Thrive speedruns

seeing as the forums are essentially dead, I’ve decided it would be fun to get a community competition ongoing. post your speed runs of the latest thrive version which is as of now Version 5.3.1. and we’ll have a leader board here to see who’s strategies are the most viable for the current game.

Version 5.3.1 leaderboard

  1. MGS - Time 2:51
  2. IceDjuro - Time: 3:41
  3. Sentiant - Time: 4:00
  4. Untrustedlife - Time: 4:25.84
  5. Untrusted life - Time: 5:26

Version 5.3 leaderboard

  1. 1Sheep - Time: 8:09.6

Version leaderboard

  1. IceDjuro - Time: 2:29

Version 5.0 leaderboard

  1. Zarki - Time: 3:25
  2. IceDjuro -Time: 4:07
  3. Archeodox -Time: 7:40.8

i guess ill start off with this bad run and watch it get overthrown easily:



If only you could bonnyhop lol

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But first, let’s talk about parallel universes.

You mean one where Will Wright leaves EA to work on Thrive?


v0.5.0 in 4:07


Speedrun v0.5.0 in 3:25 :slight_smile:


Good to see you are truly engaged with this game.
Btw great speedrun I see

Sherlock Lovat intensifies

You know that with that post in your channel, and with my SHERLOCK LOVAT ABILITIES I can discover a thing (yes I deleted the original information)

Edit: Now that I watched it completely…Wait you stayed with 1 cytoplasm in the entire speedrun!? Interesting. The other speedruns I saw didnt use that technique, and were longer, if im not wrong, though

That’s a strange strategy but it works… I think the winning condition should be the level of complexity (could be computed by summing to MP price of all the organelles you have) rather than the population. It shouldn’t be easier to play with a small empty cell than with complex ones.

Isn’t the winning condition right now surviving 15 evolutions?

In 0.5.0, it’s having 1000 individuals in your population.

Edit: you may be right, I won with 990 individuals.

Edit 2: I counted my generations and I made 20.

Afaik, @Buckly self-atributed the “balance different builds” issue in github, so I think he will do his best to the Balance of the Force Thrive, including very simple and gluttonous builds. Edit: things like make some organelles more eficient, less eficient, more expensive, less expensive, I guess.

what i said was found here:

Or better, not be gluttonous(big big) or very simple, (like the inicial blob), just the ideal build for that niche.
ops double post sorry i thought i was editing my post
i will delete that
edit: yes i deleted that

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It’s always 20 generations to win, if there is a population requirement it’s so lenient I’ve never even noticed it.

Also, the one hex strat isn’t new, it’s been the winning strategy since Thrive speedruns were a thing. The only change I’ve ever made to my cell that didn’t cause a net increase in time was changing the membrane to be totally fluid. I managed to get 3:22 using that but wasn’t recording sadly :pensive:


Once more stages are added the speedruns will be more interesting as you’ll have to actually evolve to advance (or somehow entirely glitch out the game).


When the game progresses I think the stages will get longer and longer so the game won’t feel as shallow as Spore
So when ascension stage hits speed runs of the game will probably be more than ten hours long if they don’t use a glitch to complete stages without actually progressing the game


i don’t think the ascension stage would count. the ascension stage is more of a post-game mode, and it would go on infinitely.

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I meant like when ascension stage is programmed so the space stage would feel like it would have an end
The end of thrive would be the ascension stage which is the end of the space stage
That’s what I meant by when ascension stage hits

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i feel at a certain point speed runs would be based on stage and not the whole game as it becomes too long

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There are speed runs of longer games, like Skyrim and Fallout 4

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