Thrive Community Stellaris

So I’ve been trying to get into MP Stellaris but my irl friends sadly don’t play strategy games. So since there has already been a community Stellaris game in the past I was thinking we could do something like that again. During the game we could use the Thrive discord to communicate but I posted on the forum for better visibility.

The game won’t be very competitive, just casual galactic politics. Newer Stellaris players can join too. Is there any interest for doing this sometime soon?

Time: 2021-02-07T17:00:00Z
Players so far: Sentiant, Doomlightning, Scyobi, DissonanceFall, Nover, Evo4Weak, possibly OoferDoofer


Is stellaris a good game?

I personally like it. This is the explanation of the game I just gave to someone on discord with the same question :upside_down_face::

You play as an alien country in a procedural galaxy. You get to determine what traits your aliens have, and how their government works. For example, you could be peaceful traders, or a warrior culture, or a hive mind, etc.
You spawn with a single planet and some spaceships. You use those to get resources and expand your empire. The goal is to make a big and powerful empire, which you can do by building up planets, trading with other empires on the market, diplomacy, or by conquering other empires.


I have the game with all the extensions there are and I quite know how to play it.
I’m interested, but less so now, I’m quite a mess in life right now, hoping it’s over next week

Damn it would be great if you could host so we could use the dlc but I understand if you have more important things to sort out. If you could play maybe next weekend that would be awesome

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next weekend will be good for me, i hope :smiley:

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Hehe, collective gaming.
Would be great. If not school/job and different hour belts. If will play summer - call me(:

In the weekend would be fine timezone wise. Evening for Europeans would be slightly past noon for Americans.

By the way @doomlightning by next weekend I assume we’re talking about 5-6 February right?

Yes, I in +2 zone, soo yes

Hey, stellaris players! Haven’t played for a bit… Might be interesting to get back into it again.
Might have to see what is coming up, if Y’all would have me.


Well it looks like we’re playing next weekend so let me know if you have time then

I’m pretty excited, this is the first time I’m going to be a multiplayer player

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I really want to join this but I haven’t bought the game yet, pain

I’ve bought it

You still have a week :upside_down_face:

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I can play on Saturdays and Sundays, I take it there will be no mods?

Edit: My timezone is UK Standard

Nope, no mods, just base game + dlc.
I’ll add you to the list :+1:

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Would this be continuous after next weekend? Because I have stuff to do during that time.

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Don’t worry, I’m not being my latest empire which are Fan Materialists Authoritarians. In fact, I’m being my 2nd empire (I forgot the firsts ethics, new laptop so had to recreate everything). The White Glove Enterprise, I am going to save their details but I will say this: they’re not genocidal.

(Sorry for double) I have all the DLC, I couod host I’ll just have to open the multiplayer option for the first time.

I might join, not really good at the game though