Treestump's Evo Game

Treestump is keen to try running an Evo game based on Biblaridion’s Alien Biospheres videos on Youtube.

Please find the basic layout of the game in the document below.

Pick a starting creature, evolve it and re-name. This will be a descriptive game rather than a number based one so feel free to think of and suggest other forms of evolution, the list in the document is just a start point.

We will evolve the plants at the moment - currently, plants are algae mats.

We will start once we have 2 or 3 players but you are welcome to join at any point and evolve from any living organism.

Game doc here

(To make it clear this account is two people, Purplezebra and Treestump. Treestump is a minor and Purplezebra is their mum and will be supervising all posts. That said Treestump’s knowledge level on this subject is higher than Purplezebra’s as they have a keen interest in the subject. Plus Treestump has more time than me to dedicate to this!)


I’ll join

Vermis divisia evolves photosensitive spots
It also evolves two tagmas
Now it is Vermis Oculus

@OoferDoofer you still have 2 Evo points left so you can evolve more if you want

imma join too!

some vermis divisia have the fins in their front tagma get duplicated,with the front pair turning into feeding appendages, and the other one gains seta.

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I think this is pretty cool.

Evolve from Vermis Divisia into Vermis Densissima
Increase size
Change fins to cartilage fins
Get seta on the four front fins

@MisterMustachio sorry i wasnt clear Vermis divisia is already a filter feeder i should have included it in the document. I will change it now

Is there any way I could increase the efficiency of my hemoseal?

@MisterMustachio if you can think of a way yes but the only reason i didnt include a improvement was because i couldnt think of it

Alright, I’ve made my edit.

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@TeaKing @MisterMustachio @OoferDoofer
Now ive got 3 players with complete creatures im going to start making the round ill be ofline for atleast an hour maybe 2 before i can do that though.

EDIT: we will keep the first round open till midday (GMT) tomorrow, then we will close till we have posted the next round. - purple zebra.

Will i can join to you in 3rd round or later? I hope, yes.
And i waited the evogame, inspired by Biblaridion

@Gotor if youre asking if you can join in a later round, the answer is yes

@TeaKing i just realise you forgot to name youre creature

Animalis floralibus becomes animalis macrolibus (assuming we pick a new name every round, pentaphonus if not).
Increases in size.
Gains seta on fans.
They become feeding seta.

lol, ill name it.

vermis teaus shall be the name.

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is this game dead? i hope not. pls tell me it isnt.

no @TeaKing it isnt its just me and purple zebra are struggling to make the first round, itll be quicker next time - treestump

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where do you want the spots?I need this to finish the round.

One facing straight ahead, one facing straight up

both on the first tagma?

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