Thrive SCP Thread

why the USSR is all scattered around? And- whats going on yugoslavia?

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I am afraid that those countries do not exist anymore.

I should’ve expected this to go that way


Look! Man evolves to female VR avatar, which evolves into a catgirl VR avatar. The catgirl is laying down with her face facing the sky, which must mean… that Brad agrees that ALL CATGIRLS MUST BE SUBJUGATED!!!

The God of catgirl rights has spoken!

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The hell are you on boy XD

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on computers without them, most of the sites i use can’t be accessed due to a 404 error, and everything takes hundreds of times longer to load, so they vastly improve the internet speed, and i haven’t needed to pay an internet bill ever since i got this computer

i have discovered that fully encasing both of the flesh blobs on the antennae in something that completely blocks radio and micro waves does nothing to my internet speed, and neither does putting the computer in a room that has meter thick stone walls and no internet access with my phone.

well belgium. I wonder who is commanding the Zavtra outpost now. Probably burkina faso, they got a pretty strong space program.

I just noticied it now, this is a current map? why the USA is still united? I think you grabbed one of that ol’ maps from the 90s. the Akademset that times was wild lol

why is florida above water??? that’s been flooded for decades by now. why are antarctica and greenland big? most importantly though, where are the floating cities and their wave deflectors???

hmm well these are pretty weird… in terms of trappist’s the year is the same as mine but pretty much everything else is different. aa31415’s has the same months but february, july and august have the wrong number of days. for reference, here’s a calendar:

Oh no, we’ve avoken the ghost of [REDACTED] rights yet again!

Do you guys even know what a moglil is?

do you? i don’t think the galaxy cluster i live in has those though, but if you could provide a description i could easily figure out if they just have a different name here.

I think that the interdimensional detective zenzone had already explained this mysterious term.

A moglil is the most glorious thing, it is the shape of the Earth and the shape of the universe, moglils appear frequently in geometry, biology, physics and engigneering.

He doesn’t even know what a kotrial is, let alone a moglil.


So a moglil is the opposite to a belgium?

oh, here we call that a muigleb. i know, lazy name, but take that up with the HGttG fans who discovered them if you feel like that name is too lazy.

Wait, what is the year in your world? Here it is 2024.

You mustn’t talk about this Apple of Contention! Nor even acknowledge its existence! It must remain untouched and unbothered, allowed to vanish into the shadows of obscurity; forgotten by us mortals! Such is THE HOLY LORD’s Verdict, and such is His Will. You should’ve known this the moment He Chose to Vanquish the source of this blight from The Forums, sparing so many of us from the untold suffering it would’ve inevitably brought!..


The Forum Lore gets deeper…

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HAHA! The ghost of catgirl rights shall live forever!

Never! The ghost of catgirls shall haunt the forums forever! HAHA!


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