Today i learned

(Radical Revolutionary) #21

In which game?

(Skeleton Pope) #22

A while back (on the old forums) I said that you could start learning Klingon with duolingo.
The course is out now on the duolingo website. If I’m correct it doesn’t yet work on the mobile app. If any of you ever wanted to learn how to speak Klingon, now you can.

(Green_Ace_Dragon) #23

Well it wasnt today that i learned this: but theres a species of all female lizards that reproduce asexualland engage in non-reproductive sex acts with one another. Yep. Asexual lesbian lizards.

(He who abuses the search function) #24

TIL that the invention of the printing press changed the English language by a lot, since the printing press was made made in Germany, so they only added symbols from the German language (and some frequently-used combinations such as the “ei”), which then caused the more unconventional symbols to be removed from the English language, since they weren’t able to print them and they had to replace them with “normal” letters.

For example, the Germans usually pronounced the “v” as an “f”, so to pronounce it as a “v”, they usually just wrote “vv”. This caused the “vv” to be added as a specific symbol for the printing press. However, in Britain they had the symbol “ƿ”, which was pronounced as the “w”, and sometimes written as “uu”. The English then used the “w” symbol instead of the “ƿ/uu”, since the vv looked like the uu. (that’s why the English pronounce it as “double-u” instead of “double-v” like in a lot of languages)

(Hmmm) #27

Today I learned that writing has only been invented 3 times. All other writing forms are derived from the first 3

(Askyw) #28

huh… only took me 182… and yes I legit tested this when I was a kid

(Itg13) #29

Wow, you were determined

(Askyw) #30

Not really just was bored of commercials when the owl came on and I just happened to have a Tootsie pop in my halloween stuff. (It was sometime in mid november like 2010 when I tested this)

(Itg13) #31

lol, it’s amazing how boredom as well as determination moves people


TIL never to start the game on a super-earth if I don’t want to deal with absurd rocket fuel needs.


(𝒦𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝑜𝒻 𝒯𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈) #33

Today You Learned that my real name is Jonathan Knight, sounds random right?

(i got some Dr. Sues rhyming skillz right der) (yes that is my real name)

(Askyw) #34

Today you learned that my username is actually my first initial, middle name, last initial. Not kidding :stuck_out_tongue: A. Sky. W

(Skeleton Pope) #35

TIL something of questionable use.

With five billion euros, you could roughly give each person in the Netherlands 8,74 kilos of crocodile meat.
five billion divided by seventeen million equals to 296,47 euros for each person.
296,47 divided by 8,48 (price of 250 grams of crocodile meat) equeals 34,96 times meat can be purched for each person.
34,96 times 250 equals to 8740 grams of meat.
8740 divided by 1000 equals 8,74 kilos of meat.

My apolagies for everyone that doesn’t use the metric system.

(cerealkiller) #36

Jonathan knight ? That’s probably the coolest name I’ve ever heard


TIL that either interactions between entangled photons are faster than the photons themselves (FTL yo), or we all have magic.

Or there are some questions we’ll never find the answers to. You be the judge!

(Δф - Delta Phi) #38

So, all we need to figure out is how to entangle two distant telegraph-readers, and we have FTL comms. Unless there’s something I don’t know about relativity - is it like when you weld two objects together in GMod that don’t touch each other?

(Festive~) #39

Today I learned that this project existed, and I’m excited for it.

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #40

TIL that tooth enamel is more then likely modified fish scales

(He who abuses the search function) #41

Do you have a source for that? Because teeth starting out as just pointy outcrops in the jaw bone sounds a bit more logical than scales in the mouth

(ፕቿክፕልርረቿ ረዐዪዕ) #42

I meant the enamel sorry not the tooth its self and here this is one of the sources you can look more into it if you wish.