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Hey what age? I’ve never gone past age 0, but I’m getting close to the totem rituals.

After some research, I came to these conclusions:
The image was corrupted by some .zip file
The most corrupt country is Somalia, which is in Africa, which we already know has some connection with the banana cult.
When looking at mosques in Somali cities, I noticed that that the name of almost all begins with MA.
Suspicious, isn’t it?
Also, I found a place called “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” Does that remind you of anyone? Exactly. It’s That Guy.
I need to put all the pieces together now, Banana, MA, that guy…
So while I was admiring the view of Saturn, while petting my domesticated red panda (Dogs were almost extinct in the future, we needed a new pet) When I had an epiphany.
That guy was actually the first human on Earth. He was called Ma. he was also the first human to eat a banana, which at the time gave immortality to those who ate it. He created the banana cult, which aimed to make bananas acquire sentience. now they they got her to hack computers, changing the names of mosques in Somalia, Ma’s home, to their creator’s name. Banana is also trying to hack all Thrive pfps, creating for this the Church Of The Thrive community, a front for a group of hackers who help the sentient banana. They asked the dolphins for help as they turn the pfp into letters which makes them easier to hack, all to complete the ultimate banana plan, TRANSFORM THE WHOLE UNIVERSE INTO BANANAS!

Oh! Right now im in age 3, im just starting electricity, and heres a tip: Once you get to age 1, get tinkers construct tools and stuff! they are really good! I have a sword that does like…10 dmg per hit and gets more dmg from losing durability.
I live right next to an ice spikes biome next to a river :slight_smile:
if ya have any troubles in sevtech, you can simply send me a pm.

Zrzut ekranu 2022-06-20 o 23.17.27
Yay! He’s back! Well and visible!

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The big D is high and visible

…the profile disease is spreading

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Lets hope it doesn’t infect anyone else…

don’t worry everyone, positive tower was already infected and has become non-contagious.

U know want?
unbig my D

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Haha doomlightning has a small d

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theres a joke to make here.
but i wont do it…
im better then that…

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Mini-case 4, i think
Why is the multicellular stage so strange?

Phew, I managed to escape fralegend’s prison, unfortunately, he brainwashed me and I still have the problem of waking up every day in maid clothes, I think it’s sleepwalking. Anyway, in case you’ve noticed, the new image of the multi-cell stage is…weird. Some say it’s a skinless hand, others just an innocent amogus. But Detective Trappist (IS IT TRAPPIST ZENZONE? WHAT’S THE DIFFICULTY? I’M NOT THAT MY PARENTS ARE CONFUSED AND NOW THE PLANET HAS MY NAME AND I GOT THE PLANET’S NAME!) is not convinced of the obvious.
To seek answers, I went to Earth to speak with Carl Segan. Yes that Carl Segan. It’s a confusing story involving an alien species visiting the solar system, an overloaded rocket and a wormhole, but that’s another story, for another day. Anyway, he told me there was only one thing that image could mean: All tomorrows. Yes, the book with strange human futures. If you look closely you’ll see that the “hand” is actually a skinless version of the one shown in the book, of a species I’ve forgotten the name of, so I’m going to call it “Future Furries” anyway, in the book there are another species that is basically a dolphin, and PLUS, it has an underwater civilization.
“Ummm.” I said, while having a cup of tea with our friend Carl. After that I went home. We had a lot of leads, we just needed to piece them together.
While playing Solarpunk 2277 - listening to Germany’s 1984 national anthem, I had an epiphany. Burgeon wrote All Tomorrows, to publicize the idea of ​​an underwater civilization, and after it was blocked, he kidnapped the developers and forced them to put subliminal messages in the progress updates, to make the only person who could stop him, Deathwake, change. idea, then he could finally rule the world. I quickly grabbed my imagination ship (Carl Segan lent it to me) and headed to Zyxia.
Zyxia is a strange country. There, people speak strangely, eat strange foods, and have a long and complex history of rivalry with another nation.

Yes, they are descendants of the British.

Anyway, they have a portal to the past, so I went in there and went to Africa, because if anyone could be involved in this, it was the sentient Banana. I got there and my red panda said (I gave him a speech translator)
"Well, well, what do we have here, let’s go banana, tell us everything, where are the developers?"

To be continued…

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