Thrive Community Stellaris

Would anyone be willing to stream the game? I don’t have it, but I would still like to at least witness the event.

That’s fine, this is a casual game. You can rp as your empire or something. I’m not great at Stellaris either. I could add you to the list if you want.

@Scyobi_Empire and @doomlightning: since you both have all the dlc for the game I guess the host will be whichever one has the better computer/internet.

I might just share my screen on discord. I don’t think we can do an actual stream though since that would require everyone to be ok with being recorded.

As for time would yall be available on 6 February, in the evening (UK time)?


My WiFi is is questionable, sometimes it works other times I have to use my data.

My computer is relatively old (7 years) but I think I can run , but my internet is fine, kinda

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If you have the lowest graphic settings or ‘tweakergui’ ‘drawdustcloud’ it should improve FPS, it is local so it shouldn’t affect anything on other systems in the game.

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He runs fine at the beginning of the game, when there are not many things, until the end of the game there is more and more, but it does not affect the performance so much, so I’m fine with it: D
On normal quality

I think you should host then

np, i will try my best to host


I am good to join, huzzah.

Sides, I have en empire I want to rp…

Edit I may forgotten I’m not actually in the discord. Who do I need to talk to about that?

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If i join the earliest i can join would be 2021-02-06T16:30:00Z

also is it the thrive discord right?

There’s a link to the discord server on

I’m afraid that’s a bit late for us in the European timezones since that’s actually Monday morning for me.

@Nover452 since the edit to your post says you have bought the game, would you like me to add you to the list?

Its 6 in the morning right? I can do evening, just curious of what 6.

No it’s February the 6th we haven’t decided a time yet.

EDIT: I am incapable of adding 7 days to a date. February 7th is Sunday, not Monday. If everyone is okay with it I think we should play on February 7th instead. That way @Evolution4Weak can join, and I’ll have more time too.


Actually i just messed up the time i put pm instead of am, so i might be able to join on saturday


Sunday is more convenient for me so unless someone has objections I think we’ll do Sunday


I had family call in a favor, I’m going to end up helping with pregnant animals Saturday night, so Sunday may just be better for me. Would we still be doing 4:30 UTC?

We haven’t decided on a time yet but no one seems to have a problem with February the 7th. 04:30 was the earliest he could join, not the time we’ll actually play.
The actual time will probably be a bit later (say 17:00 UTC)

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I checked if it was possible for me, and I can on Sunday.
(I do not work or study, so it is possible for as long as possible, except for the night, i love my sleep XD)

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A bit unrelated, but the new DLC seems fun.

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I want to ask something: What DLC do we plan to have in our game?
edit: I learned how to make a server and did a little experiment