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this is what happens when i get too silly and i try to make an latin alphabet-like letter (ignoring phonetics)

its really hard to make it not look like runic or cyrillic.

i also noticied several patterns on the alphabet:

All letters belong to four “layouting” groups:

“O” group: (O, Q, G, C, D)
“I” group: (I, H, E, R, T, F, K, L, P, D, B, Y[though “y” belong to diagonal")
Diagonal group: (M, N, A, Z, W, X)
and there is the weird scribble group: (S, J, U)

as you can see, the majority of letters in the alphabet is based on a horizontal line (lets call it I because its an I) so an new letter would be more convincing if it was this way.

I also noticied that most alphabet letters are composed of three or two “”“lines”“” (i also consider round as an line):

one line: (I, O, U, J, S, C)

two lines: (L, G, T, P, V, Q, B, X, D)

three lines: (N, Z, R, H, K, A, F, Y,)

four or more: (M, E, W)

Also, other important fator is the number of times that i have to take my pencil out to draw it.

no need: (W, U, I, O, P, S, D, G, J, L, Z, C, V, B, N, M, R)
one time: (Q, Y, A, K, X, F, T)
two times: (E, H)

As you can see, the average latin alphabet letter is based on a I, has two/three lines and not need to take the pencil out to write it.

I also tried to make an species of letter development over time, with symbols turning more and more abstract over time, due to people finding ways more and more simple to write it, wasting less time.

another notes:

if you do too many 90º degrees turns on a letter it will look kinda like cyrillic

if you do too many 45º degrees turns on a letter it will look kinda like runic

the rules also apply to extinct english letters like Þ, Ƿ, Ð

add an tittle ocasionally will make the letter more cooler

some early cyrillic letters looked like tripods from war of the worlds: Ѫ


Looking at you, Zenzone.

I’m definitely not going to trust Microsoft ever again. They’ve ruined small studios and now they’ve ruined Windows even more. “It all runs locally!” they say, yet there is no reason to believe them. Windows is closed-source and unless some crazy AI decompiles the entirety of Windows 11 and gives a full analysis of it, there is no way to ascertain that Recall all runs locally. This is just another invasion of user privacy. I’m sure that it’s something Mark Zuckerberg would like to run on smartphones.


I mean you probably use wireshark to see if that happens, right?

I mean a recall-like thing existed for years, they just added ai to it now.

They can still push out a new “security and performance” update that makes it send all the data to the cloud for “further processing and use on any of your devices”

Based on the reactions, Windows has not in the past been recording your screen all the time you’ve used Windows.


Well… i have stared study Bioinformatics:

that stuff blowing my mine, litterly. i have to do something like that:


just need help :smiley:

soo… gl to understand :slight_smile:


Let’s hope that a GoodLightning will help you understand this!

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Yknow, I think this might have a connection


What would a sentient planet like to summon? :thinking:

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Sentient moon.
Also with 30km+ diameter inorganic eyes.


Imagine seeing a moon just looking at you, having it’s pupils follow you. Would likely be scary.

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Also didnt Majora’s Mask do this?

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“The eye of Earth” they call it.
Watching since his calamitous birth, it’s watched what happened below over time longer than life sees him for the first time.
it did nothing but watch and wait for the right time.
we don’t know what its, but it knows when it hatches from its eye-egg.


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