Thrive Odyssey – The Human Stage

As you are all aware, a current forum game known as “The Thrive Odyssey” created by @CalvinTheThriveling4 and managed by @OmnipotentFNarr has been going on for almost a year. The game is simple. There are three stages :
  1. Ancestors – The Biological Odyssey. Much like the “biological” stages of Thrive, the player evolves progressively; however, it doesn’t start with the Microbe Stage. It starts with the Great Apes who evolve into many hominid species over the years. In Thrive, it would be the equivalent of a mix between the Aware and the Awakening Stages (a mix between animal and tribal stages) because it would bring up biological mutations and adaptation as well as early inventions. It was originally intended to end when the players learned to control fire, but it actually ended when Homo sapiens appeared. To fit the gameplay of a forum game and to make things faster, the players would evolve to the next hominid species when everyone had mated.
  2. [Diffusion] – The Cultural Odyssey. Also known as “Divusion” (div– from “division” and –usion from “diffusion”), this is the history part of the game or even the equivalent of the Society Stage (civilization stage) where human civilization fight, have diplomatic relations and make advanced discoveries. It ends when humanity is entirely united either by conquest, diplomacy or any other means. The actual forum game had a village interstage between this stage and the first one to simulate the migration of the human species, meetings with the Neanderthals and the work to build a true civilization.
  3. Spacefaring – The Technological Odyssey. It is the equivalent of the Space Stage where the player can discover new and futuristic technologies, travel through the Universe, establish colonies and… discover the terrible truth about life. See if we really are alone or is there any other lifeform lurking in the shadows…? The Stage will end when humans ascend by building an ascension gate just like in Thrive.
The idea is that once Thrive is finished (if it is finished), a new game option would appear and that would be “The Thrive Odyssey – The Human Stage”. It would have its very own gameplay despite being similar to Thrive’s and a complete set of its own such as achievements. This thread is to discuss the idea and perhaps improve it.

I have a question: what could the development team possibly gain from this? I am sure they would be much better off improving game mechanics/adding new features. I am just not sure an almost entirely separate game that is a throwback to when thrive was still in the microbe stage would be the best use of time.

Moving on, how would the gameplay even work? Would it be similar to the main thrive game where you can modify your creature, but there are a limited option of choices, and you start in the aware stage? If we want to make it better, we would first have to know what we are improving.


This would work better as a mod

But i am still confused on what this is

The same thing could be said for the Thrive project. Does it mean it shouldn’t be brought to life? No. The developers have nothing to gain from the game except the donations. What they gain is experience and the pleasure to make games and that can be said for every indie video game. Not that I wish to imply that the development team would want to work on it; it’d simply be another game after Thrive is done (if it is done).
It doesn’t start in the Aware Stage. The first stage is kind of the equivalent of the Aware and Awakening Stage. Also, it doesn’t aim to improve the project. It aims to implement the concept of “Thrive Odyssey” as a kind of sub-game or maybe a game in itself.
It’s basically The Thrive Odyssey forum game but as a video game or a different campaign.

Yeah i feel like this is much better as a mod. i think thrive should be just thrive i don’t think having a side campaign would work well as part of the base game


Then, let’s imagine it as a mod.


Is okay if i change the catagory? maybe to modding?

I’m not sure because it has never been done yet.

What do you mean never been done before? i mean change the thread category from future game to modding, if we are going to consider it as a mod for now

Okay, I just didn’t know that the Modding could be used for ideas.

Oh well…

there is a mod suggestion thread so i think it can be used for ideas

This could work as a mod but I think it could even become its own game

Like ancestors: the human odyssey but you get to travel to space and A S C E N D.