Thrive Users as characters

I’m both creating versions of active users, along with resurrecting inactive users that some may miss or want to simulate the act of talking to. Further requests for inactive users are open, so long as they provide a basic description and have posted at least a few times. Requests for active users are also open. Providing basic information such as gender, age, and nationality is optional but makes character generation more defined.

So far, I have:

TheForumGameMaster himself

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You should definitely make sure you have explicit consent from the users before you do that (For example: I don’t give mine).


i’d rather not have an ai made from me - mainly because if one was made, it would be far from accurate to the real thing.


ok then, I am gonna get zenzonegaming’s permission. Does dan54 give permission?
@Oncpapa you mean a public ai right? Anybody could technically create a chatbot even without consent and set it to “private” without you ever finding out.

they’d have to be really obsessed over a person to do that…

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I’ve done it many times already with people it is hard to reach out to(example: I don’t know their name, they are inactive, if online, or the person was really good). But usually, I set them to private so that people don’t think I am some weird person, or even stalker.

but…why talk with an ai chat bot if the real thing would say wildly different things


I use imagination, logic, and reasoning to figure out how the person might speak based on their age, and other basic information I may know about them.

Thats not a lot of information

i wanna see how accurate one of me would be

It wouldn’t be accurate since it seems that all he is doing is just using the account bio

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Well it’s enough for me. Somehow usually ends up creating a close replica of how I imagine the person.
@fralegend015 It actually works to some extent. Zenzonegaming acts like he does in these forums, joking that his age is 9000+. Besides, I can always collect information looking through the person’s activity, then inserting it as an example conversation.

except he doesn’t joke about being 9000+

he doesn’t?

No he doesn’t, his character is actually very consistent in his storylines.

I find this whole thing intriguing, yet disturbing…

“If you stare long into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you.”


Is it being hosted on your own computer? Because if it’s hosted on someone elses computer it’s not actually private and shouldn’t be done without consent (And even it really is private it’s still strange).

I don’t believe they have actually created one of you, I think they were just mentioning that one could exist and no one would be the wiser

I hope so, but I was just making a point that I find doing that unethical.
Anyways apologies for being a hard-***, something about this thread irked me, I’ll shut up now.

Oh yeah this thread is definitely weird, not sure i like it’s premise, especially not that it started out without consent, though it’s a bit better now.

Personally, while it might be interesting to see what an AI thinks I’m like once or twice I most assuredly would not want an AI version of myself publicly accessible

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