Thrive SCP Thread

I made it as a joke to be honest (after someone in SCP: SL called the CI catboy insurgency on radio)

i may have told a researcher who wants to hear trees scream how to find info on 8610, also, cats can hear the screams of plants!

I honestly have no clue if this you’re talking about happened in real life or in the SCP universe

anyway it’s cool

do you mean by that the smell plants produce when they’re hurt?

//𝙷𝙾𝙻𝚈 ████!!


hhyyrylainen is actually the Catboy Insurgent confirmed…


Nope, plants make tiny, short screams in or close to ultrasound, so some plants, pretty much no animal that doesn’t echolocate can hear the screams of, but, some, some pretty much any feline can hear the screams of. So, basically, not all plant screams can be heard by felines, but plant screams within specific larger species can be heard by them, and those larger species include trees. They generally make their pain clicks that we call screams when a limb is cut off, or roots are disconnected.


Does that mean that the catgirls get scared when you harm too many plants?

not really, just annoyed at those REALLY high pitched clicking noises. you think a clicker being automatically clicked for an hour is annoying? change the pitch to that of a strong electrical current flowing through a wire next to your ear, and then multiply the pitch by 3 at minimum. and there’s several of them. that’s how annoying it’d be to them

SCP-8610 Containment Procedures:
put them in a forest and cut down all the trees

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that wouldn’t be effective unless they all have sensory processing disorders, if they don’t they’ll just walk out of the cut-down forest and get whoever put them there so they can put them in a pit full of clicker toys with months of battery life and no off switch

is this their form of execution?

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Execution involves killing someone. This wouldn’t kill you directly. You’ll die to either dehydration, starvation, suffocation by drowning in clicker toys, or old age. This is more comparable to torture.


They if this is their torture, what is their execution method?

right now, they take your weapons and armor, and they sic the children on you and tell them you’re full of their favorite food.

Are those regular children or SCP-8610-converted children? I don’t think regular children would try to kill you and eat you because someone told them that you’re a snack.

the cat-children. whether they were born as an 8610-2 instance or not doesn’t matter.

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Does eating a human have any impact on those children’s psychology? Can they just cleanse the memories of doing it?

it depends. since cats already can’t tell the difference between cat and not cat, only friend, foe, and food, the ones who were born as 8610 instances aren’t any more impacted by eating a human than by eating a rat. the originally human children may be traumatized by it if they were raised by humans who think cannibalism is bad, but otherwise, they likely won’t. regardless, they will be told to cook the people who they execute, and the only reason a child instance of 8610-2 will not be allowed to participate in the execution is if the one being executed is someone they know personally, or if they were raised by humans who think killing and cannibalism are bad.

May 8th does not exist.