The Thrive Stages Fan Music Thread

This is just a fun little thread on what you would like to be hearing during different stages of the game, whether it be Microbe all the way up to space.

Of course, we need a format for everyone to use so everything will be organized.


This will be the format everyone will be using, or something similar to it:

(Stage Name): (Music Link)

So the stage name will be listed first, then the music accompanying it.

Also, you may put a description as to why you think the music is fitting for the stage, but that is just optional.

Now i think rules will be appropriate.

Rules, so things don't go out of hand.

Rule 1: You can put however many musics into one stage you would like, but please don’t go overboard.

Rule 2: You do not have to list every stage and add music for it, say you can put one stage on your whole list, and it would be fine.

Rule 3: Music with lyrics in them is fine, but please refrain from adding them. Try searching for a instrumental version of it or something.

Rule 4: If you have an opinion on someones post, please do not be hateful about it.

With that out of the way, I think i should start things off first. (Yes, i know this thread is rather pointless, but i figured it was distinct enough from the Music Suggestions Thread to be its own thing.)


The song has some pretty simple sounds in it, and seems like it could be a good ambiance to a new, microbial world. Also, the name “Intro” pretty much sums up the first stage of thrive, a introduction to a new world that is continually growing.


This music sounds like it could be from an underwater level, or just in a underwater setting, which seems to fit Multicellular as you are underwater for seemingly a majority of it. It is also pretty peaceful throughout most of the song, which could be the case for being in a calm part of a vast ocean.


This music seems it could fit quite a few biomes you can encounter on land, either it be a lush forest, a rainforest, or a beach with the waves being calm.

This one could fit in a few other biomes, especially if it is raining in them. Rain can be a rather calm thing to experience, as this song is pretty calm itself.


I think the percussion that takes place in most of the song could be pretty fitting in a stage like Industrial.


This song can be calm at first, and pick up a bit midway, which in my opinion signifies how you have progressed this far as a civilization, or how just the middle of space is calm, while going down onto a planet or other place has more going on.

Yeah, this may be one of the versions of the Thrive main theme, but i thought it was too fitting not to include it. The piano in the beginning can reflect the middle of space, where it is quiet. The percussion and later instruments later on can signify the activity of certain planets, whether it has a civilization or not.

Maybe it might be better to talk a bit more conceptually, and not immediately full songs. From this thread

  • In the Microbe stage, themes are typically pretty slow and use synths (Example) The editor tracks are an exception, as they are a bit more upbeat and advanced.
  • The Multicellular themes use similar synths, however they have a bit more structure than the microbe themes.
  • The themes of the Aware stage now have proper structure, but for the most part avoid man-made instruments and percussion.
  • The Awakening Stage sees the formation of tribes, and thus more man-made instruments are used. (Oliver’s Awakening theme uses synths, but light amounts of human instruments (soft percussion and flutes) show that this theme would likely play during the transition between Aware and Awakening.
  • The themes of the Society stage add more advanced instruments, like violins and pianos and stuff.
  • Industrial’s themes seem to become more… organized(?) later on. As technology becomes more advanced, synthesized instruments are reintroduced, although they’re less ambient and more of an actual instrument.
  • The Space Stage sees almost all instruments replaced with synthesized ones.
    * And finally, Ascension is… I dunno, there aren’t any themes composed for it, but it’s probably something along the lines of this.

Remember though, according to Oliveriver himself:

The best description of the themes on my channel would be experiments - I’m composing them to see what everyone else thinks of them and how they would view their suitability for the game. Those that people like and think would work well in a game are uploaded to the official Thrive music channel and effectively become the final versions, though it’s possible that not all of them will make the game.

, so these songs of course aren’t the official songs yet. Most of them probably will be, but changes will inevitably happen.

(Also, I haven’t been able to find the mentioned “official Thrive music channel”. I’ve only been able to find a couple record labels that also happened to be named Thrive.)

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I made that comment back in the day when Thrive Game Italia was used as the “official” Thrive music channel, although since things…happened with that, it’s no longer the case. We won’t discuss it here.

I want to make it clear we will NOT be using third party music of any kind in Thrive. So none of the music suggested here (unless it comes from our own composers) will be part of the game.

That said, it’s fine to post things you want music in the game to resemble. It may serve as inspiration.


you got me
you got me good

I never really suggested they should be in the game, as I said it was just a fun thread to mess around with.

Ascension music should be as the player wants, just change it with the god tools. Gods can hear any music they want.

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Then I know exactly what i’m changing it to.

Just bringing this thread back to life in case anyone missed it, or if they become interested in it again. This will probably be the only necro i will be doing for this thread. If it dies, it dies.


The instrumentals in this song are just really chill overall, and it feels like it could actually fit in with a few other stages as well.

Ascension? It really sounds like something that would play at that part. (Skipped to the best part)
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Just necroing for I have found a music that could fit well with the Society stage:

This music makes me think of some big imperial city; I even imagine a giant statue of some deity or even an emperor seen from an low-angle view.

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