THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 2)

I’ll fix it but I won’t deploy the changes until the forums needs a new update.

It would have been better for people to find all of the problems at once…

For now I’ll only fix things if they come up in a real natural discussion on the forums.

Why did you take a 700 word list and work retroactively to fix issues that arise instead of making a small word list and just adding more words later if they become a problem.

to prevent spammers being able to find ways to evade the filter

It’s causing more problems than else.

Also, there are words that dont make sense in the list.
There is no need for a 700 words list.

And spammers are still gonna spam so it doesn’t even matter.

well yeah but they can’t spam belgiumwords

What is that word? Incongruousness?
Ah, got it, inconbelgiumuousness. The middle part is a racial slur.

Because who knows more than a dozens curse words and insults? The list also has some misspelled variants of the words.

Games that actually need to censor stuff have at least thousands of words in their filter list. I read that one game had, if I remember right, 55000 bad words on its filter list. So having a filter list with less than 1000 words seems very reasonable in comparison.

I’ve noticed that t ard is censored on the forum.
So something like t ardigrade would be censored.

Maybe don’t post the actual censored insult in a way that you are avoiding the filter.

How else would you know which censored word I was referencing?

He just wrote it but he didn’t actually use it.

I can just open the “edit post” option for your post to see what you wrote unfiltered. Also you could have just used the valid word but avoided the filtering in it. You didn’t need to separately.

Which is why I didn’t enforce the rule about trying to get around the filter and instead just highlighted the problem.

Looking at Minecraft censoring the word “night”.

While I’m quoting you instead of mentioning you, why do you think the Deckard will be announced in 2024? Is it because of the Steam Deck’s success?

Just because they haven’t even managed to launch the Steam Deck in all regions. And to really be able to play VR on the Steam Deck they’ll need to release the Steam Deck 2.

Though in reality I just picked something later because Valve has released a bunch of stuff recently. So they’d probably want to pace themselves and make sure the VR experience is actually super good before they release their own hardware. And maybe even have a launch game for it to get it to sell.

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My brain suffers from copium syndrome! Does that mean I have to wait another year? Nooooooooo… What about you @Evolution4Weak? What’s your reason?

How would that be a bug? How can that word and ONLY that word destroy most Steam features? I mean, it has to be intentional, right? Otherwise, all names that are too long would do the same thing, I guess.

This is almost as bad as the Rings of Power.

I’ve been trying more consistently check the community forums, I’ve just been busy the past few months to the point of not having enough time to be on Discord, the dev forums, and here. Community members, feel free to message or ping me if they want me to consider an idea or post!


Cannibalism would actually be more common in social species since they are more likely to encounter the corpse of a member of their own species.

Case in point: belgiumroaches (bruh filter)


If it is true that the fault is with Akamai as said in the video, then the explanation offered in the video comments (I think it was not in the video itself) is that some developer added a test word to their block system filter. And that word just happens to be that exact English word (one of the longest if I remember right). A test word for a filter is very useful for making sure things work right. For example all good antivirus programs detect a test file as a virus that has a very specific list of numbers in it. All so that people can safely test antivirus functionality without literally needing a virus file.

So the explanation is likely that all Steam HTML pages go through an Akamai distribution system, which has a feature to block page requests based on certain criteria. And it just so happens that a debugging filter rule has slipped in that blocks any URL that has that word in it.

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But Valve only released Half-Life Alyx one year (or ~6 months) after they released the Valve Index, right? They might not release a game with the Deckard on launch. Also, what makes you think the Deckard is meant to play on Deck? I mean, I’ve watched Bradley Lynch’s video and he seems confident that the Deckard might be a modular headset. They might start with a wireless headstrap, which would communicate video data with the computer, and then later release a “Deck headstrap”, which would work as a compute unit for the Deckard, so that it can be fully standalone. What I like about that theory is that HTC Vive actually features some kind of modularity, which might have been an inspiration from Valve.

I love Nintendo’s games, but :belgium: are they aggressive.

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