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To celebrate getting to Industrial I decided to make this animation starring @TeaKing, @Nover452, @DeepSix, @Evolution4Weak, @zenzonegaming, @LordLovat, @Gotor, and of course me

I hope you enjoy!

Edit: oh and I forgot to say that the song is Fighting Gold - Coda

Edit two! I have removed this video and it is now fully replaced with the colored version you can see down in this thread.


It’s just like my japanese animes!

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Yeah the opening song I used is also opening song from JOJO’S bizarre adventure

If there will ever be a trailer for the Thrive community forums, will be that one for sure.
I can’t wait to see a colored version!



Thank you @LordLovat!!! :smile:

it means a lot to me when someone likes my stuff

it is also the first real animation ive done

because all the other animations failed

My favorite moments:

Probably Spoilers

Thriv (Is this a challenger to Thrirv?)
EA just appearing and being touched
NOVER PLANE! (Well at least it looks like this)
EA just jumping around
Micro transactions
0:33 is just
yes i approve
EA has a knife
angy zenzone
Nover Nuke
Gotor Explodes
The end where all appear is also good, i love the face of NoverHuman

Ok final score
4 out of 5 yes i aprove images
yes i approve
Now imagine this but with color


thank you, i was worried someone might have had no idea who were the characters

im gonna color this

then im gonna make another animation

thank you @Nover452!!! :smile:

ps: if anyone has any criticisms please say it

0/10 Not enough FNarr!!!

In all seriousness, very nice animation. Looks smooth.

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Thanks, I will include you in my next animation

I appreciate all the feedback guys :grin:

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Thrive the Anime Opening Season 1

This is the only countryhuman i’m not terrified of, good job!

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Thank you

Thrive’s Bizarre Adventure part one: Death of EA

Also the animation is in 10 FPS

oh yes 10 fps is also what i used with birb and cell

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Also the song I used is actually the opening of part five of JJBA

The next song I’m using is the opening of part four of JJBA

We’re going backwards bois

What do you think of adding a more “thrivist” song?
I have no idea of which one, though; but would like it!

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Maybe one of oliverriver’s more upbeat songs?

Thinking more about it now, the current song is way more similar to a
Thrive Community Forums
The Anime

(skip opening)

Honestly its more similar to an opening, unless if you get a cool one that your public likes :grin:

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Yes, next opening will star different cast

Hint: it will include not me

I just figured out that im the clickbait
edit: can you put white lightsaber for me? im in redemption hehehe

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That is you

I’ll try to make the art more easier to understand next time :smile:

Also since I uploaded it on mobile I can’t change the thumbnail

**double post

By the way can any of you hear the music?