The Qu in Thrive

So I have an idea to add in the Qu from All Tomorrows into Thrive for Space Stage if you lose against it then your species will revert back to the Awakening Stage but this time you well be genetically modified by the Qu and many more of your kind on other planets.

what is this Qu?

This thing:

Prebuilt plot-based species sound kinda ehhh- antithetical to thrive? A mod or making them yourself sounds super cool though.


Agree, who wouldn’t want to play as the Qu?

the Qu are like the grox except they actually leave you alone for once looks at the countless grox attack notifications

Adding plot to the game is against the main design of the game. Story or preset adversary has no place in Thrive, in my opinion. Also unless I’m misremembering we already had a thread of someone asking to add the Grox to Thrive, and the response was basically the same: nope.


So, if i understand correctly, Thrive would be like Ascendancy in respect of story. Am i right?

I think it would be wiser to add it as an easter egg. Something like “Wow, funnie species of dragonflies oh no this destroyed humanity in the book what a shame now I can’t make unnecessarily complex lore”


I second that motion.

i think you should be able to turn into the qu and go back in time and change your past

That definitely fits more in a mod than Thrive…

Given the fact that I am currently seeing what people think of ancient space civilizations with texts giving history and culture of them I could easily make a reference to the Qu as either one of the ancient civilizations or referenced within another civilizations various texts/lore

That could be nice, having references of it

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If you go to the thread I made about my ancient civilization concept, you can read a copy pasted version as well as the google doc version of a potential ancient civilization that references the Qu in it.