Thrive advertising raid campaign

So here is our first major move: go search up ywot and click on the website that says your world of text, and raid by spamming links to the thrive forums or otherwise advertising the game of thrive(the site literally has little to no rules, just no illegal stuff allowed I guess, so you can spam if you want)
Please reply if you are participating in this raid.
It will last a week before a follow-up.

@hhyyrylainen This will serve as an update and progress post as the thread is locked. Please tell me if you are fine with this.

i will participate

My god people
Raiding is a terrible udea
Just please dont do it


I can’t say I’m in favour of raiding other places to try to advertise Thrive as that can pretty easily backfire.

So please follow rules of any communities where you want to advertise Thrive.

A site “meant” for spam is a pretty interesting concept, but I doubt there’d be any benefit to spamming Thrive there randomly. Would anyone actually see Thrive and be interested in it in a sea of spam?


I feel like this would end up in an invasion of the forums by a whole bunch of destructive trolls.

Honestly any kind of advertisement could result in that, but spamming… Just feels too risky.

Spamming is a disruptive type of advertisement so it gives a justification to the potential trolls. Idk, I can’t really express my thoughts on this topic rn.

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I’m sure there are some perfectly valid places where people could advertise about Thrive.
The best bet would be for people who are established in some specific communities to advertise there as long as the rules allow it and there’s potential to have people who might be interested in Thrive there.

Edit: for example there are subreddits where game devs are not allowed to post about their own game (self advertise) but players could post about their experience.

so lets just not use links to our forums, and instead tell them to play thrive and look at revolutionary games studio, that will decrease the severity of the troll issue by not leading them directly to our forums
then lets not spam but scatter our message around
The raid has begun…
If we leave no mention of a discord or forum… how will it lead the trolls to us? Can’t you also use a discord bot to help you fight the trolls? @Teaking

Wont stop the trolls
And may instead direct them to the discord

The website directly links to both
Obligatory reference moment

Have somebody said my name?


doomed, verb: to make and break forum games

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I have covered a chunk of the landing page with text saying stuff like “PLAY THRIVE!!!” and “GOOGLE THRIVE NOW OR ELSE”

We used to have our community discord on Disboard, which did result in more users. But those users where very overwhelmingly just spammers. So the overall result was that those new users just made the community discord worse.

all of your text was removed

did you remove the text? are you helping or holding it back

Stop doing it please
You’ll only get spammers and clearly not so friendly people to raid the place

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i just looked at it half an hour ago and it was gone. all i did was make a stick figure and wrap a text box around it

Another site to raid: forums
this will attract more attention, and will be low-risk for trolls, although there are some users I know you have to watch out for

Stop it, get some help.

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what do you mean, we are raiding to advertise this game