THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 2)

The Legend of Lagda: A Computer to the Past

its date is set to the 15th becase it has been unplugged for five days since i last synced it to the current slice of this timeline and its clock doesn’t work if it turns off

microbe getting fleshed out more with some new organelles/proteins and behaviour settings

The makers of Java are a really bad company to do business with, they sued Google for very very ridiculous reason (which if succeeded would have ruined the software industry) related to software copyright.

Microsoft hasn’t done anything close to so monumentally stupid in their developer relations department.

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Well personaly i have a steamdeck and i can say after changing some controls Thrive runs on it like a Dream wich im really happy about.

@hhyyrylainen where did you get your profile banner

It’s a random scifi wallpaper I downloaded ages ago from (I think it was that site).

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When a game disappears from the Steam Store for 10 years and then suddenly comes back for free.


Owo belgium uwu (test)

Testing for what?

What could that string of letters possibly be testing for?

Hhyyrylainen is 500 posts from becoming ascended?! Then he will be capable of voting in the exclusive ascended-only pool I made long ago. (And he will also have to change the color of the ascended tag)


It’ll be a historic moment

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he finally will get someone to ascend.
I think it’s bad. very bad
We will lose him, he is too precious to lose him.

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Don’t leave us, henri! (I finally got your name right.)
Your life is too precious to have it be shredded by the Void Sea!
Please don’t leave us, you’re the only person who is actually paid by the patreon currently[citation needed], and the main developer of the game!
If you go, who will take your place?
Seriously, Hhyyryylainen, there are like a half a dozen people just as skilled as you, but in different areas.
I vote Oliveriver takes Hhyrylainen’s place as lead dev once the latter ascends.
(Well this got awkward fast.)

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After him, I’m the second closest user to ascend to the astral plane.

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Wow Deus is online


It is still going to take quite a while for me to post that much more.

Check out this freaky creature! Its head is partly transparent!

Another example of the wondrous variety of lifeforms out there. Who knows what other creatures may be lurking somewhere, just waiting to be disacovered! :star_struck:


Random poll because I’m getting bored

When will the Valve Deckard be announced?
  • June 2023
  • July 2023
  • August 2023
  • September 2023
  • In 2024

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we have a new false positive