Thrive meme contest #2

Lol, no need. Make sure to bully nigel more

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Oh, ok. Except the part with bullying Nigel, as I don’t like bullying people.

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as far as bullying me goes, me and Nie have anti-beef



very similar names

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Edit: this was originally a reply to @TheForumGameMaster making a political copy-pasta joke that was very slightly adapted for Thrive, which I’ve now deleted.

That’s not a meme, that’s just a slightly adapted copy-pasta for Thrive. Also that’s really skirting the line of breaking the rule about no politics debate on these forums.

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what the hell? no!
what the CELL! LMAO

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YouTube also had a nervous breakdown from the constant underwater and sentient plant comments.


And it was only on one stream, imagine spamming about underwater civilizations, Google servers would probably provoke a thermonuclear explosion


probably worse. could be as bad as a uranium asteroid hitting google’s servers.

It could be worse, about as a bad as an antimatter sun crashing into the earth.

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if that sun was compressed into neutronium yes but otherwise it wouldn’t be that bad because first it would just blow up the earth not vaporize it but afterwards the result would be the same give or take a few continents.

It would literally turn the entire earth into light.

i said first not the end result

Ok nevermind, I forgot about the fact that the gravity of a star would rip a planet apart.

Not to mention the fact that it would be attracted to, and anhilate the sun, turning both into light!

but the sun would have more mass left than the antimatter sun due to the antimatter one anhillating a planet first so it would yeet matter all across the local bubble

(filler text filler text)

I came up with the idea for this silly meme earlier today when I was thinking about how far Thrive had progressed since I first started following it back in 2019. I hope this can help some of you laugh!