Thrive in Godot tech test

Update: see more detailed explanation here:

Yes, there is some stuff going on towards remaking Thrive in the Godot engine.
It’s going to be a ton of work, but hopefully this would finally mean that everyone who wants to play thrive can play the Godot version.

It’s still very early, but I’m going to share some test builds for you to try out:

Just unzip and find the thrive executable to run them.

If you or someone you know had trouble getting Thrive 0.4.3 running, please give those a try and report back. If this works well, then that solidifies the attempt to move over to Godot.


While I am highly hesitant to recommend another engine change, the version’s performance was much better on my computer. The difference between this and 0.4.3 is stark. No lag, no crashes. I can resize the window without issues. I didn’t need to use special graphics options to run the game. My computer’s fan did not sound like a jet engine. This engine seems greatly superior. Then again, this test version lacks most of the content, so perhaps the difference would not be as great after everything is added.


I’m also hesitant. That’s why it has taken so long to come to the realization that Godot is the only futureproof choice to take, they are always adding a lot of new features and improvements to the engine, while also keeping lower end hardware supported.

There’s definitely going to be some performance hit once everything is back in the game, but with bsf even rendering a blank screen takes a lot of power, and we didn’t have JIT for AngelScript added. So I would still guess that the performance will be vastly superior compared to before.

Also, I forgot to add to the first post that, if someone has or knows someone who knows how to use Godot (or was intimidated by the previously used tech), now is the time to join thrive.

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sweating profusely
its finally happening

Did you test it already? I forgot to notify you that we need someone to test the mac version.

Oh, sure thing, just wait for my 0.1kb/sec wifi to kick in

EDIT: Well, it works alright. It is missing a few features, but runs very smoothly.


That’s good to hear. So as long as we don’t need any native code modules in Godot, for performance reasons. We should be able to make mac releases.

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works pretty well with my slow as a snail laptop, and everything is working fine.

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It runs smoothly in my laptop too.

It is smooth no lag but the begging after the intro lags for some time abd then it goes fine. Mostlikely its just loading stuff.

Finally I can play on Ubuntu 18.04. When I click on “New Game” it lags a bit, but for a short time, after this it runs smoothly.
I have an Intel HD Graphics 4000 and an Intel i5-3230M 2.60GHz


I tested again and the lag disappeared!

Everything runs smoothly and I’ve not encountered any lag at all.

Specs: PC Setups

Good work gentlemen. The dev team is to be commended.
But changing the engine to Godot would mean not worrying about the engine anymore, right?

I think these responses are a clear indication that the switch should be done. Hopefully this will be the last time this concern appears. I’m sure remaking the game two or three times is frustrating. After that, the focus can be on content development (which I will support with the highest tier on Patreon).

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That’s the hope. Godot is currently progressing at a good pace ( so if that keeps up, Godot will keep being an excellent choice.

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Not that it really matters at this point, but I’m much more adept at coding in GDScript that C++, so, provided the script language changes too, the engine change will very much help me join the team. I hope it follows through.

In fact, if it all comes down to it, I’d totally convert the game’s code into GDScript if that would be acceptable.

Any thoughts?

I don’t like GDScript. We are using C# with Godot to work on the new version of Thrive. As I think it is much better to make a game with C# than with GDScript.

The code for the new prototype is on github already: (note that there’s a bunch of not-yet deleted files on that branch)

Oh. C#? I can code that too, lol. I just hate C++.

So that’s still great news. Thanks for the info, hy!

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