Timezone Talk

Here is a thread to talk about the timezones. @hhyyrylainen, would you kindly move the timezoneposts over here?

My timezone is EST.

There’s way too many spread over many days for me to bother moving them. Maybe if someone collected a list of posts to move, I could do it.

I can try… Just give me a word on your language. And hour belt, please

And it’s currently 2:18PM

And day please:)20 or 21?

Today is July 20th 2020.

But near… or they are not similar?
And 2nd suppose. Somewhere near or in New Guinea?

Or not? How? Your hour belt should be +9, right?

I’m in UTC-3, I think.
OFF TOPIC: When I make the text bold it only make it smaller

I use 24-hours system. And you only 12-hours… Brazil too?
Yes… Translators - evil!


Exactly. I usually use the 24 hours too, but for some reason I wrote in 12.
:brazil: :brazil: :brazil: :brazil:

And this word means not constitutional.

Ok, it’s Arabic (why is it on left?). And what about hour belt? +3?

oof double post

currently its 18:43

It will be hard… Hour belt?

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yep lol
you guessed it!
congrats! your prize is… a rickroll!!

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And where?(
I want to watch my rickroll video
@OoferDoofer, i try to guess your country by language and hour belt. Everything started recently, you can watch higher
@hhyyrylainen, discord? And Finland

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I have been reading this conversation the whole time. Also, where do you think I live?

Anywhere it possible. That’s why i need your time

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It is about 2 O’ clock Right now.

Pm or Am? I need more information

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