Those vegans

i’ve recently been watching a lot of videos on youtube about or from that vegan teacher, mostly because of how ridiculous she acts in them, and after about my dozenth video about her ranting on about veganphobia and “fake vegans” i realized that she had singlehandedly created a splinter of veganism, one that doesn’t focus on eating only vegetables (which is the core principle of veganism) but instead is interested in forcing their beliefs on to others and acting morally superior.
there are no longer just vegans, now there are vegans and those vegans (because they follow THAT vegan teacher).
the reason why i think these two groups are no longer related are because both sides hate the other, vegans hate those vegans because they not only make vegans look bad, but because they also turn off hundreds of potential vegans, and those vegans hate vegans because they believe that they are fake vegans (because they don’t try to impose their beliefs on others and act like anyone who isn’t vegan is a horrible person that should either die or become vegan for penance).
i don’t really know what will happen with these two groups but i’ve been paying close attention for a few weeks now and i think things might start to escalate soon (especially with that vegan teacher amping up her antics.
not really too important i just kind of wanted to share my observation, and who knows, maybe this term will become mainstream (probably not though, at best it might be mentioned a few times on twitter and die out in 5 hours).
also i do want to say that if you are vegan then i don’t have anything against you, just those vegans.


i would also like to add the fact of that vegan teacher’s middle name is LITERALLY Karen.


You mean like politics, religion, fandoms et cetera, et cetera…
Any group large enough will split like that. I wonder if that ever happened with the flat earthers.


i like to think she’s just trolling, like Lo**** peaches, just doing stupid things for attention.

yeah i would like to believe that as well but after seeing dozens of videos that she made, including one that was focused around mrbeast, an amazing philanthropist that gives millions of dollars away to charities, is a horrible person because he isn’t vegan, i am starting to believe that she is being honest in her videos.
what was also pretty funny in a video where she responded to pyrocinical talking about her, she made a few religious comments (because he was talking about an old video she made about jesus being vegan) “do you think that jesus is up there in heaven killing animals? NO!”, then about 30 minutes later when he brought it back up and said that in the bible jesus once shared fish with the hungry, she called him a :belgium:ing idiot and asked if he actually belived in christianity, before rhetorically asking if he believed that the earth was flat or if he believe in unicorns.
i mean she was literally just talking about how jesus is vegan and that only vegans get into heaven and then she calls Christianity fake and anyone who believes in it idiots (and though i am not religious, i can still quite clearly see that he was just saying that her own logic and arguments were flawed by the very thing she was using as evidence).
anyways i think that she is a hilarious woman and i am going to be eagerly waiting to see how she reacts to being banned from youtube (which is inevitable).
#those_vegans :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m personally more on the side of Vegans who don’t want to force our views on people, and that woman is ridiculous and disgusting, but I do think there are some circumstances where that thinking can be justified. By example, I have a serious problem with anyone who eats a lobster who was boiled alive. To me, regular consumption of meat is just people’s choice, but any time where there is such excessive cruelty on the animal, no one should take part in that.


I have seen some of her videos and they are… Strange, to say the least.

like that one video that was entirely her recording her own urine…
i’ve seen some things…