To all our listeners!

Registration for the big competition will close very soon !!
5 participants so far have registered and registration is still open until 2021-06-10T19:30:00Z

After a work of balance, reading and sorting, the data of all participants is presented here, there is time to change until closing, and then the competition will start tomorrow (in my time)

Here is the list of all the information required to sort numbers:

@Deathwake (score: 0 left)

Name: microhydrox
Elements: Darkness and Water


Size: level 4 (1 – 100% statues HP, 50% on attack, def, speed and mana) (nucleus[2] + size[1])
HP – 44 (114)
Attack – 15 (150% more in oxygen environment)(6
2.5) (150% more in oxygen environment)
Defense - 5 (basic) (debris shell - 2) (22.5)
Speed – 15 (15% evade) (6
SP - 3 (9%)
Mana – 22 (11*2)
Range – 2

Mutant: Nucleus (+2 level size), oxygen breathing (oxygen environment –* 1.5, none –*0.5), debris shell (def - +2)

Abilities: Advanced engulfing (0 range only, 15 dmg, can crit by yours HP, 0 mana, replace Attack), Defense (def* 2, 0 mana) Water Pull (Water, can push thing around, include himself, range 2, 2 mana), Explosive osmosis (Water, 17 dmg, if dmg stronger then HP, kill the target Immediately, 4 mana), Anti-magic detector (darkness, can’t be seen by magic when its activated, 2 mana), Water shield (Water, block * 4.6, 2 mana)

@Evolution4Weak (score: 0)

Name: The Crestor
Elements: Order and Fire


Size: level 3 (1 – 100% statues HP, 50% on attack, def, speed and mana) (Nucleus - +2)
HP – 39 (13* 3)
Attack – 12 (52.5)
Defense – 4 (2
Speed – 10 (10% evade) (5* 2)
SP - 3 (9%)
Mana - 20
Range – 1

Mutant: Nucleus (+2 level size), Fast Mitosis (can clone himself during battle, 50% HP for the clone), Blast Resistance (Negative fire type attacks or explosive type by 50%), Nitroglycerin Pockets (On death, deal dmg by 0.5 * HP* half the size) , Eyespots (can see enemy from 1 range +1 range)

Abilities: Attack (12 dmg, 0 mana), defense (def * 2, 0 mana), Detonate (Fire – Order, Quickly preform mitosis and then send out the cell cloned cell toward the enemy to explode, 0 mana, no range, deal 16 dmg), Kamikaze (Fire, below 3 HP, activate his ability, kill himself and deal 31 dmg)

@fralegend015 (score: 0)

Name: 015th
Elements: Time and Space (Negative elements unique effect -Reality magic: it’s not activated this round)


Size: level 4 (1 – 100% statues HP, 50% on attack, def, speed and mana) (Nucleus - +2)
HP – 40 (104)
Attack – 23 (150% more in oxygen environment) (9 2.5)
Defense – 5 (2
Speed – 12 (12% evade) (5
2.5) (150% more in oxygen environment)
SP - 8 (24%)
Mana – 50 (Magical Sustain2) (202.5)
Range – 0

Mutant: Nucleus (+2 level size), Bigger (+1 level size), oxygen breathing (oxygen environment –* 1.5, none –*0.5), Magical Sustain (Ability:Time - Space, Mana 2, can Heal himself by the Mana cost 0.5 SP, cost mana; none ability: Heal himself by 2 Hp for turn in cost of 2 mana if have atlist 2 hp lest then 40)

Abilities: Attack (36 dmg, 0 mana), defense (def * 2, 0 mana), Magical engulfing (Space, Drain SP from opponents, if SP don’t exist, drain HP instant, 0 range, deal 6 (attack * SP* 0.25 on attack, 5 Mana), Magical Sustain (Time – Space, Heal himself by 15, 25 mana, only ones)

@zenzonegaming (score: 0)

Name: none
Elements: Death and Darkness

Size: level 3 (1 – 100% statues HP, 50% on attack, def, speed and mana) (Nucleus - +2)
HP – 30 (103)
Attack – 10 (5
Defense – 0
Speed – 10 (10% evade) (52)
SP - 4 (12%)
Mana – 20 (10
Range – 0

Mutant: Nucleus (+2 level size), Death aura (saps life of nearby enemies, drain 8 HP [*4] in range of 2 [*2]), poison glands (Death, release cloud of poison around him, dealing 2 for turn), Blighted aura (Appley Sickness debuff - reduce enemy speed and dmg by 10% in entering)

Abilities: Attack (12 dmg, 0 mana), defense (def * 2, 0 mana), Zombification (Death, Create an Undead enemy that help him in attack (attck:10, HP:5), 5 mana), cloud of darkness (Darkness, release a cloud of dark energy that completely blinds foes for a few moments (smell, hearing, sight ext.), incress Speed turn them. time 2 turns, 5 mana), poison immunity (Death, poison attacks are not effective against him).

@UndyingHazard (score: 0)

Name: Silica striker
Elements: Darkness and Electric

Size: level 3 (1 – 100% statues HP, 50% on attack, def, speed and mana) (Nucleus - +2)
HP – 33 (103)
Attack – 16 (150% more in oxygen environment) (8
Defense – 14 (72)
Speed – 14 (14% evade) (150% more in oxygen environment) (7
SP - 3 (9%)
Mana – 20 (10*2)
Range – 0

Mutant: Nucleus (+2 level size), Mitochondria (oxygen environment * 1.5, none –*0.5), diatom-like Silica shell (def +4), Flagella (speed - +3), Acidic/corrosive injector pilli (attack -+3)

Abilities: Attack (12 dmg, 0 mana), defense (def * 2, 0 mana), Electro shock (Electric, Can generate a powerful electrical shock to stun and damage opponents, can shock the opponent for 2 turns and deal 18 dmg, cant block, 5 mana), Plasma shield (Electric, def * 2, dealing dmg by the The amount of dmg taken by the ability, 5 mana)

Small changes made to balance:
Increased the amount you get from SP by 1%
Size increases almost all statuses depending on how large
Add a portion - the price you pay for some of the capabilities
Distance - less critical for most players at the moment

Substantial changes can be accepted by the time discussed at the beginning of writing.
And the first stage was a battle between the players (we have 5 at the moment, hope there was another 1 at least for that was balanced, but it is also possible without)

If there is something I missed or did not write correctly you can submit to me and I will correct this

To all our Evolution Wizards, good luck, we’ll get started soon!

