Thrive as an education resource

Discuss thrive as an educational resource, if it would be implemented, how it would be implemented and why.

I’ll summarize here: School computers are ewwwwww.

Thrive has very good graphics, but too good.

If we want to turn it into an educational version, we will have to lower the graphics quality significantly so that it can run on all potato laptops.

After optimizations I think a version is possible. I have been able to run it on my potato pc pretty well, limited ai evolution or a species cap would do the trick pretty well in my opinion.

Or it could be used for demonstration purposes

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just do a cartoon version I guess
Making it 2d graphics in at least microbe stage and early multicellular might be better than 1990s-looking 3d cgi
Getting a educational version would result in further market reach for thrive and more profit, allowing more updates and better ones