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The brighter the color, the more likely a male is going to attract a female.
Sometimes smell is also used to attract females.

I am not sure what that means, but orkimasooni are not that agressive, they only eat small animals, and don’t harm aliens.
The nuclear war happened because of a miscalculation in a trajectory of a rocket that was aimed at the sea, but exploded in a city.

(𝒦𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝑜𝒻 𝒯𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈) #33

Planet: Palkalin

Sapient Species: Skomuus

Planet Details: Light atmosphere consisting of mainly the same makeup of Earths air, but a tiny bit more oxygen within it. Iron rich crust, with a dense mantle. Has about three fourths Earths gravity, giving it taller, thinner creatures. Has a dominant algae that gives areas of oceans a redish color. The poles are a bit misaligned and tilted from the geographic poles. Is the fourth planet from its sun, its neighbor being a Mars-like planet called Kevon. Has three moons, each being about the size of Alaska in terms of land mass.

Species Details: Reptilian creatures with slim body scructure similar to that of a walking stick,having four legs and a set of arms a bit behind from the front legs. Has a beak similar to hawks, two eyes near it, and a feather on top of the head unique to males used for mating. Hands partially webbed and shapped for scooping. Eats minerals that give them a orangish yellow color. Has crusty, stiff wings used for short gliding and nothing else. Carries its eggs on the knees of the front legs, carried by the females. Omnivores that mainly eat grainy plants and occasionaly scavenge for meat. Live with families with the oldest male leading them, leading social lives with the group. They communicate through written language and deep grunts and clicks. They live to be about 80 earth years, and usually matures at 17 years.

Technology: Technology rivaling that of ours, recently getting to terraforming Kevon. Has organized cities with public transportation similar to subways. Has androids assisting families and doing most housework. Has no need for economy and shares its resources for no charge throughout the globe. Has an online network system used for entertainment and communication.

Government: It is a democracy leading the planet, with large states being governed by smaller rulers like governers. The laws consist of courts that trial lawbreakers, with the harshest punishments being banishment for life or hard labor. Laws prohibit murder, property damage, theft, and hoarding large amounts of resources. The law allows freedom of speech and religion, along with minimal labor if the citizen wishes to do so.

Evolutionary History: The Skomuus evolved from a race of small beaked creatures relatively small compared to other creatures on the planet. Major climate changes encouraged the species to turn reptilian and be warm blooded. The slow rotation of the planet encouraged migration to shady areas often, and hearty eating to stay warm at night. Low gravity allowed them to use wings for gliding, with light bones to gain more airtime. Their size, despite having low gravity, are quite small, only reaching a length of 2.4 meters, and height of 1.9 meters, most likely to increase gliding time and their ability to run quicker. Their wingspan increased gradually, with their final size averaging 3 meters long.

Culture: The architecture varies in different areas, but mainly consist of elevated houses and sturdy, large buildings used for residence, storage, and supply buildings. Residential design has houses consist of usually one floor, and sometimes roofs that open and close. It also usually has tree-like design as Skomuus prefer elevated areas to live in, whether it be on hills, in trees, cliffs, etc. They enjoy playing and watching games that include racing, a soccer-like game, and timed gliding.

I hope this one doesnt seem empty compared you guy’s submissions, and i might add on to this overtime.

EDITS: Changed the evolutionary inconsistencies of insects turning into reptiles, and changed that to just unspecified beaked creatures. Changed the planet’s mantle density to fit with the iron rich crust. also removed “bipedal” from the androids and just called them androids.
These changes were made from pointers from @Askyw, thanks dude! Also added culture info.

Another edit: some art of a male Skomuus made by @jellyfishmon, epic thanks to him!

The Art


(Askyw) #34

Iron is a heavy element so in order for the crust to be rich in it the mantle has to be denser.

I doubt that these moons would have enough mass to even become spherical.

My main question is why? This species would think that it’s own shape would be the most suited for an android just the same as we humans think that humanoid androids are the best shape. Is there another species on the planet that made them think to go with the bipedal design? Bipedal things are extremely hard to make work and I think that it wouldn’t be very valuable for this species, who has made its civilization directly for their own body type, to put all that effort into making something walk on two legs.