Update: Everyone seems to have gone for Nucleus, so everyone’s big now

Edit: How do you want the fight to go? In turns or while writing?


I think in turns would be better


hey can i spend those last 25 points on more mana? i dont really have an opinion on how to do our fights.

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um actually i spent my points to increase the damage and range of the death aura, not the zombification and the other thing.

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yes, i edit it

I thought about it too, but there is a desire that it was automatic, in a list of actions or practically (writing one after the other), I think automatic is the best choice, but it is your decision

I fix it now

Registration seems to have closed !!!

For all participants, corrections, changes and variations are ready !! For anyone who has not had enough, always welcome to watch the battle of the players tomorrow (according to my time) between them.
Here is the picture of the Tronir (since there are 5 people, the one that came out, thanks to the generator)

edit: Because of an oddity, I think I could allow one thing to participate, had cash to sign up to 2021-06-11T12:00:00Z

In front of you is a decision discussed above how the tournament will work, I would be happy for your opinion in response

The environment in which each stage of the tournament will be created was random and unpredictable, so sometimes the environment will help, sometimes it will hurt and sometimes it will do nothing.
And is the places that were connected to be in the tournament for reasons:

  • The still world: is quiet, no movement and lacks oxygen
  • The straight surface: It is close to the surface, straight and full of oxygen
  • The white smokers: A hot place that can sometimes threaten, that anyone who is not immune enough will die in it, lacking oxygen
  • The blue hole: The dark hole is sometimes full of oxygen coming from the sky, moving according to the movement of the water
  • Broken time: The end of the world that no one does not understand and some do not, is a confused and incomprehensible area
  • Light smokers: Reference: The deep smokers who always spread light and life, but sometimes there are invisible dangers.
  • The last dread: A place that is so unexplained that sometimes creatures get lost in the road and run into each other, even with them unrelated to the scenario

These will randomly choose to start the battle on 2021-06-11T17:00:00Z
Or earlier.

Prepare the head and the spells, that’s it

Good luck!


Foreshadowing Yeet Noises.


Well, I’m getting ready for the tournament, so in the meantime, I’ve created your “look”, if I hit something with it, I’m sorry (this is based on your profile picture): (32*32 pix, soo its look small and i not the best in pix art)


The Crestor:
The Crestor


zenzonegaming’s zoomag:
zenzonegaming zoomag

Silica striker:
Silica striker

If it’s a Pokemon style, then I stuck to their old style.

For those who want to join, there is a place and are invited to 2021-06-11T12:00:00Z join

so good luck

And here, now that everything is ready (after a delay of half an hour), we start with the tournament !!!

And now, in the first round !!!

And now, on the one hand, the zoomageuo capable of controlling water in all its existing form, accept:
With the creature known as microhydrox


And on the other hand, the zoomageuo that controls everything dead, our special micronamcer, I’m proud to present:

After the fateful choice of our wheel of fortune, the place they are going to fight against each other is in:
The straight surface

Visual presentation

Instead we scattered a few LUMCAs around the place, each of which kills you will get 100 points to be used later.
All creatures in this tournament's show participants were not harmed or will be harmed in the battle process or later. There is no fear of extinction of the LUMCAs some of which have been kept on hold for subsequent rounds and seasons.

During the battle, you are invited to register a guy in which way you want the battle to be conducted:
Through writing a list of actions or the battle was automated using an algorithm I created in Python (I was bored at one point, I did a re-execution of the software I did in the past for now)

I would love answers by 2021-06-11T19:30:00Z Hear what you think

Meanwhile the next group will be organized: Evolution4Weak and UndyingHazard

Just to remind you: @Deathwake and @zenzonegaming



what do you mean?

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what is a


from this image i see that this is both

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For each kill, you get 100 points

This is something strange

Probably going for auto, I will write the results in the near future

Ok? Am confusion.

(Post filler)

Auto - Algorithm built for this (I was bored)
Sequence of actions - a list of which action if

i to confuse, bear with me

how does the algorithm work

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I write down the characteristics of each character (because it’s easier in turn), and then, depending on the conditions, he chooses what each one does.

Because of this I can put in up to 6 abilities

It’s a bit random to nationalize something like Pokemon, but it’s supposed to work, but it also takes time to write it all down (everyone is different)

I studied Python (because I was forced to)

But it sometimes does not feel natural, so that’s why I try to decide between them, so that’s what comes out

If that’s how it works I have a plan. Would it work if I DM you so it can be a secret?

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This is a really good idea! (And honestly I thought about it), the only problem is that it requires the cooperation of the 2 parties, which it does not always happen because some are not present or something like that

What if you offered more than one battle to happen at once? That way everyone who’s timing worked could have a real time battle and the other’s wouldn’t be holding anyone back nut themselves.

It still requires the cooperation of both , And not everyone is always there.

And because of this, no matter how many fights there were at a time, if one was absent, then everyone would have to wait just for him, and everyone sometimes something happens and there is life outside the forum