Thrive of Empires 2

vote: cooking

So should I say what my civ have created from start?

Yeah say what your civs starting tech is, then just say the 6 things your civ would have attempted to develop in the past 6 turns.

vote: its time for languange, so thats what imma invent

Ok, I thought that I should started now, six turns later, but ok, time travelling octopuses
Premade thing: tool making from dead animals, which led to thriving of the most intellegent octopuses
1st turn: complex culture with complex social structure, which has strict hierarchy between octopuses, who are mainly hermits (I put to much detail, don’t I)
2nd turn: cultivating of cool sweet seagrass
I think, next actions depend on first two rolls

There will be a delay due to me having to stay in the hospital and not having access to my computer

Vote: Writing and reading again

For your bonus you could have caught some creatures that turned into livestock Null?

Also @Iron_uksus it probably would be better just to do all your votes at once, and if something doesn’t work you could use the waterfall method (if x fails, do it again, if not do y)

Easier on Null and you don’t have to keep track of how many u have left

Vote: language again

So if 2nd vote was successful then 3rd vote is domestication of not swimming underwater creatures (like crabs) (I also want them to be big so they could feed on them) else 3rd vote is making tools from corals and shells
4th vote: invention of language thanks to small settelments of previously divided lonely octopuses
5th vote: if 3rd vote was domestication, then saddling of animals, else domestication of not swimming underwater creatures
6th vote: houses from clay and gravel
7th vote: exploring of shalow waters and beaches

In 1-2 weeks ill be out of the hospital and should be able to make the next round

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I should hopefully get out semi soon. The time they plan to let me out keeps shifting. I also have far less time to use my phone and visit the forums by now. They are talking about months of time still. Im trying to get out as soon as possible though. Thrive of empires 2 will stay on ice till then still.

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Hope you get better/get out soon!

Do you mind if I ask what happened to cause your stay in the hospital? If you don’t want to answer you don’t have to ofc.

My body kinda just gave up. I wasnt able to eat properly for nearly 2 months due to me having stomache problems before my body froze up twice and i agreed to go to the hospital. Then they were doing massive amounta of tests to fimd the issue and they were pumping water in trough my vains and liquid food trough a tube going in trhough my nose. They found 3 weeks ago that there was a problem with my stomach wall. 2 weeks ago they moved me to a new hospital closer to my family due to it beeing closer to my parents aswell because the hospital i was at was having a infection spread around the hospital and they were trying to transfer out patients which didnt need to stay there in that specific hospital. For the past 2 weeks they have been trying to get my eating habits to that of a normal person and get my weight up. I can only use my phone 30-45 mins a day here. I tried explaining it rather rushed because my time on my phone limited.

Oh dang, I’m sorry that happened. Sounds like it absolutely sucks.