No. Just. No. This evolutionary path would mean that the species went from having an exoskeliton to having an internal one wilst also rapidly increasing in size and becoming warm blooded, all of which would be extremely costly to evolve and would take Billions with a B of years to complete all the changes.

Other than those nitpicks I think this was great and I look forward to seeing more added on.

(𝒦𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝑜𝒻 𝒯𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈) #35

Thanks for the criticism, didnt realize the cost it would take for it to get straight from exoskeleton to internal. along with the bipedal androids and the ironic crust, i didnt think of the inconcistencies those would have. and along with the moons, i wouldve figured they wouldnt be round as the land mass is so tiny.

i was typing that post out at night so i was tired and didnt think much of it through.


Giree Culture: Kugiwee

Kugiwee were recurring entities in Giree mythology. The term most closely translates to “dragon.”


The generic Kugiwee was an elongated, quadrupedal mollusk with a sprawled posture. Its one-eyed face sported a radula flanked by two vertically-aligned sets of three tentacles. They were said to be capable of flight, or at least levitation, by their own power, a trait sometimes emphasized in portrayals with the presence of one or more pairs of wings.

Kugiwee were said to frequently interact with the mortal Giree. Sometimes, they were tricksters who confounded travelers that happened to cross paths with them. Other times, they acted as oracles to rulers seeking guidance.

Throughout myths, Kugiwee seemed to defy the Giree view of a structured world, and as such came off as detached from reality. Where the Giree lived and died, Kugiwee were timeless. Where the Giree toiled at the mercy of natural forces, Kugiwee acted more as observers. Where the Giree still displayed their characteristic empathy, Kugiwee behaved in a way suggesting they either did not understand, or simply were not interested in, the mindsets and motivations of individual Giree.

In Pattice

Despite usually being culturally and thematically distinct from other ancient scripts, Pattice lore described the presence of a Kugiwee on one occasion. After three days spent enduring coordinated raids from enemy tribes, the worshippers of Raumtuck appealed to their god for aid. Finally gracing them with his presence, Raumtuck ordered their aging chieftain’s son to lead a band of scouts into hostile territory. After nightfall, the group came across a valley lit with the fires of multiple raider tribes camping together. At the center of the campsite were the spoils of recent attacks.

The chieftain’s son pointed out the Kugiwee flying in loops above the raiders, although they did not seem to acknowledge its presence. A storm commenced as Raumtuck “arrived” to the scene. The Kugiwee called out to Raumtuck, claiming it had brought peace and unity to the tribes, while Raumtuck’s followers remained weak. Raumtuck retorted by telling the Kugiwee it had instead doomed the tribes. With this, the walls of the valley collapsed due to the heavy rain, burying the encampment in a landslide. The Kugiwee vanished in the sudden darkness, marking an end to the bout of raids.

Given the inexplicable appearance of a creature from pre-Ancient Crisis mythology in a religious text, Giree theologists had long been at a loss to explain its inclusion. Some viewed it as a fitting metaphor for Pattice’s striking departure from belief systems of its time, with Raumtuck’s interaction with it harkening towards the cultural discord between Pattice constituents and the raiding tribes. Others interpreted the tale as literal, insofar as claiming the Kugiwee to be an antagonistic force long opposed to Raumtuck, functioning as a sort of devil.

Cultural Impact

In any case, as Pattice spread, the scriptural portrayal of Kugiwee proliferated as well. The post-Ancient Crisis world often saw Kugiwee iconography emblazoned as symbols of adversity and moral decay. The occult instead saw Kugiwee as representing enlightenment and hidden knowledge, a view drawn from the scriptural Kugiwee’s apparent association with fire and light.

The roles that Kugiwee played as characters in media drew inspiration from both views, as well as their original status as enigmatic beings. Heroic Kugiwee were portrayed as helpful, if somewhat eccentric, while more villainous ones were cunning and manipulative.

In the years leading up to the Unification War, an international scandal erupted with the discovery of a criminal organization known as “Dragonlight” that had infiltrated major governments and corporations, using bribery and coercion to amass influence and wealth at citizens’ expense. This revelation shattered confidence in global trade, and the economic fallout’s contribution to the ensuing conflict cannot be overstated.

