Thrive as an education resource

Discuss thrive as an educational resource, if it would be implemented, how it would be implemented and why.

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I’ll summarize here: School computers are ewwwwww.

Thrive has very good graphics, but too good.

If we want to turn it into an educational version, we will have to lower the graphics quality significantly so that it can run on all potato laptops.

After optimizations I think a version is possible. I have been able to run it on my potato pc pretty well, limited ai evolution or a species cap would do the trick pretty well in my opinion.

Or it could be used for demonstration purposes

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just do a cartoon version I guess
Making it 2d graphics in at least microbe stage and early multicellular might be better than 1990s-looking 3d cgi
Getting a educational version would result in further market reach for thrive and more profit, allowing more updates and better ones

if you want thrive as an educational thing, then every time people go to editors the player need to do a quiz

not a quiz, more like blooket. Maybe 1-3 questions
Joke: But if the teacher is a hardcore or their parent is a tiger mom or helicopter parent, then you could add a “emotional damage mode” or 'hardcore mode" and make it 100 super hard harvard-level biology questions every 5 seconds. If the player does not answer each question in under 5 minutes, the game will play an audio recording saying “wHy yOu nO dOcTor yeT? yOu faILUre!!!”.
Real thing: If the teacher is strict, make it 20 questions each time the player goes to editor so they don’t think it is just a game or simulation


what is helicopter parent

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basically strict parents

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@multicraft just react with :+1: instead of replying with “k”. I’ve deleted your post.

I have an official proposal:
There will be two main game modes: Entertainment and Education
Entertainment will have your usual difficulties.
Education though, will have different levels of restriction as some have mentioned that thrive may be R-rated for serious accuracy:

Elementary: Like “Very safe” but I daresay it is dumbed down even more. It is for kindergarten to 2nd grade.

Very safe- essentially equivalent to a G-rating which means no s*x, blood, or anything that would anger schools except for maybe a little violence during territorial behavior. Intended for normal individuals in grades 2-5.

Safe- Equal to a PG-rating. Some very non-explicit mating behavior similar to in Spore, and still no blood nor corpses. However, more realistic explosions will be allowed from the more cartoonish explosions of “Very safe”, but some elements of drug usage will be mentioned through managing laws regarding such in society stage and beyond. Intended for grades 5-7.

Semi-safe- Roughly equal to PG-13. There will be corpses. There may be light blood, but this will be related to biology, and mating will be depicted less simplified compared to “safe”, but there will be no s*x organs and if so they will be very cartoony. Explosions will be totally realistic complete with smoke which “Safe” lacks. In society stage there will be laws for pretty much everything except for a few things here and there that are obviously 18+ and that I can’t say.

High School- Intended for high school. Full out with realistic blood, corpses that rot and may carry disease, optionally all laws can be displayed in society stage, optional semi-realistic mating. The main thing that sets it from normal thrive are just the questions.

College- Like high school but with optional realistic mating noting that most players at this age are no long minors.

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that actually sounds like a pretty good idea, but you’d have to have a way to remove the possibility of cursed spore creation type belgium from every mode except college mode for it to work all the way


Well yes that would be hard to do without making kids feel like their creativity is limited but just remove s*x organs until maybe semi-safe and even then they will be very cartoony. Or we could just make it so teachers can see student creations.

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yeah probably best to add that last part to your second most recent idea

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