Thrive meme contest #2

thrive’s possibility

Please don’t double post, also please use some other file hosting than Google docs as that requires a Google account login to view…

My cell when drinking dirty iron water:
Me when drinking dirty iron water:

Devs please remove iron from game very misleading.


I didn’t know you were a puffer fish :exploding_head:. :sparkles: TheMoreYouKnow :stars: :sparkles:

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@zenzonegaming the sapient bipedal pufferfish

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Please explain that joke since I do not really get it

The image shows the logo of Internet Explorer, a web browser that became infamous for its slow functioning and many other problems. There are many jokes about it, similar to the one made by @dan54. Example:


It seems that internet explorer thinks at 1/3 the speed of all the other browsers
Edit: Why I am being thumb-downed? Its just a joke relating to @Nie 's meme

The meme wasn’t made by me. It’s taken from the internet.

I’m assuming you were thumbs-downed because you are taking the meme much too literally. Even though based off of the delay in the meme you could assume it is one third slower, the point of the meme was to be funny about the delay, not be exact about the ratio of the delay compared to other browsers

I was not trying to take it literally, I was trying to draw a pun from what I saw

Here’s one inspired by talk of creatures surviving in space.

The belgiumigrade has tried to evolve for long-term survival in a vacuum by creating a primitive face mask, and sticking a plant in it. Now it can breathe in space. :star_struck:


The censors are absolute gold


belgiumigrade, belgiumis, fire belgiumant foam


Hello everyone! I was looking to share a little funny video I made in the later-game prototypes and I wasn’t too sure where to share it, but I think this thread might be a good fit. If there’s another thread you think suits this more though, feel free to move it there. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!


nice editing :slight_smile: also good video

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Thank you, @Nigel! :slight_smile:

One must imagine Primium Thrivium happy


Idk, I saw this picture and my brain just conjured the meme above

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that’s similar to TeaKing’s profile picture when I joined the forums