The reign of the Directorate has seen few official portrayals of Kugiwee, part of its policy of leaving pre-Directorate culture in the past to maximize cohesion. However, the actions of Dragonlight have left a lasting impression on subversive factions, who are known to use Kugiwee as symbols in their operations. Meanwhile, some Pattice followers privately compare the oppressive Directorate to the scriptural Kugiwee.

(𝒦𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝑜𝒻 𝒯𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈) #39

When will be able to make our pages, exactly? its been awhile since the guy who made the post responded to anyone.

(Δф - Delta Phi) #40

You’re supposed to make your own pages. The only thing that the moderators (yes, Stealth is not a dictator) do is disapprove pages that have existed for an amount of time, but have violated the rules of the Thrive Universe.

(𝒦𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝑜𝒻 𝒯𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈) #41

Ah, ok then!

(The Goat Mod) #45

Story: ‘The Spark’

Date: 184 BSE

Notes: The captions are meant to represent sometihng that can’t be directly translated to English, so they show the closest possible thing. Credit goes to Biologicah, for the name of the story, feedback and a lot of spellchecking (seriously, without him this’s be one massive typo fest), and Atrox, Crodnu and Stealthstyle L for further feedback and ideas.



[Captain] Hunter 125-45 of the Great Temple with the Two Pillars sat in his ready room, aboard the starship they commanded. They grabbed for some [fermented cactus-equivalent juice], as they watched the live-broadcast of the conference room on the planet, a thousand kilometers below them. This was possibly one of the most important conferences in the history of all three species. As the captain pondered about this, they thought back to the past few months. It had been the busiest few in their entire career. Since the Toshra, Pakoph and Jre had made First Contact, relations had been tense. The Jre had always hoped to find alien life in the universe, to contact new cultures, each one with thousands of exotic goods and collectables they could trade with. They had wanted to find friends, allies even, in the stars to keep them company. And of course, the first two species they encounter were xenophobic, un-wanting to trade and a threat to the collective. To top it all off, relations had only soured since First Contact. After the initial shock had gone away, the three species had only been at odds over resources and ideology.

The Toshra had a superiority-complex, and an obsession with perfection, whilst the Pakoph were religious nutjobs that believed anything different to them to be demonic. Hunter 125-45 [scoffed], and took another sip of his drink as they thought back to the countless insults the other two species had hurled their way in the past. Of course, these ‘vocal conflicts’; were far from the only conflict that had arisen between the three. Whilst none of them shared a border as of yet, all three species were rapidly expanding outwards. There had already been conflicts over certain resource-rich, or otherwise strategically important systems. On several occasions, these conflicts degraded into outright violence. And even though nobody had died yet, the captain knew it was only a question of time before it’d happen. It seemed inevitable to them. [The Captain] thought it’d d be better if the Jre just isolated themselves from the other species.

Regardless, representatives of the three species had agreed to meet on this as of yet unclaimed planet, right in between the three territories. Engineers had set up dwellings, and a conference room for this specific meeting, and even a rudimentary translator. Even if it took it 5 minutes to translate anything, it was still quite an impressive feat, the captain thought. Each group of representatives had also brought a small group of military ships with them. A sort of ‘mutually assured destruction’ as it were. The plan, or at least the plan as the Jre had understood it, was to negotiate over who would be controlling which systems, and a possible demilitarised zone between the three empires. This had, so far, utterly failed. Not that this was surprising to the captain. The Toshra had apparently seen it as an admission of surrender, and the Pakoph seemed to not be able to make up their mind on anything, and probably only attended because certain schisms within their strange church weren’t yet convinced that all aliens were demons. At several occasions, the talks had almost degraded to violence. [The Captain] had long ago lost the little hope they had in the talks producing anything useful.

