Thrive SCP Thread

huh, what happened on that day?

Everything and nothing.

Zenzone, what is the month preceding february? I’ve heard it’s January.

Nu uh december lasts 62 days

What? But then there would be 363 days in a year. That’s ridiculous - there are only 332 days in a year.

I thought that there were 365/366 days? Where did the 33/34 days go?

They never existed what are you talking about?

I guess we live in different realities then.

weren’t there 398/399? . . . . . . . . just playin’ along here

I thought the calendar looked like that?

Yes I get this is a play

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Why is there an extra month in the front? Also there’s an extra day in may. Where did you even get that calendar?

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I found it in internet’s images for “calendars”.

why are july and august in the middle? most calendars i find have them at the end, and another month after them.


Why there’s only 12 months? why Janu is called Janu-ary? it isn’t a belgium school photo book! Where Iuppeber, Theodust and WHY THE BELGIUM MARK IS CALLED MARCH?

after looking inside my computer, i found these weird globs of flesh on the wifi antennae(i know they’re technically not antennae anymore, but still), and disturbing them made my internet worse. are those flesh blobs normal? am i supposed to feed them? do they eat something i can’t see? i don’t want to upset them incase they eat the wifi antennae when significantly upset, and they don’t seem to like light(sunlight even more so), so how should i go about trying to experiment and see what they like?

Can you show me this calendar of yours?

can’t you just remove them if they don’t have anything positive to do with the internet (unless they do have something positive to do with it)?

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Huh, it looks strange. When is Christmas, Easter located in this calendar?

If i’m not mistaken, Joshua was born on 25 of janu and his ressusrection was around May.

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Does the world look like this?