The UI

(Lord Nerd) #22

I quite like the HP and ATP bars. it gives it an official look to the game and it gives new players a better experience.
Maybe we could make it so that the different bars can be toggled?

(Δф - Delta Phi) #23

One thing that would be further beneficial would be a graphical design for the Alerts system that Rastro implemented. Highlighting the compound one runs low on in the bar and having a textual alert would be a great reminder for the player.
The bit about the “Required for: Chemosynthesis” would remind the player that they need that compound to metabolize ATP. Something better could probably be written. If the player does not have a use for H2S, then the alert should not appear.

(Zahyyy) #24

Are we not gonna talk about the panel of environmental properties? We wanna know more about it! Is it gonna affect gameplay in the next update? And the UI looks just wonderful! Especially the editor, can’t wait for it! Good job!

(Lord Nerd) #25

17 days after I made my poll i would consider the 4th and 5th option to be the most popular