Then, something interesting happened on their monitor. Something that [the Captain] was sure meant no good for any of them. One of the Pakoph representatives appeared to have had enough, and began to hurl insults towards the Toshra. Something about the Toshra being horrible, narcissistic sea demons. Now, Hunter 125-45 was somewhat glad someone finally told those annoying [sea slug-equivalents] the truth, but they were less happy at the context it happened in. Who in their right mind would insult a foreign dignitary like that in the middle of a peace conference? The Toshra, for his part, appeared to take the bait and began hurling insults back at the Pakoph, something about them being imperfect and inferior beings. The translation had been rather rudimentary in both cases. Regardless, both the Toshra and the Pakoph continued to throw insults at each other, and some other representatives also joined in. The captain was somewhat glad to see that none of the Jre seemed to do so, though. After about 10 minutes of this, the two parties did something the Captain had never expected they’d actually do; they began to fight. Hive-gods! This was not good. Not good at all! The Toshra and the Pakoph fought savagely, and soon the Jre had gotten into it as well. Then, the worst possible scenario happened. One of the Toshra killed the Pakoph that had started it in the first place. With a simple strike from the Toshra’s claws to the neck, the much more fragile and weaker Pakoph fell to the ground. Dead. To add to this, one of the Toshran ships moved closer to the planet. Then, the captain heard a beeping sound. One of his crewmen, in charge of the sensors. “sir, the Toshra appear to powering up their weapons! It is hard to tell, but it seems like they are targeting the conference room!”

In a boust of fear, and hive-instincts acting up, [the Captain] did something they probably should not have.

Captain Eshromar Pokroosh watched in horror, as the alien [imperfect savages] began to fight with the representatives from both the Shakar Kingdom, and the Moshrokon Empire. This had not been the plan. Realm Above, this had not been the plan. They agreed to this conference, because they thought they might be able to get some reason out of the [imperfect savages], and get them to, at least partially, submit to the Kingdom. They had expected the aliens to see the inherent superiority and perfection present in Toshra. But they didn’t; they simply didn’t. The Perfect Ones must be testing the Toshra as the Jre seemed to think this was a peace conference (the idea alone!), and the Pakoph just wanted to prove to their heretical cults that the Toshra and Jre were demons (another piece of evidence of their inherent inferiority). And now, the Pakoph had baited their representatives into performing an act of imperfection! Realm Above, they were here as diplomats, not warmongers! Regardless, Eshromar had quickly realised the Pakoph would not let this go unpunished. He had moved his ship closer to the planet, and prepared to fire a warning shot down at the surface, just missing the conference room. Then, an alarm beeped. The Jre ship had moved in closer. Oh, Realm Above. One of his underlings turned to him, and said “Captain! The Jre ship is preparing to fi-”

Captain Phovokoren Mevakeros Aterephomoros watched as the two ships engaged each other. The Jre ship had responded far faster to the Toshran attempt to destroy the faithful, then they ever could. This was rather disappointing, the captain had really hoped these beings were true children of Meterovor. Sadly, it turned out they were actually demonic, as so many of the faithful had already claimed. What a pity. Prophets be silent, what a pity. This had been rather unexpected though. Phovokoren wondered why the two ships that turned out to be demonic had engaged each other. Perhaps this was all a clever ruse? An attempt to make the faithful believe that at least one of the demons was on their side? Or perhaps the demonic hordes were not as united as was once believed? Perhaps they also had rivaling factions? She brought herself to order, when she realised this was really a question for the prophets. Regardless, the Toshran ship had been hit in some area of personal quarters. A heavy hit, but not enough to bring them down. The Toshran ship attempted to go to a new position, and fire back, but the Jre ship fired another round of missiles. This time, they were hit in one of their fusion reactors, and the ship violently exploded. Then, the other Jre and Toshra ships also began to fight each other. Divine be praised! At least the demons had turned on eachother, like rabid [wolf equivalents].This would make it a bit easier, at least. She waited a few minutes for the two demonic fleets to weaken themselves. She knew she was probably going to die. The Toshran war ships were far superior to the Pakoph ones. But she couldn’t let the death of their fallen diplomat go unavenged. And, if anything, her sacrifice would convince the few remaining Pakoph of the demonic nature of the Toshra and Jre. Like she had been. Eventually, and with a heavy heart, she gave the order for her ships to enter the battle. She knew their sacrifice would be remembered as the beginning of the war to vanquish the demons. With some luck, they’d be able to destroy them without much death on the sides of the faithful. Maybe they’d even meet true children of Meterovor. If the divine will it, at least.

