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Update on the coloring animation thing:

I’ve successfully colored in the beginning part of the opening now

oh yes triple post

so when do you think you’ll finish?

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like in two days or so

ill update in a DM

Due to popular demand, the second version of the Thrive Community forums openings is here, complete with color and better audio.

@Nover452, @TeaKing, @Gotor, @zenzonegaming, @DeepSix, @LordLovat, and @Evolution4Weak, what do you think of this?

I have light mode now!
The animation is way better with (techni)color.

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what do you mean by that?

The animaion is way better colorized.

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technicolor was a way color was added in the long ago

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I agree, it was a pain to color this animation but it was worth it

oh, that’s it!

The original opening for the song i used used techncolor too i think

It Sound Like You Are Adding Audio By Recording It From An External Source Instead Of An Direct Import? Is There A Way Of Importing Sound Using FlippaClip? If Not You Might Want To Use A Video Editor Just To Add The Sound

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I am using my computer to do the audio and i use my tablet to record

but i might want to use my editor, kinemaster to do the audio

but that would mean i would have two watermarks on my vid :laughing:

I could give some good suggestion on free editors like Hitfilm or kdenlive if your on desktop or just imovie for ipad

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I can use Imovie to edit, it doesnt have that annoying watermark and its easier to use

Ha. I like your style. You make up your own rules, just like me!
©Cave Johnson (here)
And honestly i think that it can be an opening to some animes with us in main roles XD

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Thank you!

I was making in the style of anime openings. :smile:

Specifically JJBA openings!

Now a thing that might be included in a possible another version, could be more users, include mods events or whatever.
You know, show a “normal Day” here. With things that happen commonly.

Example: including dongororo lifting a sign with a progress update and everybody reacting and giving likes.



That is a great idea!!!

Edit:btw guys I’m tweaking the animation then I’m uploading it

Ok now I’m about 2 eighths done with my new animation now


After lots of procrastination
I’m about five eighths done with my animation now
And I hate and love how bad it looks