Translator threads/wiki/forum sections

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I think it would be utterly stellar if we could have a dedicated thread, wiki or forum section (on this one or another) for each ongoing Thrive translation project. That way we could have a centralised hub to discuss anything related to translations.

Something like this you mean?

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Mh, I was moreso envisioning something like a thread for each translation, and not one for all of them. Although thinking about it, I think an actual wiki would be best. That way, you could have an introductory page for new memebers, a translation rules/conventions/tips page, and a discussion page.

The reason I’m requesting this is because the current Weblate setup makes it kinda hard to coordinate and communicate effectively with fellow translators, especially in establishing common practices and giving global messages.

It seems the translators also barely read the translation help wiki page, which is why I haven’t bothered investigating about trying to push them to some other platform to discuss on.

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