Today i learned

(Santa Corn during not-christmas) #1

Continuation of the old new forum’s thread ( discuss cool factoids you learned in the last 24 hours ^-^

(Radical Revolutionary) #2

oh yeah more english words i can not understand

(The Third Duke of Silly) #3

Today I learned that this thread existed, cool fact huh

(Radical Revolutionary) #4

Today I learned that @Vsauce4 (señor hilter)bis vsauce4

(CorgiAccountant) #5

Today I learned that ediacarans could’ve been on a completely separate evolutionary tree.

(Stealth) #6

Do you have any links to that info?

(CorgiAccountant) #7
It’s not like we have evidence that they are on a separate tree we just have so little evidence of what they are that it’s possible.


Today i learned that human female exposition to male biological material (yeah, That stuff) can produce microchimerism, trigger antibodies for the foreign adn and because of this, male offspring from that particular female has a higher chance to have homosexual tendencies.

(Louix) #9

Today I learned more english words to add in my ever-expanding mind dictionnary

(Radical Revolutionary) #10

but y tho?

(Hmmm) #11

Today I learned that lip trilling some high notes are easier than singing it, because the muscles used to sing are more relaxed than actually singing the note.

(Itg13) #12

Today i don’t learn anything ;-;

(Itg13) #13

lol :smile:

(Santa Corn during not-christmas) #14

Friendly reminder this is supposed to be a serious thread, so avoid making low quality posts please.
Also, no double-posting please.

(Itg13) #15

Sorry, I’ll take more seriously.


Today i learned about how the first city description of a plague belongs to egypt in 2000 before christ and that it was probably a very bad case of malaria

(cardinalmecha) #17

Today I learned that Blue Jays are a part of the same family as Crows

(Itg13) #18

Today I learned that 364 licks are needed to get in the center of a lollipop. (The people who figured this out should be quite determined in their job.)

(Radical Revolutionary) #19

Today i learned the science of skin

(Uncertain Agent) #20

Today I learned this thread existed. Also that China’s fun to play as.