The normal rp

WHO: The Characters
WHEN: 2023, October 1st, 8:45 AM
WHERE: A totally normal town

Lore: random people are summoned and have no clear goals or intentions


  • for every action i roll a d20 and see how you do, everyone starts with 100 hp, and can gain or lose HP, when you get 0 HP you die.
  • when you die you lose 50% of all items
  • you will need money to buy things
95 HP
500 Units of Enriched Uranium
100 HP
White ShellCore
150 HP
Nuclear Bomb Blueprint
Psionic Powers
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Alright so for my action I want to begin enriching uranium for nuclear weapons


you mine for uranium, and then begin enriching uranium for nuclear weapons, and you get a high quality yield, with some radiation poisioning of 5HP. you create 500 units of uranium. the only issue is that you do not have a high quality storage place, or the rest of the items needed to create a nuclear weapon or other device.

+500 Enriched Uranium
-5 HP

I’ll Join
Action: Create a White ShellCore

Action: Open my mind and awaken psyonic powers.

Action: become death, destroyer of worlds


You create a white shell core and it lives in your basement i guess

+1 White ShellCore


You gain psyonic powers, and also gain 50 HP from doing this.

Psyonic Powers
+50 HP


You become death, the destroyer of worlds, by creating the blueprints for a nuclear bomb. You still do not have the needed materials to create the nuclear bomb, but you are a step closer to it.

+1 Nuclear Bomb Blueprint

Please do not triple post.
Action: Build a Global ShellCore Empire

action: create an abomination so eldritch that light cannot escape it, by using runes in a book

TeaKing, with your nuclear bomb plans and my enriched uranium we can start to do great things.

Action: in the mean time while waiting for TeaKing is to figure out how to store my uranium and not get radiation poisioning

Action: look for resources other than uranium to help me with building the bomb, before going to topcode for the lovely uranium

Action: Mind over matter, start manipulating reality in the simplest way possible: The psyonic application of forces to objects, also know as telekinesis.

Scoop up ocean water and pour it on an egg.

Action: research immortality