(Hmmm) #46

planet: Chov

Species: Jarvenhund


Biome:desserts, prairies, and steppes

Diet:Plant material, like roots or grass

Lifepan:50-60 years

Description: The Jarvenhund have muscular bodies. With long claws on their forelimbs, used for digging. They have six stripes on their neck that could change color, used for communication. Their horns are use for either digging up roots, or to protect itself. It has four eyes. It also has six antennas on it’s tail. Jarvenhunds usually stand around six to seven feet tall.

Behavior: They travel dry places in herds of thirteen to twenty of these animals. The ratio of babies in the herd to adults is 1:4. When threatened, the strongest in the herd go and attack whatever is threatening them. They use their stripes to communicate if there’s danger, if members of the herd should be cautious, or if there’s a lot of food or water in one area. They are migratory animals, always moving to find the most food. The males sometimes would fight each other, trying to get the attention of the females, so they could get a mate.

(Askyw) #47

My one concern with this species is that normally creatures in dry areas travel in really small herds or much more commonly completely solo. This is due to the reduced need for water and increases the chances of survival of the species. Herds in a dry habitat is just asking for extinction.

(Hmmm) #48

Oh, I was basing my animals off of Bactrian Camels. They also live in dry places in herds roughly the same size.

(Askyw) #49

the reason camels can do it is because they can go for weeks without seeing a drop of water because they can store water in themselves to be used later. your creatures would need some way to live on little to no water for weeks at a time in order to travel in herds.

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #51

Planet: Tartarus

System Status

Star System Code: [BZ-106W-7223Q]

Stare System Location: Middle Seregon Arm

Planets: 6

Stars: 1

Planet Status

Artificial Satellites : 1

  • Zeus Space Station

Natural Satellites: 2

Status: Habitable

Diameter: 7,037km

(Roughly size of mars)

Gravity: 39%

Atmospheric Composition:

  • Oxygen: 35%
The rest of A.C.

I couldn’t find any more information if you want to help, this world is based on the carboniferous period
all information helps

Average Temperature: 20C (68F)

Continents: 4


(didn’t get this far but will fill this in)

  • Right continent

  • Left continent

  • Middle Island continent

  • Bottom Left Island continent

  • 2 Icecaps

Life Status

Life Complexity Level: Aware

Homologous Traits :

  • Six appendages
  • Two pairs of eyes (two facing foreword, two facing the side)
  • Air intakes on chest or upper back (Primary for cooling but also helps in respiratory)
  • Three hearts (one primary heart, one lung heart, and one backup heart for fight an flight)
  • Two pairs of lungs (one pair for oral, one pair for intakes)

Local Sapient Life: 0

Foreign Sapient Life: 1

  • Homo-sapiens


Concept art Subject to change

Homo-sapiens Presences

(I now know that humans are controlled by the TU mods so if you do not like me using them that is fine ill just make a new sapient species to take their place or not have one at all I just thought it would be cool to have them present to show their expedition into the galaxy and most people would rather make a new species then use us so its more original)

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #52

P.S. I thought I was being cheeky by putting a life complexity level as the stages of the game.

(The Goat Mod) #54

How and why are there homo sapiens on Tartarus?

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #55

they are extraterrestrials on this plant studying its life forms

(The Goat Mod) #56

Humans are controlled by the TU mods, so you’ll have to ask Stealth if he’ll allow that.

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #57

oh ok, then i should probably also put what they are doing there thank you for the information :smile:

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #58

Hello TU mods I would like to use Humans in my solar system and I just wanted to see if that was ok. On my world Humans are not really on the planet only around 18 hundred scientists and bodyguards are on the surface at a given time with fortified research labs rather then cites. Most Humans are in the Space station Zeus orbiting Tartarus Because of the galactic treaty stating that pollution and contamination of non-terraformed foreign planets with life is strictly prohibited to a certain degree (Most likely there would be a treaty about polluting/Contaminating exoplanets like the ones we currently have but would be slightly different, but if you dont like it i can just make up a different reason they dont all live there)

It would be cool to make it look like human scientists are studying the planet and making dossiers about the life on the planet instead of the information just popping up into existent.