Thrive speedruns

There should be different categories of thrive speedruns when there are more than three stages

And there should also be a 100% completed game speed run category for thrive

Maybe even a set seed for speed runners to make things fair?

So like a seed where the planet is easier to survive and the planet also allows you to evolve faster?

A seed only determines the map. So just a generic balance map

So one where it’s straight forward and doesn’t have any geological limitations for the player?

Yeah. One that is tested to be able to win.

Even without mandating such a thing, it seems that speedrunners naturally gravitate towards a good random seed that everyone starts using when found.

Thrive in 2:29


Me when he changes rigidity to fully fluid on the first editor cycle:


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What is this supposed to be?

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I pasted the link in discord and its just a thrive screenshot w/ the options to save/pause/resume the game. It still doesnt load for me


I meant why they posted it here.


lol i miss clicked at the wrong time

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I am submitting a speedrun:

BEHOLD!!! dang I hope this gets seen.


Glad to see it wasnt a single cytoplasm hex run. Thanks for the submission you’re now number 1 for version 5.3

Seeing as the single hex of cytoplasm runs are undoubtedly the fastest way to beat thrive at the moment. How does everyone feel if we split the speedruns into 2 categories so that we can actually have more interesting gameplay? I’m thinking that there should be some self imposed rules that apply to this new catagory. i propose that these should be the foundation of the rules of this new catagory:

  • Atleast one Organelle must be mutated/added every editor session
    ( Rigidity and Membrane mutations do not count as organelle mutations.)

  • Organelles can be deleted. But you can only delete 3 organelles throughout the entire run.
    (not to sure on this one. i didn’t want organelle gluttony to stall the runs by making it take longer for Phosphate and Ammonia to be collected, but i also didn’t want people to be freely able to revert their changes and go back to being 1 cytoplasm. I have mixed feelings about this rule. if anyone has any better suggestions please do tell.)

Those are the rules for this new catagory of speedruns. Feel free to try them out.

only recently i’ve decided to try out a proper playthrough with these rules and its become increasingly apparent just how tedious all of them actually are. You probably don’t need to follow them. just do anything different from playing as a hex of cytoplasm and you qualify for the “not a cytoplasm” run


I got a new record for 5.3.1 Lets Speed Run Thrive Any% Time:4:25:84 New Record! - YouTube

I did a single hex, so .


You should turn off auto save next time. I’ve noticed that each editor session costs an additional 1-2 seconds if you have autosave enabled.




Alrighty, as I give my potato laptop some time to cool down from my speed run attempts I have some general questions. Does auto-evo have to be on for the run to count? It wouldn’t matter much, but it might take away a bit of challenge. (Personally I am going to leave it on.) Also I would like to create a new category. Because once the game is finished, speed runs will most likely end time by getting to the ascension stage. So should we make a category that falls along those lines? Should we add something along the lines of getting a cell to survive two generations with a nucleus? Or once binding agents are available, adding binding agents as the current end time?