THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 2)

in the game jam i have summit last week finsly got the result

out of 1115, I got 3 place in mechanic :slight_smile:


Considering how there has never been a single other documented case of someone like Tarrare, I’d say that he didn’t have one condition, but instead a horrific amalgamation of several.
He’s officially considered to have died from tuberculosis. And he could definitely store fat, it’s just that he didn’t put on much. Something about him having a horribly inefficient digestive system coupled with a metabolism.
He definitely had more than one condition. He stank perpetually, and after he had eaten he would become extremely sweaty and his odor would become so bad that some sort of vapor VISIBLY came off of him. He also suffered from diarrhea 24/7, but that’s to be expected.
Also his throat was so wide and open that if he belgiumed his head back people could literally see all the way down into his stomach.

If he did WHAT to his head?

if he did something spelled the same as the word for a male chicken to it

So I think that, since most of their abdomenal cavity is said to have been filled up by their stomach, there was very little space for intestines and so they could only absorb very little of what they ate, with the rest turning into the diarrhea.
As to the sweat vapour, I can guess that the kidneys were also affected by the different organ layout, so more waste was directed into sweat.

so, practically no intestines because his stomach was too big, basically no kidneys(possibly the same with his liver) so his skin took it upon itself to fulfil that function, a metabolism way too fast to let him store much fat, i’m assuming he had a gallbladder that was powerful enough to dissolve an airplane in a few hours and his intestines would likely have chemical burns from that, especially since the acid is supposed to get mostly neutralized in the small intestine and that definitely didn’t have much room to happen, so that would make his intestines even less effective, and likely a very infected stomach lining. maybe the fork gave him heavy metal poisoning since the human body isn’t supposed to have that much gold in it. if he was in that state today, he would be getting hooked up to all the IVs and not allowed to eat until his stomach started atrophying so his intestines could have room to grow, but he’d probably be getting those replaced and be getting two new kidneys on top of that. actually he’d probably just be getting most of his internal organs replaced with donor organs if they were available.

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It’s said that they also had an abnormally large liver.

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Anyone heard about the FixTF2 problem?


Gold isn’t dissolved by acid. Like, at all. That’s why it’s okay to eat gold-plated steaks. So it would have just sat around inside of him but it was never found.

Overall considering his medical condition and the era he lived in, not to mention the fact that he constantly ate rotting trash, it’s a miracle he made it to 26.


I mean, the autopsy revealed that by that age their body was filled with pus, which is no good.

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That was after he died of tuberculosis and started to very rapidly decay.

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I don’t recall humans turning into pus blobs after dying…

Usually we get at least a few questions, but apparently no one wants to ask anything?


Well that’s rather strange for an update this gameplay-rich.I myself haven’t asked a question yet as I am outside of my country.

What if it was not so good for them? What if their parents ended up abusing the modern Tarrere’s eating abilities to make money from views on a “family channel”, making this version of Tarrere crave for becoming a “regular” human instead of becoming well-known for this ability?

Tarrare had to eat several times what was reasonably possible for a human to consume every day or else he would very quickly starve to death.

He would have craved to be a regular person in literally any era he was born in, and was quite desperate to be cured of his condition in real life.

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…which makes them far less likely to become a mukbang celebrity.

That was from a test of the initial code for endosymbiosis, which is now in the game, and is awesome.

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