Thrive forum user page empty

I kept on clicking reload on the users page: Thrive Community Forum
It was empty, showing no users, even when I typed into the search bar.

Looks like the content view (CSS class ember-view) doesn’t have a width set so everything is invisible. I’m not sure if this is a problem with Discourse or with our custom theme.

Extremely quick hack would be to use the following CSS:

.directory .ember-view{
  width: 100%;

I swear one of these days I won’t keep maintaining our custom theme anymore with small hacks without getting any help.

How will I use that hack though? Inspect element?

I did give up and just put that hack in. So just reload the page and view the users page again. Should work now, though the loading spinner is now a bit broken there.

the loading icon is just a long blue stick swinging around the page.

I believe hhyyrylainen already mentioned this in the post directly above yours, and so is aware of it

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yeah, i didn’t see that.

edit: fixed it

the loading bar is kinda funny though so i feel like it should be kept like that

Did you quote that wrong by accident?

No, it’s quoted correctly. What made you think it wasn’t?

Oh never mind, I just didn’t read carefully. I thought you mistakenly quoted hhyyrylainen while actually quoting willow.